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May 21, 2013

See Her Tonight [Bitsie Tulloch On GRIMM]

It's your God given right to tune in this evening to gaze at the drop dead gorgeous Bitsie Tulloch on an all new Grimm.

Mar 22, 2013

See Her Tonight [Claire Coffee On GRIMM]

Claire Coffee on Grimm (10 PM EST, NBC) End the week the right way by gazing at the beauty that...

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Mar 8, 2013

See Her Tonight [Bree Turner On GRIMM]

Head into the weekend feeling magical tonight by staring at the beauty that is Bree Turner as the supernatural hit Grimm finally returns on NBC.

Nov 9, 2012

Katie Walder [See Her Tonight on GRIMM]

12 pics + video! Grimm gives us another bedtime story with tonight's episode, as Katie Walder stops by to be tonight's fantasy girl. This striking blonde has been livening up our living rooms since we first saw her in a recurring role on Gilmore Girls. (She was Rory's jock roommate.) It's been difficult to keep up with Katie's busy career, but these pics prove she's still a fairytale come true...

Oct 5, 2012

Bree Turner [See Her Tonight on GRIMM]

14 pics! She's not a household name, but we're very happy to see Bree Turner showing up in our households as a cast member on Grimm. The quirky cutie now has a regular role as a spice shop owner who has a shady past--and a weird family background as part of a clan of foxy creatures. We're more into Bree's foxy features, and there's plenty to enjoy with these pics that'll leave you feeling anything but grim...

Sep 28, 2012

Kristina Anapau [See Her Tonight on GRIMM]

17 pics! We can't get enough of Kristina Anapau--which works out, because this exotic beauty sure loves working. She's done with the latest season of True Blood (where she plays a fantastic faerie) and has moved right on to a fantastic guest turn on the new season of Grimm. Check out her versatility in a hot gallery that won't leave you feeling grim at all...

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May 25, 2012

Claire Coffee [See Her Tonight on GRIMM]

21 pics + video! Network television is going into reruns, but we like to think of them as encore performances--especially when Grimm gives us another chance to fantasize about Claire Coffee. She's only done a few episodes as witchy beast-lady Adalind Schade, and that's one gal who can get very ugly. Claire herself remains very beautiful--and we've got 21 hot pics (and a video) to prove it!

Keegan Connor Tracy [See Her Tonight on ONCE UPON A TIME]

We’re fairly blue every time Keegan Connor Tracy doesn’t shown up in an episode of Once Upon a Time. You can’t miss a chance to see her gracing the show in her recurring role as the Blue Fairy. Of course, we’ve been crazy for Keegan ever since her role as a doomed gal in Final Destination 2. (SPOILER!) Check out some pics that will have you destined to tune in tonight...

May 6, 2012