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Feb 22, 2014

Best Dad Ever Films Kids Slipping On Ice For Six Minutes [VIDEO]

We’re all sick of winter at this point, but winter still has its advantages. For example, frozen sidewalks can be...

Feb 8, 2013

Your Weekend Plans: How To Make Dry Ice At Home [VIDEO]

Got any big plans this weekend?...

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Oct 17, 2012

Proof That A Frozen Pool Can Be Just As Much Fun As A Normal Pool [VIDEO]

Assuming you find "fun" in watching a German idiot injure himself. Which I think is something pretty much everyone finds fun. Especially the French.

Dec 23, 2008

Winter Dive FAIL [VIDEO]

Now, I’m a complete wussy when it comes to cold water, so I will never understand why anyone would purposefully...

Jun 27, 2008

Santa Clause Drowns: No Ice At North Pole This Summer!

Prepare for your mind to be blown: Scientist predict that there will be no ice at the North Pole this...

Jun 26, 2008

COED Vault: 9 Essential Summer Dude-Drinks

Ah, summer–a time to enjoy the outdoors, soak in some sun, check out chicks and drink till you can’t even...

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Jun 20, 2008

Mars Lander Finds Ice On Mars! News Leaked On Twitter

“Are you ready to celebrate?  Well, get ready: We have ICE!!!!! Yes, ICE, *WATER ICE* on Mars!  w00t!!!  Best day...

ICE Your Cell Phone NOW!

In an emergency Paramedics and EMTs will turn to a victim’s cell phone for clues to that person’s identity. You...

Oct 13, 2007