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table tennis

Dec 28, 2012

Was 2012 The Greatest Year For Ping Pong? [VIDEO]

I did not wake up this morning looking to post a 2012 Table Tennis Highlight reel, yet here it is. ...

Dec 21, 2012

An Armless Table Tennis Player Who Can Beat You At Table Tennis [VIDEO]

Here’s a true story: I had a buddy who I used to battle at ping pong in my basement when...

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Nov 27, 2012

This Cat Is Damn Good At Table Tennis [VIDEO]

I’ve always been told ping pong is a sport for pussies. Turns out they were right....

Nov 16, 2012

Watch A Creepy Guy Juggle Ping-Pong Balls With His Mouth [VIDEO]

Let’s see him do it with a different type of balls!!!...