Jun 25, 2018

Iran vs. Portugal Lineup: World Cup Squad, Roster & Players

Iran vs. Portugal is one of two games on the 2018 FIFA World Cup schedule to end a busy day...

Jul 19, 2017

Iran Sentences American Graduate Student To 10 Years For 'Spying'

Xiyue Wang, a 37-year-old graduate student studying in Iran, has been sentenced to 10 years in prison for spying for...

Jun 18, 2017

Iran Missile Strike On Syria: Full Story & Must-See Details

Iran’s Revolutionary Guard has launched several missiles at ISIL positions in Syria’s Deir Az Zor province. These missile attacks are...

The State Department Has Confirmed The $400 Million Payment Sent To Iran Was Ransom Money

The United States State Dept. says $400M cash payment to Iran was used as leverage for the release of Americans;...

Aug 18, 2016

Today In Unsurpising News: Iran Is The First Country To Officially Ban Pokémon GO

I am on record as being skeptical of Pokemon GO. I downloaded the game day one and deleted it a...

Aug 8, 2016

WATCH: Footage Shows US Sailors Detained By Iran’s Naval Forces

Woah. Talk about sh*t getting real. During the dusk of January 13, only hour’s before Obama’s final State Of The...

Jan 13, 2016

Sep 20, 2012

Iranian Soccer Fans Have The Right Idea: Spice Up The Match With Explosives [VIDEO]

There’s so much soccer on TV these days. I don’t know if ESPN made a deal with the devil or...

Apr 13, 2010

How To Travel Without Getting Arrested

Traveling overseas is the best kind of travel that exists. There really is nothing else like soaking up another culture, eating delicious food, and meeting great people. However different cultures mean different laws. Learn a lesson from these American tourists who made a mistake (or five) and ended up getting convicted by foreign courts.

Mar 2, 2010

Change You Can Believe In . . . Or Can We?

On the wings of promise Obama took office with an approval rating ready to get things done (63.3%). Roughly a year later the ‘boo’ birds are starting to come out as Obama’s approval has slipped below 50%.

Jun 23, 2009

Is Facebook Helping to Squash the Revolution in Iran?

With the increasingly bloody battle for Iran's future raging on in Tehran, social networking Sites, like Facebook and Twitter, remain the primary source of news out of the country, whose government has effectively banned all established press from reporting. Wisely, Twitter has done whatever it can to help maintain its service for the Iranian people, ensuring Twitter's relevance in this new era...

Jun 29, 2008

Sunday Must-Read: “Preparing The Battlefield,” Seymour M. Hersh, New Yorker Magazine

This should make you angry: With Iraq still raging, and bullets still raining in Afghanistan, the Bush Administration, along with...