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Jun 25, 2016

Shark Week 2016 Schedule: Shark Week Dates, Times and Full Lineup

Discovery Channel’s Shark Week is back this Sunday and we can’t wait to dive in. 17 new films and specials...

Jun 24, 2016

Shark Week 2016: Date, Time, & TV Channel

The best week of the year when it comes to mindless entertainment is almost here. Rejoice! We’re talking, of course,...

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Aug 13, 2014

Verne Troyer’s Bite-Sized Shark Outfit Just Won Shark Week

This photo of Verne Troyer in a children’s shark outfit has got to be the single best thing “Shark Week“-related...

Aug 14, 2012

Epic MealTime Presents “Shart Week” [VIDEO]

Bravo, EpicMealTime. Bravo. Just when you thought that everyone had done everything they could to ride on the monstrous wave...

Aug 8, 2012

Animals Acting Like Sharks In Preparation of Shark Week [VIDEO]

It’s true that we’re more than a little bummed that the Olympics are coming to a close. There won’t be...

Aug 3, 2011

The 14 Funniest Shark Photos For Shark Week

The Discovery Channel's Shark Week first aired on July 27, 1987. The week-long series "was developed to help the average person have a greater respect for sharks" and is now considered "the longest running program event on cable". Last year's special was hosted by Craig Ferguson and was rated the most viewed Shark Week ever with 30.8 million unique people. This year's feature is hosted by Andy Samberg. To celebrate its legacy, we've compiled a photo gallery of the funniest shark pics. Check 'em out after the jump.

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Aug 2, 2011

Wrap It Up: Bernie Kosar’s Daughter Is A Porn Star Edition

In today's edition of Wrap It Up we cover Bernie Kosar's porn star daughter, Kim Kardashian becoming the first 3d cover girl, Rihanna going buck wild in Barbados, Chrissy Teigen in Esquire, Laura Whitmore covering FHM, Jessica Jane-Clement in lingerie, Andie MacDowell's hot and possibly underage daughters, surprise vagina, Matt Damon bitching out a cameraman, Rex Ryan's tattoo, Kevin Durant's crazy pick up game, Shark Week drinking game, handimals and much more. Check out the sh*t we should've published after the jump.

Andy Samberg is Your New Chief Shark Officer [VIDEO]

Shark Week starts this Sunday and in celebration, I'm going to the beach. Andy Samberg just found a new job as CSO (Chief Shark Officer) so I figured I'd introduce him to everyone. Andy's great for the job because he loves sharks, is a bad swimmer, and Justin Timberlake passed on the offer. Check out the video after the jump!

Jul 30, 2011

TV This Week: Sharks and Reality

The summer TV schedule is as hot as ever. This week we are celebrating Discovery Channel's Shark Week. But sharks aren't the only game in town this week. There are also a lot of reality shows on our radar. If you hate reality TV, unplug your TV set this week. But if you are a normal person, tune in and enjoy!

Aug 2, 2010

Hilarious Charlie St. Cloud Remix

• Hilarious Charlie St. Cloud remix • What's the big deal with Shark WeekWorst Dad everYao Ming is retiring? • 10 worst cockblocks • Post break-up regret sucks • How your sex life is killing the environment

Jul 30, 2010

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Jul 27, 2007

Animal Videos You Won’t See on Shark Week

Shark Week starts this Sunday on Discovery Channel. To celebrate I’ve compileed the 10 Animal videos you won’t see on...

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