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lifetime movies

Jan 10, 2015

Taylor Gildersleeve Earns Her ‘Sugar Daddies’ for the Lifetime Network [PHOTOS]

Taylor Gildersleeve has been one of America’s most versatile bikini models for a while now–to the point that she’s really...

Nov 15, 2014

Alexandra Shipp as Aaliyah for the Lifetime Network Tonight [PHOTOS]

It’s another Saturday night and another overblown Lifetime network movie–but we’re very intrigued to see Alexandra Shipp starring in Aaliyah:...

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Oct 25, 2014

Lifetime Network Gives Us ‘High School Possession’ & Kelly Hu [PHOTOS]

It wouldn’t be a Saturday night without another overblown epic from the Lifetime network–and tonight, the femmes in charge take...

Sep 6, 2014

Amanda Fuller Turns Into Brittany Murphy Tonight On Lifetime [PICS]

If you haven’t heard of Amanda Fuller before, it’s probably because you don’t watch the Tim Allen series Last Man...

Aug 23, 2014

Chelsea Kane Is No Misery In Tonight’s “#PopFan” Knock-Off [PICS]

Stephen King fans will find themselves suffering from a major case of déjà vu tonight when the new Lifetime movie...

Aug 18, 2014

First “Saved By The Bell” Trailer Reveals Lifetime Has No CGI Budget [VIDEO]

The executives at the Lifetime network are really hoping that The Unauthorized Saved By The Bell Story will be their...

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Aug 8, 2014

Check Out The Lifetime Network’s Fake “Saved By The Bell” Cast [VIDEO]

So here’s your first look at the fake cast of Saved By The Bell in action for the Lifetime network’s ...