May 26, 2016

Jamie-Lynn Sigler: Must See Photos of The Sopranos Actress

Widely known for playing the role on one of the most notoriously popular shows in HBO history, Jamie-Lynn Sigler is...

Sep 14, 2012

Jamie-Lynn Sigler [See Her Tonight on GUYS WITH KIDS]

21 pics! NBC is already showing reruns of the premiere of their new Guys With Kids sitcom. That's okay. We're still trying to grasp that Jamie-Lynn Sigler is now old enough to play a MILF. It seems like only yesterday that we were watching The Sopranos and trying to figure if we'd risk our lives by dating a mobster's daughter. Now let's look back at when Jamie-Lynn was worth getting fitted for some cement shoes...

Jan 24, 2009

Fedor Emelianenko KOs Andre Arlovski

Arlovski had 4 inches in height, 10 lbs in weight, and a 3 inch reach advantage. Arlovski had speed and did a solid job, that helped him dominated the first minute and a half of the first round.

Jul 15, 2008

Forbes’ Most Lucrative College Majors

The field of psychoanalysis has gotten the Hollywood treatment over the past decade, being featured on a hit TV show,...

Jun 12, 2008

Nick Fury, Pick a Race!

Whether you watch the last two minutes of Iron Man after the credits, or you’ve been reading comics for years,...

Sep 17, 2007

59th Annual Emmy Awards: Something Old, Something New

The Emmys, not unlike the Grammys, usually have a healthy helping of smug involved – and that’s why it was...