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Nicky Whelan

Oct 27, 2011

The 60 Best Natural Breasts of 2011 [PHOTOS]

Seeing a lot of pink lately? Even though the color doesn't exist, it's for a good cause - breast cancer awareness. October's slowly becoming our favorite month, between the World Series, Halloween, and all this talk about boobs. In previous years, we raised your awareness with the best breasts of all-time. This year, we've decided to keep the list to 2011's top news-making, buzzworthy women with 100% real racks. There are a couple of surprising newcomers, a few consummate vets, and one (or two?) big ol' glaring omission(s). See if you can find out who and feel free to let us know if we missed any in the comments after the jump.

Oct 16, 2011

Lara Stone Tops The Week in Reboob

There’s a whole lotta boob on the internet, and you probably missed a pair or two. We’re offering you the chance to check out all the great photos released on the interweb before a whole new onslaught hits you next week. It’s hard work, but we think you’re up for it. Just take it one click at a time. This week, we feature Lara Stone's (apparently the #1 model in 2010) recent GQ UK photoshoot. Click on the photo after the jump to get started on the goddess goodness.

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Oct 12, 2011

Katie Vernola Is Today’s Daily Snapshot

The Daily Snapshot is our round-up of the day's hottest women on the web. In today's edition, we feature Playboy's Miss June 2010 Katie Vernola, delicious rumps for Hump Day, some great photos of the Aussie Nicky Whelan, Misbehaving at the office TwitPic style, Modern Family's Sofia Vergara, the 20 hottest photos of Elisabetta Canalis, Olia Kova gets topless for Bunny Magazine, Sofia takes it off for your Spank Bank, and Scarlett Johansson looks pretty killer in the Black Widow outfit. Check out the rest of the hotness after the jump!

Feb 24, 2011

SPOILER ALERT! Nicky Whelan Strips In “Hall Pass”

Nicky Whelan is relatively unknown in America but not to avid COED readers. Nicky was our Miss COED in July 2008, and has been a superstar model Down Under since 2001. Since then we ranked her #46 on our list of 52 Best Breasts of All-Time and most recently named her one of the 27 Sexiest Australian Women. She's also in the upcoming Farrelly Brothers comedy "Hall Pass" starring Jason Sudeikis and Owen Wilson. I got the chance to see an advance screening last night and I gotta say she looks ABSOLUTELY INCREDIBLE in every scene, but her best effort comes when she strips for Wilson's character. The movie was laugh your face off funny and Nicky's strip scene alone makes it work checking out. See her pics after the jump!

Oct 5, 2010

The 60 Most Beautiful Breasts of All-Time [PHOTOS]

Unless you're Osama Bin Laden, you've probably noticed everyone's wearing a lot more pink than usual. Even NFL teams that played this weekend donned pink gloves, chinstraps, hats, or cleats. It's all part of an effort to raise awareness for breast cancer. Since October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, we'd like to call attention to this extremely important issue by saluting the best breasts of all-time. When you're done drooling, GET INVOLVED AND DONATE!

Apr 7, 2010

Who Is The World’s Sexiest Australian?

A seriously boobalicious Sophie Monk made Ralph's 150 Hottest Aussie Women Of The Year list. As you know I've got a thing for Aussie smoke shows and today I want to put an end to the World's Sexiest Australian debate. Check out the ultra sexy galleries and vote!

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Jan 25, 2010

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley: World’s Sexiest Australian?

To some Miranda Kerr may be the sexiest Aussie in all the land but Kevin L. from Lamberville, NJ pointed...

66 Women Who Wowed 2009

Every day, we do our best to bring you the foxiest and most talented females from around the world. So with 2009 quickly coming to a close, we decided to give a little retrospective on all the sexiest stars (and a few that aren't) from the past year. From Sofia Vegara to Bar Refaeli, these are the 66 Women Who Wowed us in 2009.

Dec 21, 2009

The 52 Best Breasts of All-Time

It's Breast Cancer Awareness Month, people. And that means we should be celebrating the awesomeness of this female feature by helping to find a cure. It also means we should also be helping by looking at as many boobs as possible. Because, let's face it, there is nothing better than an awesome set of real boobs. I’m talking the kind of boobs that make you short of breath

Oct 6, 2009

The Best Natural Breasts of All-Time

There is nothing better than an awesome set of real boobs. I'm talking the kind of boobs that make you short of breath, make your stomach hurt when you catch even a glimpse - the kind of boobs that can both make and ruin your day because of how mind-blowingly awesome they are - and how much you want to/can't motorboat them. But these 52 women have the best boobs on the planet. Care to take a look?

May 29, 2009

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Mar 27, 2009

LeBron James Is a Freak

LeBron James is a Freak • Lower Back Problems Facebook Group = Big Boobs • Nicky Whelan Hottest Girl Ever? • Dibs! • Memorable Mascots of Pro Wrestling • Top 10: Tiger Woods Moments

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Nov 7, 2008

60 Sexy SideBoobs

We here at COED, like you – wherever the hell you are – never get tired of boobs. That’s why...

Oct 8, 2008

The 52 Best Natural Breasts of All-Time

If you haven’t noticed, we here at COED love women. We couldn’t live without them – neither could you. Another...

Jul 28, 2008

Miss COED: Nicky Whelan

Originally from Australia, this 25-year-old actress and model is best known Down Under for her role as Pepper Steiger in...