Sexy Girls

Nov 21, 2013

Celebrate the Great American Smokeout With 100 Sexy Smoking Girls

We're giving up cigarettes for the Great American Smokeout--but we're not giving up smoking babes who aren't smoking tobacco!

Oct 8, 2013

The 35 Most Offensive Halloween Costumes of All-Time [PHOTOS]

They are almost better than that group of girls dressed like sexy firefighters.

Aug 14, 2013

Amanda Z Fits Perfectly Into Our Miss COED Tank [PHOTOS]

When we first got word that Amanda Z (Miss COED May 24, 2013) had taken some photos wearing our very...

Aug 13, 2013

Behind The Scenes Of The Hot Shots 2014 Calendar [VIDEO + PHOTO]

Never in 2013 have I wanted it to be 2014 so badly.

Jul 4, 2013

60 Sexy Vegas Pool Party Pics for July 4th [PHOTOS]

Who knew freedom could taste like chlorine?

Jul 8, 2012

Sexy Brazilian Beach Bums! [PHOTOS]

The beachs of Brazil are hot–but what really raises the temperature there is the amazing Brazilian women. It’s the country...

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Jul 7, 2012

Sexy Summer Girls Eating Hot Dogs

There were two major hot dog eating championships in NYC this week. Isn’t that crazy? To celebrate the July 4th...

Fourth of July: Sexy Girls Saluting For July Fourth

Raise the flag–it’s the 4th of July! Our country is having a birthday, and you’re all invited. So let’s kick...

Jul 4, 2012

Tasty Babes Chompin’ Popsicle Sticks [PHOTOS]

Summer is all about chomping down a Popsicle on those steamy hot afternoons. When it comes to “steamy” – nothing...

Jun 23, 2012

Cosmic Costume Cleavage Collection [91 PHOTOS]

From top to bottoms, it's no secret that we love when girls get all dressed up for Halloween. Not only does it give girls a great excuse to get super sexy, it gives us lads an even better excuse to stare - and we do. I guess you could say that we're pretty much like a deer caught in headlights. Huge, chesty, batwoman headlights. It's just a shame that I've never seen anyone with sweater meat like this in person. At least I'll always have the gallery after the jump!

Oct 30, 2011

Oct 30, 2011

Your Ass-ential Guide To Halloween [60 PHOTOS]

All week we've been giving you some of the hottest girls dressing up for Halloween. From supermodels to the superchested, you should know by now that we deliver straight fire. COED Nation, today is no different. Since most of us celebrated the holiday last night, it's only fair that we look back on the hottest Halloween backsides. Strictly spooking (yes, that happened) these butts are bewitching. Check 'em out in the gallery after the jump!

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Oct 13, 2011

Sexy Superhero Underwear Girls Kick Off New York Comic Con 2011 [67 PHOTOS]

Starting today in New York City, Comic Con is making its' way to the Javits Center until October 16th. From either your own personal knowledge or our previous posts about Comic Con, you know that there's gonna be nerd-porn galore: comics, video games, movies, and hot girls dressed as fictional characters they wouldn't be caught dead in unless they were paid. Don't get me wrong: hot girl geeks exist, they're out there. Just check out our gallery of girls rocking Superhero undies after the jump!

Sep 28, 2011

Rosh Hashanah Hotties Make Us Say Oh My Gosh [76 PHOTOS]

Rosh Hashanah starts at sundown today (September 28th). It marks the start of a new year in the Hebrew Calendar, which is why it's referred to as "Jewish New Year". While the Gregorian New Year is celebrated on January 1st with one night stands, vomiting, regrets, defecating, and crying, the Jewish version features prayer, a whole lotta eatin', and blowing of the Shofar - a pretty bad-ass looking horn. Try not to blow as you get horned up from our photo gallery of gorgeous Israeli beach babes after the jump.

Sep 25, 2011

Dope Smokeshows Smoking Dope [71 PHOTOS]

There's been a lot of coverage in the news lately about professional sports players getting busted with pot. First, Bengals player Jerome Smith was arrested with 8.5 pounds of pot at his home. Then, Marcus Camby single-handedly tried to bring back the Portland Jail-Blazers when he was arrested for marijuana possession in a drug-free zone. Don't get it twisted though, COED isn't getting on them for smoking ganja - we support the movement whole-heartedly. Any time you have hot girls like the ones below taking part in an activity, you can be sure that it gets our seal of approval. Check out our smokeshows smoking bud after the jump.

Sep 21, 2011

Hot Pieces Giving Peace Signs For World Peace Day [76 PHOTOS]

September 21 is World Peace Day or International Peace Day. This year (2011) marks the 30th anniversary of the UN General Assembly's declaration that was supported by the UK and Costa Rica. New Yorkers really f***ing hate this day because it causes an absolute clusterf**k throughout the city. Ironic how a day of peace usually causes hoards of people to lose their sh*t and fight everyone. To those hotheads, we say, "Slow your roll and check out these hot girls giving the peace sign". PS - Chicks love doing the duck face with it. What up with that? Check 'em out after the jump.

Sep 21, 2011

Gorgeous Girls Grab Assing [46 PHOTOS]

If you've ever had a hard-nosed gym teacher or fiery football coach or bad-ass dad, you've probably heard the term "grab-assing". "Quit grab-assing!" would be the best use in a sentence and it usually comes when he's fed up with your shenanigans. But, what about when it's a bunch of smoldering hot smokeshows laying hands on each other's lady lumps? We're pretty sure he'd bite his tongue. Have fun controlling yours as you view our gallery of gorgeous girls grab-assin' after the jump.

Sep 19, 2011

Hot Girls In Funny Tees [70 PHOTOS]

Thankfully, girls need a guy that can make them laugh. I can't imagine how many guys have been saved from a life of virginity by this little rule. What do guys need? You already know we like big boobs and tight butts, but we can appreciate a good laugh, too. That's why we celebrate the use of these girls' chests as billboards for funny shirts: it gives you a totally legit excuse to stare. Check out some seriously funny Tees&A after the jump.

Sep 18, 2011

Jessica Jane Clement Tops The Week-In-Reboob

There's a whole lotta boob on the internet, and you probably missed a pair or two. We're offering you the chance to check out all the great photos released on the interweb before a whole new onslaught hits you next week. It's hard work, but we think you're up for it. Just take it one click at a time. This week, we feature Jessica Jane Clement, a "glamour model" who's bringing the heat all the way from across the pond. Check her and a bunch of other hotties after the jump!

Sep 17, 2011

The Most Outstanding Handbra Extravaganza Ever! [PHOTOS]

Armbras are cool and all, but we'd prefer handbras hands down. They're just more versatile, the handbra's owner can wiggle, jiggle, squish, mash, and tease to her heart's content. Women like Jessica Burciaga, Jessica-Jane Clement, and Heidi Klum have crafted careers simply by grabbing their own boobs. If they ever get tired we'd be more than willing to lend them a helping hand. Check out our handy gallery of hot handbras after the jump.

Sep 17, 2011

High Heels & Hot Wheels: 96 Gifts for General Motors’ Birthday

It's no secret that ladies love fast cars, which is one of the reasons that we, as men, (hope to) own them. On September 16th, 1908 a dude named William Durant created a motor vehicle company for the sole purpose of trying to get as much turn-of-the-century tail as possible. He originally called the company Getting Muff, but had to change the name once his mom bought one. To celebrate the birthday of what is now known as General Motors, we're showing you some top-of-the-line ladies posing with some true American muscle. Check 'em out in the gallery after the jump.

Sep 13, 2011

I See A Pole in Your Future [60 PHOTOS]

Recently, we gave you 10 surefire signs your girlfriend used to be a stripper. While those were certainly handy, we totally missed the most telltale of indicators - she takes photos like the ones you're about to see. In our opinion, every girl has a little bit of stripper in them. Girls have adopted "pole dancing" classes as a "fun, alternative" workout, but deep down we know these chicks desperately want to swing their nipple tassels as they pick singles off a bro's nose with her bombs. Well, break out the umbrellas, because the ladies in our gallery will make you wanna make it rain. Check 'em out after the jump.

Sep 12, 2011

Tonya Michelle Is Today’s Daily Snapshot

Daily Snapshot is our round-up of the day’s hottest women on the web. Today’s edition features Tonya Michelle does Girl on Girl, frickin' hot females in football jerseys, Mind the Gap Mondays, Rihanna is now modeling for Armani, Miranda Kerr is still unfairly attractive, the 20 hottest photos of Keira Knightley, Tancy Hanna gets saucy for Mixed Mag, Amy Paffrath is Maxim's hot girl of the day, and the Lingerie Football League is back and they got back. Check out the hot pics after the jump!

Sep 10, 2011

Hot Chicks Chompin’ Popsicle Sticks [55 PHOTOS]

September is Blueberry Popsicle Month all across the country, all month. I can't say with any certainty that I've ever had a blueberry popsicle in my life, but watching these girls do it is probably much more... refreshing. C'mon, you don't have to be a feeder to admit that watching chicks put sticks in their mouths is sexy as h*ll. So, since we East Coasters have pretty much ignored the crippling heat wave out west, we thought we'd dedicate this post to you. For those without power, HOW IN THE HELL ARE YOU READING THIS?! Check out the hot pics after the jump.

Sep 9, 2011

Jessica Jane Clement Is Today’s Daily Snapshot: September 9

Daily Snapshot is our round-up of the day’s hottest women on the web. Today’s edition features Jessica Jane Clement getting busy and busty, sexy girls' bellies, Adrianna Lima blows you (a kiss), Amanda McCarthy and other great looking WAGS, Tiffany Roth has two hands on the stick, reasons why #FriskyFriday is the best day ever, Reese Witherspoon in Marie Claire, and Emmanuelle Chriqui is too good for E. Check out the hot pics after the jump!

Sep 9, 2011

57 Bettys Wearing Teddies For National Teddy Bear Day [PHOTOS]

September 9th is National Teddy Bear Day. It's a scientific fact chicks LOVE teddy bears; probably moreso than flowers or chocolates for the simple fact the huggably soft furballs last longer (in bed... what's their secret!?). Buy a girl a teddy bear and she's more likely to show her appreciation by rockin' a teddy - the bodysuit-like lingerie, which combines a camisole and panty in one piece. We've never wanted to be a teddy bear more than after seeing these pics of hot girls in teddies. We knew being a furry would pay off eventually. Check out the girrrrrrrrls after the jump.

Sep 8, 2011

Amra Silajdzic Is Today’s Daily Snapshot

Daily Snapshot is our round-up of the day’s hottest women on the web. Today’s edition features Amra Silajdzic and 69 other hot models who got our attention this summer, hot photos of Dallas Cowboy's cheerleader Brooke Sorenson, Tiki Barber's homewrecker gets nearly naked, the 'stars' of Spartacus XXX: A Parody, Meredith Giangrande, Leryn Franco is easily the hottest Paraguayan pole thrower, and the hot girls of the North Coast Music Festival. Check out the hot pics after the jump!

Sep 6, 2011

Real Life Barbie Girls For Barbie Doll Day [70 PHOTOS]

On September 6th, 1959, Mattel sold the first ever Barbie doll. The big breasted, tiny waisted, long legged figurine has given girls complexes for decades, prompting feminists everywhere to call for its ban. To them we say, chill out. If a woman wants to rock platinum blonde locks, big pouty lips, humongous fake t*ts, and ridiculous measurements, let 'em. You don't see us protesting the fugly trolls at a taping of The View - it's their choice to crush tons of cupcakes. Previously, we showed you Barbie dolls behaving badly, now we present real life Barbie girls. Hopefully, they're not into dudes without genitals. Check 'em out in our gallery after the jump.

Sep 4, 2011

You’ll Need Rehab After Seeing These Las Vegas Pool Party Girls [103 PHOTOS]

Temperatures are beginning to cool down in most parts of the US, but in Las Vegas things are heating up but good. From Rehab at the Hard Rock to the Bungalows at the Palms Pool, thousands of scantily-clad cuties descend daily on Vegas' high-end pool clubs to dance and play in the cascading waterfalls and topless pool areas. It's like something out of a Big Daddy Kane video. And although Vegas's motto is "What Happens in Vegas, Stays in Vegas" fortunately for you, these photos didn't. Check 'em out after the jump.

Sep 4, 2011

Fantastic Bodypainted Fanatics [57 PHOTOS]

Bodypaint is the straight balls, y'all. And with a good bodypaint artist, one can be deceived into thinking the paint is really skin tight clothing. Chicks love it, cuz they think they're not nude (when they totally are) and we love because we can basically see what the chick looks like nude without getting arrested. With football season kicking off and MLB playoffs around the corner, we thought we'd bring you bodypainted babes that will have you cheering double time. Check 'em out after the jump.

Sep 2, 2011

Say Goodbye To Summer With 21 Simmering Hot Photo Galleries Of Sexy Girls!

Uh, what the H happened to summer? Did we just black out / time travel the past 3 months? Labor Day could be the sh*ttiest of sh*tshows and we mean that in the most praise-worthy way. It's the last chance - the culmination of all your summer partying efforts. No more time to waste - you gotta go out in a blaze of glory. We're talking Bucket List type sh*t. To get you in the mood, we're bidding adios to the sexiest season with 21 photo galleries of sexy girls doing summer things like washing cars in bikinis, rocking microkinis, and Jell-O wrestling to name a few. Check 'em out after the jump then let us know what you'll miss most in the comments!

Sep 1, 2011

WATCH: Sexy Girls Water Sliding [VIDEOS]

How could you possibly make sexy girls sexier? Just add water. Whether it's a wet t-shirt contest, running through a sprinkler, or emerging from the pool, hot chicks and water just go well together. While the aforementioned slip and slide has its perks, the water slide is where it's at. It's a slip and slide on steroids. You want a day filled with screaming, giggling, and loss of bikini tops? Park your lawn chair at the bottom and enjoy the show. With summer coming to a close, this could be your last chance. If you can't make it, check out these videos.

Aug 31, 2011

Melanie Iglesias Is Today’s Daily Snapshot

Daily Snapshot is our round-up of the day’s hottest women on the web. Today’s gallery features Melanie Iglesias, a bunch of different reasons to celebrate hump day, ladies that you should be following on Twitter for obvious reasons, Candice Marie washing away her dirty sins, Kayleigh Elizabeth is Playboy's Cyber Girl of the Month, Katharine McPhee is Maxim's girl of the day, Becky B looks d*mn good in a bikini, the hottest girls-next-door from Wichita, and some more awesome Candice Swanepoel. Check out their pics after the jump!

Aug 30, 2011

Rebecca Black Is Today’s Daily Snapshot

Daily Snapshot is our round-up of the day’s hottest women on the web. Today’s gallery features Rebecca Black (the bikini model), hot girls from the Oregon cheerleading squad, beautiful girls with beautiful lips, tan lines on Tuesday, two women named Irene who are definitely hurricane-like forces, Playboy's Miss Social August 2011 candidates, Adriana Lima looking too good to be human, Kim Cloutier modeling some lingerie, and smokeshow Carla looking mighty fine. Check out their pics after the jump.

Aug 30, 2011

A Helluva Lotta Hot Houstonians For Space City’s 175th Birthday [154 PHOTOS]

Reportedly, Houston was founded on this day, August 30th, in 1836 by two real estate entrepreneurs from New York, Augustus Chapman Allen and John Kirby Allen. The brothers decided to name the city after Sam Houston, the popular general at the Battle of San Jacinto, who was later elected President of Texas. Today, Houston's the largest city in the state and is part of the sixth-largest metropolitan area in the U.S. Anytime you have a lot of people in a warm climate, you're bound to have a bunch of smoke doctors wearing next to nothing. Check out just a small sample of the gorgeous girls you'll see in Houston in our gallery after the jump.

Aug 29, 2011

Shera Bechard Is Today’s Daily Snapshot

Daily Snapshot is our round up of the day’s hottest women on the web. Today’s gallery features Shera Bechard the hottie who invented #FriskyFriday, girls in oh-too-tight-dresses, another round of Massive Monday Mammaries, Sara von Schrenck poses for Elle Mexico in a bikini, Maria Menounos in Nitro magazine, Sara Jean Underwood doing hot nerdy things again, foxy Fonzies in leather, Jordana Brewster (plus other Jeter ex-WAGs), and the always invigorating Rali Ivanova. Check out the hot pics after the jump!

Aug 26, 2011

Zoe Saldana Is Today’s Daily Snapshot

Daily Snapshot is our round up of the day's hottest women on the web. Today's gallery of girls features the 20 hottest pics of Colombiana star Zoe Saldana, Rosie Jones providing Help For Heroes via the 2012 Hot Shots calendar, a picture perfect moment with Rhian Sugden, hot chicks submitting sexy twitpics for #FriskyFriday, the beautiful and bouncy Brooke Adams, Candice Swanepoel dominating lingerie, bikini girls, Belen Rodriguez, and Jennifer Hawkins doing a lil' turn on the catwalk. Check out their hot pics after the jump.

Aug 25, 2011

Suelyn Medeiros Is Today’s Daily Snapshot

The Daily Snapshot is a roundup of the hottest chicks on the internet. In today’s edition, we feature the Chivette of the Week Linda Le, girls with beautiful racks eyes, Victoria Silvstedt tanning by the pool, Giada DeLaurentiis, Joanna Krupa posing for PETA, Suelyn Medeiros' Dead Sea visit brings us back to life, Shaq's new-old mistress Dominica Westling, and Deal or No Deal's Mari-Pier Morin. Check out the hot pics after the jump.

Aug 25, 2011

Gathering of the Jiggle-Ohs [30 PHOTOS]

Don’t be fooled, this isn’t a gallery of juggalo girls. Instead, we’re bringing you a gallery of GIFs that you’re...

Aug 23, 2011

Ashley Lowe Is Today’s Daily Snapshot

The Daily Snapshot is a roundup of the hottest chicks on the internet. In today’s edition, we feature Ashley Lowe and her gorgeous legs (and face and body), our favorite cheerleaders getting wet for Joe Namath, very fit girls, inked-up ladies, women setting their chests free of bras, we're hot for teacher Justene Jaro, twitpics from Playboy Bunnies, and Maxim's newest office assistant, Mary O'Rourke. Check out the hot pics after the jump.

Aug 23, 2011

71 Busty Bartenders Welcome You Back To School

When you get back to school and hit up the local bar, you'll be forced to say hello to everyone you didn't miss over the summer. Instead of chatting to Claire who you haven't seen since that freshman seminar project you worked on together, check out the new hot bartenders and try to get on their good sides. This way, they won't mind when you leave your number on a napkin for the 400th time. As a tribute to the sexy women who take your tips, throw away your number, and leave you with a hangover, we've brought together some of the country's hottest mixologists. Check out the gallery after the jump.

Aug 23, 2011

COED Sticks It To Tempe12 [PHOTOS]

By now, you should realize COED has partnered up with Tempe12 to bring you ASU's hottest student bodies. We've given you plenty of reasons to transfer including Sarah, Kasey, Ashley, Aubrey, Taylor, Miranda, Emily, Courtney, Kristen, Alexis, and Chrissa. Well, now the 2011-2012 Tempe12 calendar is officially available for purchase. You might remember we gave you a sneak peek of the calendar shoot with a live video stream of all the behind the scenes action. Tempe12 was kind enough to plaster COED stickers on their models and take pics. We can legitimately say we're all over hot girls (and they didn't slap us!). Check out the whole set and be sure to peep all the Tempe12 Miss COEDs after the jump.

Aug 22, 2011

87 Sexiest NFL ‘Jersey Girls’ [PHOTOS]

What do guys love most? Sports and hot women. When you combine the two, it's straight cash, homey. Thankfully, the NFL season is back on and with that comes hoardes of hotties flashing their allegiance to their favorite team by wearing super tight, super revealing jerseys. Our minds are on overload when the Reese's Peanut Butter Cups of fandom and fine females come together. You might need TV timeout after a series with our gallery of gridiron girls. Check it out after the jump.

Aug 20, 2011

Yoga! Yoga! Yoga! It’s A Yoga Party & Hot Chicks Are Invited [40 PICS]

I'm all about looking at T&A from the comfort of my home, but when I'm out and about I try to keep it low-key - except when I go to yoga. Don't knock it 'til you try it homie, there are some serious @sses there. I can't help it. The stretching, the pants, its honestly ridiculous. I can understand the many reasons not to "experience" the exercise for yourself, so in order to allow you to keep some semblance self-respect we've pulled together 40 of the hottest reasons to go. Check out the gallery after the jump.

Aug 19, 2011

Lose Yo’ Mind With Micro Miniskirts [80 PHOTOS]

Remember Micro Machines? That dude who narrated those commercials spoke super fast. I kind of sort of wanted to be that guy. I get tongue tied like nuts but that guy must be a dynamo with the ladies. Especially when it comes to putting his mouth on some "south mouth". Anyway, I bring him up because micro miniskirts will either A) leave you speechless or B) have you speaking in tongues. Check 'em out in our gargantuan gallery of ladies that'll make you gaga for micro miniskirts.

Aug 18, 2011

The Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders Are Today’s Daily Snapshot

The Daily Snapshot is a roundup of the hottest chicks on the internet. In today's edition, we feature the Dallas Cowboys cheerleaders in bikinis, more ridiculously hot redheads, Miss USA Alyssa Campanella modeling lingerie, an unfairly hot Candice Swanepoel beach photo shoot, Lindsay Lohan going to dinner in a sports bra, some of Marion Cotillard's hottest shots, Mika Kayama in a teeny-weeny-bikini, Hayden Panetierre plus the hottest petite chicks in sports, and Miss August 2011 Irina Ivanova. Check out the hot pics after the jump!

Aug 17, 2011

Diora Baird Is Today’s Daily Snapshot

The Daily Snapshot is our roundup of the hottest chicks on the internet. In today's edition, we show you the 20 hottest photos of Diora Baird, Diana Morales in some eye-popping lingerie, Daphne's bikini photo shoot bringing us Joy, Lais Ribeiro's new Victoria's Secret Lingerie commercial, Lily Aldridge liquefying your face, Morgan Reese's pieces, Final Destination 5's fox gives us Wood, Kasey handing us a hot hand bra, Doutzen Kroes crushing our hearts. See their pics after the jump!

Aug 16, 2011

Twin Texan Cheerleaders Are Your Daily Snapshot

The Daily Snapshot is our round up of the hottest girls on the internet. Today's edition highlights the hottest pair of cheerleading twins, Emily Montague and her 'place,' chicks without bras, hot girlies with some serious green eyes, random sexy girls, Kelly to add to your Spank Bank, a bunch of shots of Melissa Satta and ex-WAG Aida Yespica, and Peta Todd the hottest cycling WAG. Make sure to check out these hotties and their galleries after the jump!

Aug 16, 2011

You Vandalized A Perfectly Good Behind [67 PHOTOS]

The tramp stamp first came to prominence in the late 90s. How or why, we don't know. As Vince Vaughn's character declared in Wedding Crashers upon seeing one, "it might as well be a bull's eye". The Germans call it, "Arschgeweih", which means 'ass antlers', which may be my new favorite slang term. While some less than attractive ladies need tramp stamps simply to get the attention, we have to wonder why the hotter tots get 'em done (we're already lookin', girls, we don't need advertising). Unless, it's to advertise that they put out. Then we get it and we thank you. Check out our photo gallery of truly "tremendous" tramp stamps after the jump.

Aug 15, 2011

Estella Warren Is Today’s Daily Snapshot

The Daily Snapshot is our round up of the hottest girls on the internet. Today's edition highlights Estella Warren's 20 hottest photos ever, sexy bikini girls setting the record for most people showering, some pretty epic sideboobage, Halle Berry wrestling with her bikini on the beach, the 30 fastest hot girls, Candice Swanepoel's beach photoshoot, Michelle Trachtenburg's all grown-up, Tiffany Toth does girl on girl with Jessica Vaugn, and a hot chick messing with a flamethrower. Check the hot pics after the jump!

Aug 15, 2011

24 Sexiest Women Of Fall TV’s New Network Shows

In the midst of all the hoopla surrounding the NFL this year, many people forgot that there is more to life than pigskin. Like, for example, the soft, supple skin of the women whose boobs will be gracing our boob tubes this fall. Now, programming has dramatically changed the past couple years; usually, Fall was THE season for new series, but now each season debuts a new slate. However, that doesn't deter us from pointing out the hottest women to watch when the leaves change color. So if you're near a remote control, you might want to check our list and set your DVR schedule. Check out the rundown of the sexiest actress on fall TV's new shows after the jump.

Aug 15, 2011

72 Foxy Fly Girls For National Aviation Week [PHOTOS]

During Aviation Week, the US fondly remembers the Wright Brothers and others responsible for the power of flight. Their dream of one day flying amongst the birds has made way for a new dream: to bang out a hot stewardess in a cramped bathroom at 30,000 feet in the sky. Yes sir, COED is a proud member of the Mile High Club and wants to show you some of the other more elite members. In celebration of National Aviation Week, we bring you some of the sexiest stewardesses, pilots, and flat-out hot chicks wearing aviators. Cue R. Kelly's "I Believe I Can Fly". Check it out after the jump.

Aug 12, 2011

25 Sexiest Hometown Hotties Of 2011

When you think of voting for hot girls, you think of Maxim's Hometown Hotties contest. Many try to copy its format, but few can match its success. Hundreds (and possibly thousands) of chicks submit their photos in the hopes of winning the crown. Some submit year after year, each time looking hotter and hotter. There's no greater motivation for a girl to get smokedoctor status than this competition. You could weed your way through all those profiles OR you could check out the 28 sexiest hotties on our list. To see their profile and vote, just click on their pic after the jump.

Aug 11, 2011

56 Gay Test Demotivational Posters

For a lot of people, high school sucks. Especially if you're not cool or popular or hot. Many bloggers probably don't fit into any of those categories. So, let's just say that hooking up and dating were in high demand but very little supply. So little in fact that many classmates would often call those less fortunate ladies men "gay" for not being able to seal the deal. Hell, you get heckled enough and you start to wonder... holy sh*t... am I gay? Well, luckily, we have a bunch of demotivational posters that will test you on your gayness (not that there's anything wrong with that). Check 'em out in our gallery after the jump.

Aug 11, 2011

84 Showstoppers Show Off For Victoria’s Secret’s Newest Bra [PHOTOS]

Last week, E! Online revealed a sneak peek of the new Victoria's Secret bra, the Showstopper. Then yesterday VS Angel Adriana Lima went on Good Day New York to promote the breast bolstering enhancement contraption. To welcome the newest addition to jaw dropping line of boob supporters, we decided to take a look at some of the hottest bras ever produced by one of the leading retailers of boners women's undergarments. Check 'em out after the jump.

Aug 10, 2011

Catrinel Menghia Is Today’s Daily Snapshot

The Daily Snapshot is our round up of the hottest girls on the internet. Today’s edition features Romanian cowgirl Catrinel Menghia, Blue-Angel Red Heads, more than 30 Seconds of Dilshad Vadsaria, Mina Stefan wearing Hef's robe, Kea Ho's cleavage, Alison Haislip pushing something down, Daniela Ruah in a swimsuit, Shauna Mullin's Vollyeball Butt, Gia Marie McCool's enormous breasts, Chrissy Tiegen's Andy Roddick's favorite, Tasha Reign without tan lines, the sexiest Cubs fans, Megan's butt, and Jessica Gomes' greatest pics. Check 'em out after the jump.

Aug 9, 2011

Arianny Celeste Is Today’s Daily Snapshot

The Daily Snapshot is our round up of the hottest girls on the internet. Today's edition features Arianny Celeste looking pretty patriotic, the hottest NFL cheerleader uniforms, Playmate of the Year Hope Dworaczyk, Bar Rafaeli's latest bikini pics, Korina Bliss delivering bliss, Jessica Jane-Clement's boobs, Stacy Keibler's bikini body, the NHL's sexiest ice girls, Lake Bell's hot Maxim shoot, Imogen Thomas' bikini calendar shoot, Jenny Slayton's slingshot bikini, Rosie Jones in the great outdoors, and Jordan Carver's killer cleavage. Check 'em out after the jump.

Aug 8, 2011

Hot Girl Heat Wave Cooldown: Part 2 [72 PHOTOS]

This historic heat wave is really taking its toll on most of the country. Triple digit temperatures have become the norm and people are doing just about anything and everything within and beyond reason to cool down. Last month, we showed you part 1 of this sexy, sweaty feature, now we bring you part 2. You're gonna need a cold shower after peepin' these pics. Check 'em out after the jump.

Aug 8, 2011

The Girls of Sturgis 2011: The Good, The Bad & The Ugly

This week marks the 71st anniversary of the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally - an annual event that features racing, stunts, and scantily clad women. Each year, anywhere from 500,000 to 750,000 people are in attendance and while we're not into bikes, we ARE into biker babes - the good, the bad, AND the ugly. "The Good" are the hot chicks who seem like they might be lost, "The Bad" are the hot chicks who could most likely kick your ass, and The Ugly... well, you just have to see them to believe 'em. Check out the wildly hot and the really weird after the jump.

Aug 5, 2011

Bodypaint Beer Babe Bonanza To Celebrate International Beer Day 2011

Who's the dude who came up with bodypaint? That dude deserves a beer. Seeing as it's International Beer Day, why not celebrate with bodypainted beer babes? Is there a greater combination in the entire f***ing galaxy? Beer marketers always try to up the ante and we think it's getting ri-goddam-diculous. Grooves? Color changing temperature bars? Vents? Just show us hot promo girls and we'll buy your sh*tty swill. There's no better motivator for happy hour and the weekend then this gallery of bodacious beer babes in bodypaint. Soak it in? No, make your eyes chug this sh*t. Peep 'em after the jump.

Aug 5, 2011

COED’s Comprehensive Guide To Women’s Undies For National Underwear Day

August 5th is National Underwear Day. When we look back at the evolution of both men's and women's underwear, we're amazed at the progress chicks have made while dudes are forever stuck with boxers or briefs. Just about all men's undies look dynamite on women. Not so much the other way around. If you've ever seen our comprehensive guide to bikinis, you know exactly what's in store and while we prefer girls go commando, we thought we'd pay our respects to the thin line between our wangs and her goods with a guide to women's underwear. Check it out then vote for your favorite after the jump. (NOTE: Granny Panties not included, this ain't no retirement home)

Aug 3, 2011

Hot Chicks Humping For Hump Day! [42 PHOTOS]

Since Wednesday is the middle of the work week, it's been designated as "the hump". You make it through Wednesday, and you've made it "over the hump". You're that much closer to the weekend. You can smell it. The thought of all the strange, random, weirdness that is bound to go down really gets people worked up. Just ask the girls in this photo gallery. While we give the thumbs down to us dudes dry humping, we have no qualms with them thrusting those hips. Check it out after the jump then submit pics of more hot girls humping to

Jul 29, 2011

Crazy Hot Cowgirls vs. Sexy Sci-Fi Chicks for Cowboys & Aliens [PHOTOS]

The highly anticipated blockbuster genre mash up "Cowboys & Aliens" starring Harrison Ford, Daniel Craig, Sam Rockwell, and Olivia Wilde hits theaters today (July 29th). Supposedly, the premise came from Gary Larson's The Far Side comic strip, which happens to be one of our all-time favorites. To celebrate its release into the wild (west), we've decided to present you with 2 types of women: crazy hot cowgirls & sexy sci-fi chicks who either battle aliens or are aliens themselves. Check out each faction then vote for the group you think is sexiest at the bottom of the post after the jump.

Jul 29, 2011

52 Luscious Lips For National Lipstick Day [PHOTOS]

Outside of T&A, what's the sexiest part of a woman's body? We gotta believe it's the lips. When desperate times call for desperate measures, a pair of lips will do just fine. Actresses such as Angelina Jolie, Jessica Biel, and Carla Gugino have become well-known for their lips, but how do you make great lips even greater? Lipstick. And we know anytime something's great, there's usually a holiday or observance to celebrate it. Hence, National Lipstick Day (which is July 29th). Pucker up, punks, because we have 50+ pairs of perfect, pouting lips comin' at ya! It's okay to kiss your screen. No one's lookin'. Check 'em out in the gallery after the jump.

Jul 28, 2011

Sexy Brazilian Beach Bums [64 PHOTOS]

Brazil's been known to pump out a hottie or two thousand. Just take a look at their grid girls, "Summer Girls", and Axe Angels. If that's enough, it's also the homeland of Mrs. Tom Brady, Gisele Bundchen. Oh, and they gave us the Brazilian wax. Painful for chicks, awesome for dudes. Brazilian girls are known for their backsides, so with beach season in full effect, we've accumulated the sexiest Brazilian beach bums. Check 'em out in the gallery after the jump.

Jul 23, 2011

92 Hot Girls Eating Hot Dogs For National Hot Dog Day 2011

Some countries enjoy bratwurst, others sausages, but we in 'Merica loves us some hot dogs. As a country, we show our love by devoting today, National Hot Dog Day, to the delicious treat. As a website, we show our love by posting 92 chicks putting weiners in their mouths. Aren't we patriotic? Yes, you can show your support by throwing some on the grill later. For now, though, check out these 92 'not-dogs' enjoying some hot dogs.

Jul 22, 2011

67 Super Hot Girls in Superhero Underwear [PHOTOS]

With Comic-Con in full swing and Captain America The First Avenger out in theaters, it's safe to say we're not the only ones in skin-tight outfits air-punching and kicking our way through invisible villains. Just about every kid had those extra special briefs or undies with the Spidey, Superman, or Batman print. Weird how they (along with "boy shorts") look so damn hot on a fully developed woman. So, take a walk down memory lane with our photo gallery of grown up gals gettin' ready for bedtime in their superhero undies after the jump.

Jul 21, 2011

Holy Sideboob, Batman!?!: COED’s Super-sized Comic-Con Sideboob Collection [101 PHOTOS]

The San Diego Comic-Con started today (July 21st) and runs through Sunday. Last year, the four-day nerd nirvana had more than 130,000 attendees. Recently, it's served as the ultimate teaser vehicle for upcoming projects, driving dweebs into a masturbatory frenzy that actually led to a stabbing - with a mechanical pencil - at a Q&A. Like most other "Cons", Comic-Con has its fair share of booth babes and cosplay chicks, all of whom bare skin and grin while trying not to slip in the drool of awkward onlookers. While sidekicks rarely get their moment in the sun, we shine the light on the side-boob in this gargantuan gallery. Check out the Best. Gallery. Ever. after the kick, punch, and jump.

Jul 20, 2011

Drunk Girl Mooning Madness For Moon Day [62 PHOTOS]

July 20th is Moon Day, which commemorates the day man first walked on the moon. On 7/16/69, Apollo 11 launched from Cape Kennedy Space Center carrying Neil Armstrong, Michael Collins, and Edwin "Buzz" Aldrin, Jr. Four days later, the Lunar Module, nicknamed the "Eagle", touched down on the moon's surface and Neil Armstrong proclaimed: "That's one small step for a man, one giant leap for mankind". We celebrate this historic occasion the only way we know how, with HOT CHICKS showing off THEIR moons. Check 'em out in the gallery (after the classic Dumb and Dumber clip) after the jump.

Jul 19, 2011

Hot Girl Heat Wave Cooldown Part 1 [70 PHOTOS]

This heat wave really sucks donkey dong. Even air conditioners are like f*** this noise. In times and conditions like these, it's easy to lose one's cool. Luckily, we've got the cure for your summertime blues: hot girls cooling off. Okay, so maybe this is actually counter-intuitive and will make you hot and bothered that they get to cool off and you don't. At the very least, it'll give you some ideas for lowering your body temp. Anyway, quit yer bitchin' and gaze upon gals who got the right idea. You're doing it right, ladies. Check 'em out below.

Jul 15, 2011

The Girls of the Summer Redneck Games: The Good, The Bad and The Ugly [74 PHOTOS]

he Redneck Games is an annual competition held in East Dublin, Georgia. It was created in response to the media suggesting Atlanta's 1996 Olympic Games would be held by a group of rednecks. Events include cigarette flipping, dumpster diving, seed spitting, bug zapping, and bobbing for pig's trotters among others. Proceeds from the festivities go towards the Make-A-Wish Foundation. We wish we could hang with some of these hot "hillbillies"...then again some country gals are straight up nightmares. See what we mean in our photo gallery after the jump. Yee-haw!

Jul 14, 2011

French Girls French Kissing For Bastile Day [158 PHOTOS]

Forget all the corny French jokes and croissant puns, because France has given us a lot more than mimes. Not...

Jul 11, 2011

60 Sexy Slurpee Tongues for 7 Eleven [PHOTOS]

As we told you earlier, July 11th aka 7/11 is Free Slurpee Day at 7-Eleven. Other than being able to pour the drink yourself and mix flavors, I'd say changing the color of your tongue is right up there as the best part of drinking a Slurpee. Yeah, I know some people get off on brainfreeze, but those people are also into nipple clamps and hot wax. A lil' too intense for us. Anyway, before you get your free 7.11 ounce Slurpee, check out our photo gallery of girls showing off their Slurpee-stained tongues. We advise mixing colors... (read: make out with 'em, dumbass). See the pics after the jump.

Jul 7, 2011

Hot Chicks Covered in Chocolate for National Chocolate Day [50 PHOTOS]

Chicks love chocolate. You ever see a commercial for Godiva or some other rich, chocolatey treat? Women bust ovaries to get their mouths on that sweet treat. And, I'm here to give them another reason to stuff their faces with it - turns out it's a vegetable. Studies have also shown it's good for the heart, which is sure to be racing when your eyes drink in this photo gallery of cuties covered in chocolate sauce. Check out the delicious pics below and feel free to top this off with Whipped Cream Bikinis.

Jul 6, 2011

Hotties Holding AK-47s on the 64th Birthday of the World’s Deadliest Assault Rifle [PHOTOS]

On July 6th, 1947 the AK-47 went into production in the Soviet Union. During the Cold War, it was the weapon of choice for the Soviets and their allies. In 2004, a museum opened in its honor, named after the gun's designer Mikhail Kalashnikov. It's probably one of the better known assault rifles ever made - to the point where any novice to the gun trade thinks any and all assault rifles are AK-47s. So, we've manufactured this rapid fire gallery of hot chicks toting AK-47s (and other assault rifle models) and offbeat AK-47 themed pics. But, if you're looking for the weed strain, we know a guy who knows a guy. Check out the p-p-p-p-p-p-pics after the jump.

Jul 6, 2011

Colossal Cleavage Collection: Sexy South Korean Edition [91 PHOTOS]

The LA Times reported this morning (July 6th) that the South Korean city of Pyeongchang was awarded hosting duties for the 2018 Winter Olympics. We've all heard the reports about what goes down at these events - elite athlete on elite athlete sexy time. These superhumans push themselves to the limits then push (and pull) each other on and off the field or rink. To get Team America (f*ck yeah) pumped up for the trip we put together a photo gallery of South Korean colossal cleavage. Check it out after the jump.

Jul 3, 2011

Super Sexy Fourth of July Pool Party Girls [60 PICS]

Are you guys in-ground on above-ground folk? Me? I could go either way. I've had both and while in-ground is considered classier, you can get some serious bonage on above ground an no one's the wiser. Anyway, to get you pumped for America cutting the umbilical cord, we've welcomed 76 sexy ladies into our in-ground pool party gallery. Check 'em out after the cannonball!

Jul 2, 2011

We Cream For Hot Ice Cream Queens During National Ice Cream Month [50 PHOTOS]

One of the most underrated gifts the 40th President of the United States Ronald Reagan gave us was naming July National Ice Cream Month. Ice Cream is the greatest dessert ever. It cools you down, makes you feel better, and helps you recover from many of life's problems. Think about it. Your buddy steals your car then wrecks it. Where's he taking you? To get ice cream. How do we honor this great month? By checking out the women who put fire in loins eat ice cream, of course! Check out the gallery after the jump.

Jul 1, 2011

30 Sexiest Canadian Women For Canada Day [PHOTOS]

July 1st is Canada Day. It’s the anniversary of the enactment of the British North America Act or Constitution Act,...

Jun 29, 2011

Hot Girls Hugging and Kissing on Hug Holiday Day [158 PHOTOS]

June 29th is Hug Holiday Day, a day created by "Hugs for Health Foundation" on the premise that "hugs... are vital components to the overall senior care plan". We believe they're a vital component to gettin' your bone on. We're not really huggers here at COED, but we strongly encourage girl-on-girl hugging. It can only lead to good things. See what we mean after the jump.

Jun 28, 2011

The Return of Sweet Ass Tuesday: June 28th [68 PHOTOS]

Back in the day COED had a pretty sweet feature in which we highlight the beautiful attribute known as the butt in a little something we called, "Sweet Ass Tuesday". We recently featured the backside of George Clooney's former arm candy in a special edition S.A.T. and it made us miss the glory days of damn fine dumpers. So, we've decided to back dat ass up for a bigger comeback than Michael Vick, Mickey Rourke, and Robert Downey, Jr. combined. Check out the triumphant return after the jump.