Jul 2, 2018

Best July 4th Recipes: Top 5 Best & Easy Food To Make %20 %20 %20 %20 %20 %20 %20 %20 %20 %20 The Fourth of July is...

Aug 4, 2017

National Chocolate Chip Cookie Day Deals: Where & How To Get Free Chocolate Chip Cookies The Chocolate chip cookie is ranked as America’s number one favorite...

Aug 10, 2014

National S'mores Day Is Better With S'more Alcohol [RECIPES]

We pity anyone that didn’t grow up with S’mores as a part of their childhood, but even those who are...

National Sundae Day: Spiked Ice Cream Treats To Warm You Up

National Sunday Day has arrived one day after the coldest weekend we’ve had here at COED Headquarters–so there’s some good...

Nov 11, 2013

How To Cook With Booze On A Budget

Maybe it’s because I always see Top Chefs do it, maybe it’s become I’m a borderline alcoholic; but to me,...

Sep 8, 2011

7 Pretty Sweet & Easy Peanut Butter-Based Recipes

Humans evolved to like fatty, fatty foods. The more calories packed into the smaller package, the better. Why? Because before refrigerators, we were afraid we wouldn’t come across food for a while. This could be one reason why I looooove peanut butter so much (at least I’m telling myself that). I can pick up on the tiniest hint of it in anything. Those are my ancestral fat-feelers going off. Anyways, if you feel the same way about the creamy stuff, or if you're just drunk and finally have the guts to eat this often guilt-ridden food, you might like these alternative ways to use it. Check out our rad recipes after the jump.

Jul 22, 2011

Jul 14, 2011

Impress Your One Night Stand With These Easy Breakfast Meals

Sorry, but that random person drooling on your pillow with their naked ass hanging over the side of your bed needs to be fed. Hey, if you didn’t want to feed them, you should have kicked them out last night when you finished. Whether you actually like the person and want to impress them, or the sex was so bad you need some comfort food to forget it, check out our list of some easy, delicious breakfast recipes after the jump.

Jun 16, 2011

How To Make 10 Essential Dude Foods

The crazy things you did in college were kind of cute, like when you would eat Easy Mac with a bag of frozen peas...still frozen. But now if a girl comes over (or more likely your parents) and you're still 'cooking' like you're in a stoned frenzy desperately pulling something together to satisfy the munchies, you will look more than a little amateur. Try putting on your big boy pants and learn to cook these meals after the jump!

Apr 4, 2011

9 Best Dorm Room Microwave Recipes

We all know that dorm rooms don't have stoves - probably for good reason - which causes a major problem in the area of cooking, or at least preparing adequate food. In an effort to save you from eating Top Ramen for the rest of your days at college, the "culinary experts" at COED decided to come together and make a list of the top 9 microwave recipes so that you - the average dorm room student - may better your eating habits. This way, you can avoid some of that greasy mystery meat in the dining halls and show off a little to the other people on your floor in the process. Check out our top 9 picks after the jump!

Jul 23, 2009

6 Kick Ass Canadian Club Cocktails

While my favorite way to drink whisky is warm and neat, that's a hard beverage to stomach during the scorching-hot summer months. So to help you cool down, while still keeping whisky solidly in your diet, the best way to go is the cocktail. My two favorite whiskies to mix are Canadian Club 10-year-old and 12-year-old. These two refreshing yet flavorful spirits go great with a wide variety of mixers. Here are the 6 Canadian Club cocktails I think kick the most ass.