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Jan 6, 2014

COED Saddles Up For The 2014 Monster Energy Invitational At MSG [PHOTOS + VIDEO]

This past weekend, COED returned to Madison Square Garden to catch The 2014 Monster Energy Invitational aka the 500th Professional...

Jan 23, 2013

Eat Breakfast Like An Alcoholic Hipster With PBR Waffles

Waffles: they’re a staple of any awesome breakfast. Pabst Blue Ribbon: it’s a staple of any bar that’s trying to...

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Jun 14, 2012

Yes, This Awesome Boob Catnap Happened [28 PHOTOS]

We usually have “Yes, This Happened” photos that inspire you to start your day. This one makes us want to...

May 8, 2012

Are Hipsters Who Drink PBR Really D-Bags? [POLL]

A raging debate has been taking place in the halls of our great universities. College professors and intellects are locked...

Jan 9, 2012

Kickin’ It With Kate Upton & New York Giants at the PBR Invitational [PHOTOS]

So, when I first caught wind of this PBR event, I wasn’t exactly pumped to go see it. I’d been...

Jan 6, 2012

77 Sexy Cowgirls That Ain’t No Bull For the PBR Invitational

Earlier in the week we told you about 5 reasons why this week won’t suck. One of the reasons we’re...

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Jan 3, 2012

5 Reasons Why This Week Won’t Suck [January 1st-7th]

With the start of the New Year, we're feeling creative, so we're starting a new weekly feature called "Why This Week." Basically, we're going to let you know about all the awesome sh*t to look forward to like new movies, DVDs, albums, concerts, marquee games on TV, and other important event dates to mark on your non-existent calendar. Let us know which of these you're most pumped about or feel free to point out what we missed in the comments.

Super Bowl of Beers: Wisconsin vs. Pennsylvania

The Super Bowl is nearly upon us, and with that comes the swarm of house parties and crowded bars filled with throngs of people ready to celebrate one of the most popular occasions in sports. Whether you’re a complete football fanatic or can only identify teams by what color their jersey is, you’re almost guaranteed to be drinking and eating your Super Bowl Sunday away. While the nation celebrates from coast to coast with their beverage of choice, here are some breweries representing the home states of the Pittsburgh Steelers and Green Bay Packers. Make sure to vote in our poll after the jump!

Feb 3, 2011

26 WTF Pabst Blue Ribbon Tattoos [Photos]

Pabst Blue Ribbon is defined by modern culture as, "The only beer that makes you feel as though you're looking the devil straight in the face upon cracking open the first can of the evening." A personal favorite of the hippest of the hip, and therefore, consigned to oblivion, this brew is completely recession proof. Throw on a pair of lensless horn-rimmed glasses, flip an obscure free-form interpretive jazz record on the table, and check out these killer PBR tats.

Jan 20, 2011

Which Songs Go Best With These Drinks?

On a gloomy weekday, one’s mind wanders to the delicious anticipation of that drink to finally send the week packin’....

Jan 18, 2011

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Sep 14, 2010

COED’s 7 Best Tailgating Beers

Football season is upon us, and with it comes all of the raucous excitement of tailgating before each and every college or pro football game. Stock up on a variety of these delicious brews to ensure your tailgate is properly fueled for those cool, blustery fall and winter weekend afternoons. Once the sun starts to fade and the chilly wind starts to pick up, you’ll be looking for something to warm you up, and it probably won’t be hot chocolate.

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Apr 11, 2010

8 Cocktails Every Guy Should Know How to Make

Maybe in high school it was cool to invite your girlfriend over for a stolen and skunked beer, but you're an adult now, and people expect more from you. You don’t have to be a bartender to make a drink, and you don’t have to limit your cocktails to two ingredients. Here are 9 cocktails that everyone should know how to make.

Jan 8, 2010

88 Bull Riding Bucking Beauties…Yee-Haw!

If you’re a fan of crazy bastards riding violent beasts with nothing but leather and a giant pair of balls...

Oct 3, 2008

Who Is Joe Six Pack, Anyway?

If you watched the VP debate last night you heard a lot about Sarah Palin’s BFF, Joe Six Pack. But...

Mar 14, 2008

Brew Review: Pabst Blue Ribbon (PBR)

After trying many classy brews, it’s about time I reviewed an old standby of mine, Pabst Blue Ribbon. A pharmacy...

Jan 24, 2008

Say Goodbye to MySpace

Oh, Myspace! How we love denying all your porn spam. How we love the hours we spend perusing your bad,...