Dec 4, 2018

NHL Announces Expansion Team In Seattle, Will Begin Play In 2021

The National Hockey League has granted an expansion franchise to Seattle, according to an announcement made on Tuesday, December 4....

Oct 9, 2018

COED Girl Of The Day: Olivia Loveland, Seattle University It’s Tuesday, Oct. 9, so the time has come once again to take a look around the college world...

Aug 15, 2013

Seattle Cops Are Going To Hand Out Doritos At Hempfest

The Seattle Police Department wants to get critical information about the state’s new marijuana laws out to the masses attending...

Washington Has Already Stopped Prosecuting People For Marijuana, So Smoke Up (Or At Least Possess Up) The state of Washington’s marijuana legalization law doesn’t officially take effect until December 6th, but police in many parts...

Nov 13, 2012

COED's Top 10 Public "Ivy League" Schools

What's a "Public Ivy?" It's a school that provides an Ivy League collegiate experience at a public school price. Originally, only eight schools were considered Public Ivies, but since then, more schools have been added to the list. COED breaks down what makes these Public Ivies so (inexpensively) awesome.

Oct 20, 2010

Josh Fields: College World Series Most Impressive Player

UWIRE introduced the top players to check out at the 2008 College World Series, and I was surprised by one...

Jun 16, 2008