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Nov 30, 2012

Jessica De Gouw [See Her Tonight on ARROW]

14 pics! The Smallville spin-off Arrow (based on the DC superhero Green Arrow) hasn't been a huge hit for The CW. Tonight's episode might be a turning point, though. It has Jessica De Gouw showing up in her first appearance as The Huntress--who's a fan favorite as the crime-fighting daughter of a brutal crime boss. Check out these pics, and you'll agree that you don't have to be a geek to get animated over Jessica...

Aug 12, 2012

Jessica Clark [See Her Tonight on TRUE BLOOD]

21 pics! It's hard to keep track of all the hot-blooded babes of True Blood, and tonight's episode is only Jessica Clark's fourth appearance as the vampiric vixen Lilith. She still hasn't wasted any time becoming a real name. It helps that she's a lovely Indian/Nigerian model who's also openly gay. She'll be a lovely lesbian in the upcoming feature A Perfect Ending, but you can start enjoying her lovely looks now...

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Aug 7, 2012

MAD MEN’s Jessica Pare: From ’60s Retro to ’80s Retro With Jesus & Mary Chain [35 PHOTOS + VIDEO]

She wowed people earlier this year with a sexy rendition of “Zou Bisou Bisou” on Mad Men. Jessica Paré updated...

Aug 3, 2012

TOTAL RECALL—In Theaters Now, And The Internet Has Spoken!

Total Recall is getting great reviews! Too bad that it's the version from 1990. Critics and fans have joined in declaring that the remake that opens today isn't nearly as good. The film doesn't even take place on Mars. That's going to piss off some moviegoers. In fact, skip the critics and join us in checking out the righteously outraged folks commenting on internet forums...

Jul 20, 2012

Jessica Redfield, RIP: Sports Journalist and Victim of Aurora Shooting

Jessica Ghawi was one of the many theater patrons murdered during last night’s senseless shooting during a screening of The...

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Jul 18, 2012

Three-Breasted Hooker From TOTAL RECALL Kaitlyn Leeb–Revealed! [16 PHOTOS]

How iconic is the three-breasted hooker from 1990’s Total Recall? She’s a big enough character that the marketing for this...

Jessica Biel’s Bringing Beach Butt Back [22 PHOTOS]

We can get so carried away with our everyday existence that we sometimes forget that Jessica Biel has a beautiful...

Jun 25, 2012

Jessica Canesco [See Her Tonight on HOLLYWOOD EXES]

22 pics! Things just got real for José Canesco, as his ex-wife makes her debut tonight on the new reality show Hollywood Exes. Jessica Canesco will be looking for respect alongside Mayte Garcia (ex of Prince), Andrea Kelly (ex of R. Kelly), Sheree Fletcher (ex of Will Smith), and Nicole Murphy (ex of Eddie Murphy). You might be wondering why you'd want to watch a lot of rich ex-wives hang out together, to which we can only reply--look at Jessica Canesco! And you will, too...

Jun 25, 2012

We’re Totally Recalling This Catfight

The new trailer for this summer’s Total Recall remake has people talking. We’ve heard debates about how the CGI will...

Apr 3, 2012

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Aug 1, 2007

Jessica, 7 Years old and 410 Pounds.

What kind of horrendous parents would allow their 7 year old daughter to eat her way into oblivion like this?...

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