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Nov 15, 2012

Cracker Jacks Introducing New Caffeinated ‘Cracker Jack’d’ Snack

If you’ve been taken out to the ballgame, you may want to avoid the peanuts and Cracker Jacks part of...

Aug 5, 2011

7 Foods To Keep Around For Moochers

There are a few things you can’t avoid in life. Death, a pregnancy scare or two, and moochers. If you’re going to have friends in life, and you’re going to have them over to your home, they need to eat. And some of them are going to try to eat too much. Yes, they are @ssholes. But you are more of one if you cut them off from the food supply. So, instead of freaking out when you realize they just ate the entire batch of weed brownies you freshly baked, be prepared with other options. Check out the full list after the jump.

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