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Oct 23, 2013

Mid-20’s And Still Living With The Parents? Don’t Worry, You’re FAR From Alone

Tired of being at home? Don’t complain to others about your situation. 34% of individuals aged 18 to 32 in...

Jul 3, 2013

Say Hello To The Worst Parents In America

Say hello (and goodbye, thankfully) to James and Roxanne Murphy, parents of 4 children all under the age of 15....

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Jun 13, 2012

12 Phrases You Say To Your Parents…and What They Really Mean

To make your parents proud, and give them the impression that they raised you well, certain conversational techniques must be...

May 24, 2012

How To Make Meeting The Parents Painless [He Said/She Said]

The first time a girlfriend of mine met my parents, I think I might have been just as nervous as...

Nov 4, 2011

108 Parenting FAILs for Child Safety & Protection Month [PHOTOS]

November is Child Safety & Protection Month. I'm constantly amazed at how many straight awful parents there are out there. It leads me to think we should definitely have a test you should pass to have kids. You have to take a test to drive a 3,000 lb weapon that could potentially kill others, and adopting parents have to pass all kinds of tests to take on a kid, so why not birth parents. Yeah, it's totally sci-fi totalitarianism but I don't care. I don't want to see any more of what you're about to see in our humongous gallery of parenting fails.

Jul 25, 2011

Little Boy Tries to Keep Pimp Hand Strong, Doesn’t Want Marriage [VIDEO]

I feel like this is the second commercial to that bogus 'Hail to the V' series for Summer's Eve. It shows what happens after those fights. Here's what probably happened: after this boy kicked the other neighborhood sh*t out of the sandbox, he won this girl (just like in the commercial). Now she's getting it all confused, thinking he wants marriage. Nope, he just wanted some of that cootie-free "V" and becomes visibly upset about the confusion. Check out the hilarious argument below!

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Jul 7, 2011

Ask A Chick: Relationsh*ts, Rich B*tches, Premature Introductions

“Ask A Chick” is COED’s regular dating, sex, and relationship advice series in which our special lady friend, Charlsie, fearlessly fields your inquiries you’re too chickensh*t to ask your girlfriend, sister or mom. In this week’s edition of “Ask A Chick”, Charlsie responds to questions about the girlfriend you hate, meeting the parents too soon, and getting gifts you can't afford to give back. See her answers after the jump!

9 Bad-Ass Brock Samson Moments From “The Venture Brothers” [LINKS]

• 9 Of Brock's Best Mummy-Beating, Henchmen-Killing Moments! • The Best (And Only) Mighty Ducks Rap In Existence • Founding Fathers Or Founding Tokers? • Crazy Rich Guy Makes It Rain Money At Starbucks • It Takes A Man To Be A Bad FatherDanica Thrall Is Pretty Damn Sexy See More Awesome Links After The Jump

Mar 25, 2011

3 Tips For Vacationing With Your Parents

So I just got back from three very long days of vacationing with my folks. I mean, VERY long. Here's the thing: it totally sucked. I mean, I love spending time with my parents. I do. We get along very well. But three days of touristing in some random little rural town without any break from my parents EVER just isn't my idea of a good time. So here are three tips that I wish I knew before I went. Good luck, you poor brave souls.

Jul 9, 2010

40 Fantasy Fest FAIL Photos

At first, hearing about Key West's Fantasy Fest, which is filled with mostly-naked, body-painted women walking the streets, alcohol flowing like water probably sounds like the best thing on Earth. But you'd be wrong. In fact, it's just a bunch of saggy, middle-aged swinger-types who look like your mom, with crappy costumes and the smell of piña colda on their breath. To show you what we're talking about, here are 40 Fantasy Fest FAIL Photos.

Oct 20, 2009

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Oct 20, 2009

Key West Fantasy Fest FAIL Photos [PHOTO GALLERY]

Less than optimal attempts from the Key West Fantasy Fest....

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Mar 23, 2009

Graduation is Looming in May, Now What?

This sucks. I busted my ass, did well in school, made smart choices. Now, I am graduating after four years of college that I paid for all myself - not through selling my "virginity" - but through loans. Now what?

Dec 19, 2008

Kid Shoots Parents for Taking Away Halo 3

As if violent video games don’t already have a bad enough rap, some dumbass goes and does this:  After having...

Nov 13, 2008

What Not To Do When Meeting Her Parents

more about “What Not To Do When Meeting Her Paren…“, posted with vodpod Meeting your girl’s parents can go wrong...

Dec 13, 2007

What is Drunkorexia?

The Morning Show‘s Mike and Juliet totally have their fingers on the pulse of young America as evidenced by their...

Oct 16, 2007

World of Warcraft Intervention

I believe the song from the South Park movie goes, “There are times when you get suckered in, by drugs...

Oct 4, 2007

The Daily Shocker: Latin-Americans Love Life

Statistics show that most Latin-American countries rank highest in a worldwide poll for “personal satisfaction.” Hot weather, nachos, Corona and...

Aug 23, 2007

Movies of 1999: South Park, Bigger, Longer, and Uncut

It was the summer of ’99 and throughout the world one movie was thrilling children and scaring parents: South Park:...

Aug 1, 2007

Studying Is for Losers

My parents love to talk about the worth of a liberal arts education. You go to college, you take a...

Jul 11, 2007

Walking the Plank: My Story of Getting Busted for Downloading Music

So you fancy your downloaded music? Well, guess what, you pirating son of a bitch: the Man‘s gonna getcha. Believe...