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roller coasters

Jan 15, 2014

LOLercoasters Are No Place For Fun And Games [PIC DUMP]

If you believe your wimpy ex-girlfriend, roller coasters are dangerous enough. So why do some people bring games and cards...

Jun 19, 2010

5 Summer Trips She Won’t Forget

Ah, smell that? The combination of sunblock, hot tar, and sweat just screams "summer time." Oh, yes. The living's easy. You've got three months of a part-time job, maybe a few BS classes to fill up some credits; what a perfect time to take a vacation! Your girlfriend has been nagging you to put on a pair of pants and take her out somewhere. Here are a few spots to spend with your long term girlfriend and/or hot summer fling (just don't bring both of them at the same time).

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Jun 18, 2009

Hot Chicks Riding Roller Coasters in Their Underwear

Whoever thought of having busty British babes test out roller coasters in their underwear is our kind of genius. Granted, hot chicks doing damn near anything, especially in their underwear, is going to be good. But most activities don't have nearly this amount of giggles and jiggles.