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oil wrestling

Nov 4, 2009

Hot Girl Twister Party [52 Photos]

When thinking about the mythical male fantasy that is the slumber party, three things come to mind: pillow fights, girls kissing girls and the most brilliant of games - Twister. Sure, these things really do happen at slumber parties, but the reality is, the girls are rarely as hot and wear a helluva lot more clothes. So with that, we say f**k reality! Like pillow fighting and girls kissing, Twister is best played by sexy girls, wearing as few clothes as possible.

Nov 4, 2009

Sexy Twister Girls [Gallery]

These sinuous hotties will tie you in knots....

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Aug 31, 2008

The Girls of Labor Day: Chicken Fight

Labor Day Weekend is sorta bittersweet.  On one hand, it’s the last weekend of Summer to throw down with your...