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Dec 16, 2018

Tamaryn Green: Hottest Photos Of Miss South Africa

Tamaryn Green is set to represent her home country of South Africa in the upcoming Miss Universe 2018 pageant in...

Dec 16, 2018

Marta Magdalena Stepien: Hottest Photos Of Miss Canada

Marta Magdalena Stepien is the reigning Miss Universe Canada 2018 and has been busy representing her country in recent international...

Dec 16, 2018

Andrea Toscano: Hottest Pictures Of Miss Mexico

Andrea Toscano is the reigning Mexicana Universal 2018 titleholder and is set to represent her home country at the Miss...

Dec 16, 2018

Yulia Polyachikhina: Hottest Photos Of Miss Russia

Yulia Polyachikhina is a model and the current Miss Russia 2018 titleholder. Yulia, who studies journalism at Chuvash State University,...

Dec 16, 2018

Eva Colas: Hottest Photos Of Miss France

Eva Colas enters the Miss Universe 2018 beauty pageant under interesting circumstances. While she will be representing her country at...

Dec 15, 2018

H’Hen Nie: Hottest Photos Of Miss Vietnam

H’Hen Nie is a model and current beauty pageant titleholder who was crowned Miss Universe Vietnam 2017. She is set...

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Dec 15, 2018

Virginia Limongi: Hottest Photos Of Miss Ecuador

Virginia Limongi is a model and the reigning Miss Ecuador 2018 titleholder. She was preceded by Daniela Cepeda. The 24-year-old...

Mayra Dias: Hottest Photos Of Miss Brazil

Mayra Dias is the reigning Miss Brazil 2018 and will be representing her country in the upcoming Miss Universe 2018...

Dec 15, 2018

Sthefany Gutierrez: Hottest Photos Of Miss Venezuela

Sthefany Gutierrez is a model and actress who is the current Miss Venezuela titleholder. As a result, the 19-year-old beauty...

Dec 15, 2018

Valeria Morales: Hottest Photos Of Miss Colombia

Valeria Morales, 20, is Miss Colombia 2018. She was crowned Miss Colombia on September 30, 2018, succeeding Miss Universe 2017...

Dec 14, 2018

Dec 14, 2018

Sophida Kanchanarin: Hottest Photos Of Miss Thailand

Sophida Kanchanarin is the current Miss Universe Thailand 2018 titleholder and will be representing her country in the upcoming Miss...

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Dec 14, 2018

Catriona Gray: Hottest Photos Of Miss Universe 2018

Catriona Gray, a Filipino-Australian television host, singer, and model, is the current Miss Universe Philippines 2018 titleholder. Catriona, who was...

Dec 14, 2018

Kiara Ortega: Hottest Photos Of Miss Puerto Rico

Kiara Ortega is a model and beauty pageant contestant who was crowned Miss Universe Puerto Rico 2018. Kiara will be...

Dec 14, 2018

Miss Spain Angela Ponce To Be First Transgender Contestant At Miss Universe

Angela Ponce Camacho will enter the Miss Universe 2018 pageant as Miss Spain 2018.Ponce was preceded by Miss Spain 2017...

Dec 13, 2018

Miss Universe 2018: Date, Start Time, TV Channel & Location

We are only a few days away from the 2018 Miss Universe Pageant live on Sunday, December 16! Miss Universe ...

Dec 13, 2018

Francesca Hung: Hottest Photos Of Miss Australia

A handful of Miss Universe contestants are facing some backlash for reportedly “language shaming” their fellow Miss Universe contestants. In...

Nov 27, 2017

Who Is Demi-Leigh Nel-Peters? Full Story of Miss Universe 2017

Demi-Leigh Nel-Peters, the 22-year-old South Africa representative, won the Miss Universe crown at The AXIS theater at Planet Hollywood casino...

Nov 27, 2017

Demi-Leigh Nel-Peters: Hottest Photos of Tim Tebow’s Fiancee

In January of 2019, Nel-Peters got engaged to former Heisman Trophy-winning quarterback Tim Tebow. The former Broncos, Jets, Eagles, and...

Jan 30, 2017

Iris Mittenaere: Hottest Photos Of Miss Universe 2016-17

Iris Mittenaere, a 23-year-old dental student from France, has won Miss Universe 2017. Mittenaere, born January 25, 1993, is a...

Jan 27, 2017

Miss Peru Valeria Piazza: Hottest Photos Of The Miss Universe Contestant

Valeria Piazza is an actress, model, and beauty pageant titleholder from Lima, Peru. The 27-year-old won Miss Peru 2016, earning...

Jan 26, 2017

Miss Nicaragua Marina Jacoby: Hottest Photos Of The Miss Universe Contestant

Marina Jacoby is a 21-year-old model and actress from Matagalpa, Nicaragua. Marina has appeared in several TV commercials over her...

Jan 26, 2017

Miss Brazil Raissa Santana: Hottest Photos Of The Miss Universe Contestant

Raissa Santana won Miss Brazil 2016, and she will represent her country at the Miss Universe 2016 pageant on Monday,...

Jan 26, 2017

Miss Mexico Kristal Silva: Hottest Photos Of The Miss Universe Contestant

Kristal Silva will represent Mexico at the Miss Universe 2016 pageant on Monday, January 30. To make it this far,...

Jan 26, 2017

Miss Colombia Andrea Tovar: Hottest Photos Of The Miss Universe Contestant

Andrea Tovar won Miss Colombia 2015, and she will be representing her country at Miss Universe 2016 on Monday, January...

Oct 20, 2016

Scherri-Lee Biggs: Hottest Photos Of Miss Universe Australia & Weather Presenter

I was scrolling through LiveLeak the other day, mainly looking for street fight videos, as nothing warms my heart like...

Aug 23, 2016

Alicia Machado, Former Miss Universe Winner, Became A US Citizen Just To Vote Against Trump

Before Trump was offending women on a national level – for example, speculating about Megyn Kelly’s menstrual cycle on live...

Dec 23, 2015

Vivid Entertainment Offers Miss Colombia Millions to Star in Adult Film

It was a rough week for Miss Colombia Ariadna Gutierrez after Steve Harvey f*cked up at life and announced her...

Dec 21, 2015

Steve Harvey Memes: Funny Photos, Jokes & Best Images

As Drake would say, “Oh man, oh man.” That’s exactly how I, and the entire planet, felt when they watched...

Dec 20, 2015

Ariadna Gutiérrez: 22 Hottest Photos Of Miss Universe 2015 Runner Up

Ariadna María Gutiérrez Arévalo, born December 25, 1993, is a Colombian television presenter, fashion model and beauty pageant titleholder who...

Dec 20, 2015

WATCH: Steve Harvey Messes Up, Announces Wrong Miss Universe 2015 Winner

Steve Harvey blew it big time at the Miss Universe 2015 contest. Not only did he let down Miss Colombia, ...

Dec 20, 2015

Pia Alonzo Wurtzbach: 22 Hottest Photos Of Miss Universe Winner 2015

The winner of Miss Universe 2015 is Pia Alonzo Wurtzbach. She was awarded the crown of December 20, 2015. Pia...

Dec 20, 2015

Miss Universe Winner 2015: Meet Pia Alonzo Wurtzbach

The Winner of the Miss Universe 2015 contest is Pia Alonzo Wurtzbach. Wurtzbach is of Filipino and German descent born...

Dec 20, 2015

Miss Universe 2015: TV Channel, Date & Start Time

Miss Universe is an annual international beauty pageant that is run by the Miss Universe Organization. Along with its rival...

Dec 20, 2015

Miss Universe 2015 Swimsuit Competition: Must See Photos

It’s that time of year again. No, we aren’t talking about the Holidays! It’s time for the most gorgeous women...

Dec 14, 2015

Miss Universe Contestants 2015: Swimsuit Edition [PHOTOS]

There are plenty of pageants and competitions in the world, but other than Miss COED (because it’s awesome) and Miss...

Nov 29, 2015

Olivia Culpo: Did Tim Tebow Really Pray His Way Out Of This One? [PHOTOS]

Olivia Culpo has reportedly broken up with Tim Tebow, and it's not click bait to say that you won't believe the reason...

Jul 19, 2015

Sarodj Bertin: The ‘Sharktopus vs. Whalewolf’ Star Is One Special Effect [PHOTOS]

The former Miss Haiti will get a lot of guys tuning in to the Syfy channel's tribute to shark/octopus hybrids and whale/wolf mutants...

Jan 25, 2015

Miss Universe Paulina Vega: 22 Hottest Photos On The Internet

Miss Colombia Paulina Vega is Miss Universe–which technically is Miss Universe 2014, but most people will be calling Paulina...

Jan 25, 2015

Josselyn Garciglia: Miss Mexico Bids for Miss Universe as a California Girl [PHOTOS]

Plenty of guys will be watching the Miss Universe pageant tonight–but even more men might be tuning in to watch ...

Jan 24, 2015

Miss USA Nia Sanchez for Miss Universe – And Not Just Because We’re American [PHOTOS]

We’re excited about tomorrow night’s Miss Universe pageant, of course–but really excited to be totally excited over Miss USA without...

Jan 19, 2015

The Gorgeous Girls of Miss Universe 2015: Bikini Edition [PHOTOS]

In six short days (that we wish were shorter because, come on why wouldn’t we), the world will be introduced...

Jan 18, 2015

Miss Universe Scandal: Miss Israel Can Pose With Us Anytime [PHOTOS]

Miss Universe is supposed to bring people together–and we spend time every year wishing that we were together with Miss...

Jan 15, 2015

[PHOTOS] Best of Miss Universe 2015 Bikini Runway Show

The contestants of the Miss Universe 2015 pageant descended on Miami Wednesday at the Trump National Doral Hotel for the...

Jun 12, 2014

Miss USA Nia Sanchez Does The “Top Ten List” For Letterman [VIDEO]

“What do they call beauty pageants these days? Exercises in higher living,” jokes Letterman sidekick Paul Shaffer. It certainly seems...

Jun 8, 2014

Nia Sánchez Is Miss USA 2014, And We Can’t Argue With That [32 PICS]

Some folks will be waking up to a new Miss USA 2014 tomorrow, and they’re going to be feeling pretty...

Nov 11, 2013

Miss Universe Olivia Culpo Loses Crown, Still Has Nick Jonas (Damnit)

[35 pics!] She's given up her crown--and now let's hope that Miss Universe Olivia Culpo gives up that boyfriend!

Nov 11, 2013

Miss Universe Unveils Her Million Dollar Swimsuit [PHOTOS]

Gabriela Isler of Venezuela is the newly-crowned Miss Universe–and we’ve already admired her many fine pics on the night that...

Nov 9, 2013

Miss Venezuela Is Your New Miss Universe: Here’s Gabriela Isler [32 Photos]

It may have felt more like an epic infomercial, but the Miss Universe 2013 Pageant still ended on a beautiful...

Nov 6, 2013

Meet The Next Miss Universe–Somewhere In This Galaxy of Gals [86 PICS]

The Miss Universe Pageant is coming up on Saturday night, and if you miss it, you’re…well, probably looking for a...

Jun 14, 2013

The Gorgeous Girls of Miss USA 2013: Bikini Edition [51 PHOTOS]

The Miss USA pageant is going on this weekend, broadcast live on NBC from Las Vegas at 9 PM EST....

Dec 19, 2012

The Gorgeous Girls Of Miss Universe 2012: Bikini Edition [PHOTOS]

The Miss Universe 2012 contest is being held Wednesday, December 19th at Planet Hollywood in Las Vegas. For those of...

Apr 26, 2012

The Scandalous Miss Dominican Republic Showdown [34 PHOTOS]

It was announced on April 25th that the Carlina Duran, the former Miss Dominican Republic 2012 would have to relinquish...

Jan 30, 2012

Leilani Dowding Will Turn That Frown Upside Down [50 PHOTOS]

January 30th is Leilani Dowding’s birthday. The former Page Three Girl, Miss Universe contestant, and reality TV star (“Tough Love...

Jan 11, 2012

Miss Universe Kosova 2011 Aferdita Dreshaj’s 85 Sexiest Facebook Photos

One of our favorite models, Miss USA 2011 Alyssa Campanella, posted a picture of her friend Miss Universe Kosova 2011...

Sep 13, 2011

Miss Universe 2011 Is Miss Angola Leila Lopes [PHOTOS]

Miss Angola 2011 Leila Luliana da Costa Vieira Lopes was crowned Miss Universe 2011 in Sao Paulo, Brazil tonight (September 12th). The 5'10" 25 year old beauty is the first ever Miss Angolan Miss Universe. As the bi-curious color commentators pointed out during the bikini portion of the pageant, Leila's yellow suit popped, but obviously that wasn't the only thing poppin'. People might call you Orville Redenbacher after seeing this gallery of her hottest pics. Check it out after the jump.

Sep 12, 2011

[160 PHOTOS] The Gorgeous Girls of Miss Universe 2011: Bikini Edition

The Miss Universe 2011 pageant goes down tonight. We're pretty pumped because COED favorite Alyssa Campanella will be representing the US of A. I saw a video of her on E! (don't ask) and she looked smoking hot in her George Washington-inspired Miss Universe costume that showed off her stars and stripes. Even chicks were getting hot and bothered. Anyway, to get you pumped for the coronation of Jimena Navarrete's successor, we've put together this photo gallery of all the comely contestants in bikinis. Let us know who you think will win in the comments section after the jump.

Sep 2, 2011

Say Goodbye To Summer With 21 Simmering Hot Photo Galleries Of Sexy Girls!

Uh, what the H happened to summer? Did we just black out / time travel the past 3 months? Labor Day could be the sh*ttiest of sh*tshows and we mean that in the most praise-worthy way. It's the last chance - the culmination of all your summer partying efforts. No more time to waste - you gotta go out in a blaze of glory. We're talking Bucket List type sh*t. To get you in the mood, we're bidding adios to the sexiest season with 21 photo galleries of sexy girls doing summer things like washing cars in bikinis, rocking microkinis, and Jell-O wrestling to name a few. Check 'em out after the jump then let us know what you'll miss most in the comments!

Aug 24, 2011

Josie Maran is Today’s Daily Snapshot

The Daily Snapshot is a roundup of the hottest chicks on the internet. In today's edition, we feature the twenty hottest pictures of Josie Marie, beautiful girls with even more beautiful smiles, hump-day extravaganza, Daniella Mugnolo is Playboy's Cyber Girl of the week, Rashida Jones is hot as f*ck, Jennifer Hawkins Miss Universe looks pretty good in lingerie, some more awesomely delish pics of Lucy Pinder, the sexy surfers of Blue Crush 2, and the spiciest Buffalo girls. Check out the hot pics below.

Aug 24, 2010

Miss Mexico Jimena Navarrete Crowned Miss Universe 2010 [46 Photos]

Monday night, Miss Mexico Jimena Navarrete was crowned Miss Universe 2010 proving once again that everything's a little hotter South of the border. Ms. Navarrete's victory is the 4th Miss U title by a Latin American beauty in the last 5 years. And as we said last year after Miss Venezuela took the crown, we're not sure what their putting in the water down there, but please keep up the good work.

Aug 23, 2010

TV This Week: Oceans, Swimsuits, and Glory

This week will bring you a lot of reality. Some of it will be fun and uplifting, some of it...

Aug 20, 2010

The Gorgeous Girls of Miss Universe 2010: Bikini Edition

This Monday, the most beautiful women in the world, from places you never even knew existed, will gather for the 2010 Miss Universe competition. And at the end, a new champion will be crowned the most gorgeous woman in all of existence. So we thought we’d introduce you to these 84 super-hotties before the voting begins. And while we’re at it, we might as well skip to the best part – the bikinis!

Aug 23, 2009

Miss Venezuela Stefania Fernandez Crowned Miss Universe 2009 [PICS]

Miss Venezuela Stefania Fernandez was crowned Miss Universe 2009 in the Bahama's Sunday night. This marks the second year in a row Miss Venezuela has won the Miss Universe Crown. We're not sure what their putting in the water down south of the border, but please what ever you do, don't stop.

Aug 23, 2009

Jaime Hanna and the Week That Was: August 17th – 21st

This buxom brunette beauty is 24-year-old Tampa Bay Buccaneers cheerleader, Jaime Hanna. She's also reportedly been linked to fellow Tampa resident, Evan Longoria, who won the 2008 Rookie of The Year award. Luckily for us, she took the day off to squeeze into a bikini and have her picture taken.

Aug 20, 2009

The Gorgeous Girls of Miss Universe 2009: Bikini Edition

This Sunday, the most beautiful women in the world, from places you never even knew existed, will gather for the 2009 Miss Universe competition. And at the end, a new champion will be crowned the most gorgeous woman in all of existence. So we thought we'd introduce you to these 84 super-hotties before the voting begins

Aug 13, 2009

Miss Universe Dayana Mendoza Bares All for Maxim

Twenty-three-year-old former Miss Venezuela, Dayana Mendoza became the first Venezuelan to win the Miss Universe contest in 12 years. She's spent the last year exhaustively traveling the globe as the hottest woman in all of existence. And now that her reign is coming to an end, she's done what every woman in her position should do - strip down for Maxim magazine!

Oct 5, 2008

Dayana Mendoza Vs Anna Kournikova

Dayana Mendoza vs Anna Kournikova… Who ya got? Favre Came Out of Retirement At The Request of EA Sports Beer-Filled...