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Naughty Nurses

May 6, 2011

66 Nearly Naked Nurses for National Nurses Day [PHOTOS]

May 6th is National Nurses Day! On this day, we celebrate those pretty professionals dying to get some doctor dong. Of all male fantasies, nurse is definitely at the top of that list. Consider the tight uniforms, short skirts, and cute little nurse caps. Now add a beautiful blonde with big boobs. Um, I am about five minutes away from sticking this damn pen in my eye just to get treatment from one of these beauties. Maybe Gaylord Focker had the right idea after all! For your daily recommended shot of smokeshows, check out the pics after the jump!

May 6, 2010

36 Extremely ‘Nurseable’ Nurses

National Nurse's Day is today and we're on call to celebrate with the 36 sexiest nurses that you've ever seen. We're talking nurses so hot that you'll be tempted to jump in front of a car just for the slight chance that you'll be treated by them. And oh yeah, these nurses are known for more than their gentle care. Let's just say the stethoscope won't be the only thing dangling from their bodies when they're examining you.

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Jan 21, 2010

Naughty Nurses

Never do I wish for pain or misfortune to come upon myself but if I were to experience a horrific...