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Aug 16, 2017

Derek Carr Trolls The Highway With A Corny Music Video Billboard, And The Internet Goes Bananas

Oakland Raiders quarterback Derek Carr has been going hard as of late when it comes to trolling the public. On...

Apr 14, 2013

This Anti-Smoking Campaign Is The Best Fart Joke We’ve Heard In Weeks [VIDEO]

If you don’t like watching girls fart repeatedly, don’t watch this video...

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Jan 6, 2013

10 Best Protest Signs Of All Time [PHOTOS]

It seems like there’s more protests each year these days....

Dec 3, 2012

Yes, This Most Awesome Use of ‘Your Mom’ Ever Detention Slip Moment Happened [PIC DUMP]

There’s something refreshing about knowing that even though today’s kids have toys and games we never had school, they’re favorite...

Mar 26, 2011

It’s A New Semester At Cartoon University [LINKS]

• Even The Lord Of The Thundercats Gains The "Freshman 15" • Cute Dog Ruins Women's Soccer Match • Maxim Gets Their Hands On The Nintendo 3DSCharlies Sheen's Bangin' 7 Tracks To Have Sex To • See The Trailer For The "First Horror Film In One Continuous Shot" • 6 Brilliant Inventions That Look Like Gag Gifts See More Awesome Links!

Sep 23, 2009

Hot Girl Bed Prank [Video]

We all love hot chicks. I mean, really - everybody loves a hot chick. But one of the best ways to make a hot chick even better is to prank her. Take this hot blondie, for example. She's obviously hot, but after her BF puts a fake head in her bed, she gets 10x better. I swear...

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Jul 28, 2009

Laser Guided Doberman Attack

As a man, one of the primary goals of each and every day is keeping fire and sharp objects as far away from my crotch as possible. And at the top of that list of sharp objects is the Doberman Pincher. Unfortunately, when you have an a$$hole dad with a laser pointer, that task becomes infinitely more difficult.

The Megan Fox Sex Soundboard

We all know that Megan Fox has said some pretty ridiculous things - things that are so absurd, they've actually made her less hot (yes, it's possible). But instead of focusing on the negative (this time), we've put together the Megan Fox Sex Soundboard. So now, any time she says something off-putting, just play one of these little clips and you'll be back in fantasy land in no time.

Jul 1, 2009

Kanye Says South Park Set Him Straight

Wednesday night, South Park's new episode tore Kanye West a new one (see clip below), for being such an arrogant douche. But it looks like the hitmaker has seen the light, having responded to the episode on his blog with surprising self-reflection from someone who's already announced themself to be the "voice of this generation."

The 13 Sexiest Genocidal Dictators (NSFW)

Ask and ye shall receive, fellow Internetters. COED magazine has a penchant for slapping together lists with subjects that tread the ground between the sexist, offensive and the inexcusable. As long as it's done in bad taste, we are satisfied with the end product. This right here, is no exception...

Apr 1, 2009

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Dec 24, 2008

How To Hurt Children

Once you're an adult, Christmas pretty much just becomes a time to give kids a bunch of crap they probably don't need. So once you're done thoroughly spoiling them this holiday season, it's time to teach the little buggers a lesson. Now, hurting a kid is not as easy as you might think...

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Nov 14, 2008

The COED Answer Mime Takes Your Questions…

Here at COED Magazine, we receive enormous amounts of fan mail every day. Some of it just says how awesome...

Oct 1, 2008

5 Things Rachel Maddow Should Consider to Conceal Her Adam’s Apple

Don’t get us wrong – we really like Rachel Maddow. Her analysis is tempered and even-handed. All in all, she’s...

Jul 27, 2008

Joke 6

Q: What’s the difference between a Catholic Priest and acne? A: Acne doesn’t come on a boys face until after...

Jul 27, 2008

Joke 7

Q: How do you get a nun pregnant? A: Dress her up like an altar boy....

Jul 27, 2008

Joke 19

Q: Why Do They Using Mexicans Instead Of Laboratory Rats In Experiments Now? A: Mexicans breed faster and you don’t...

Jul 27, 2008

Joke 18

Q: What do you get when cross an Italian with a gorilla? A: A retarded gorilla...

Jul 27, 2008

Joke 3

Q: What is the best part about having sex with a 5 year old? A: Their hand makes your d–k...

Jul 27, 2008

Joke 17

Q: How did Jesus walk on water? A: Shit floats....

Jul 27, 2008

Joke 16

Q: How much does Jesus love you? A: (Spread arms and look mopey) This much....

Jul 27, 2008

Joke 15

Q: How many house wives does it take to screw in a light bulb? A: None! What the f–k are...

Jul 27, 2008

Joke 2

Q: A man walks into the bar and sees a sign: Handjob: $5 Cheese sandwich: $2 He walks over to...

Jul 27, 2008

Joke 14

Q: How do you make a dead baby float? A: Take your foot off its head!...

Jul 27, 2008

Joke 1

Q: A girl came home from a date. Her mother had waited up for her, and when the girl walked...

Dec 22, 2007

Get Your Booty: A (Self-Proclaimed) Player’s Guide to Getting a Girl

There may come a time in your college experience when you are required to talk another person, and in some...