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May 6, 2013

Hey ‘Simpsons’ Fans, Did You Know ‘McBain’ Is Actually A Full Movie Hidden In Multiple Episodes?

McBain: The Full Movie – watch more funny videos If you put the miniature “McBain” clips from the various episodes...

Feb 8, 2011

12 Most Ridiculous Death Scenes In Movies [VIDEOS]

Over the years, Hollywood has raised the bar for deaths in movies. Before all it took was one gunshot or one stab and, BOOM, you're dead. To avoid stagnation, deaths are starting to become more creative in movies. Whether its gory or wince-worthy, depressing or triumphant, a death can be very effective in provoking a reaction. However, sometimes that reaction is laughter and not always on purpose. That being said, here are a few deaths that, intentional or not, are ridiculous. WARNING: These clips are NOT for the faint of heart or weak of stomach.

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