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gangnam style

Apr 13, 2013

PSY’s New Video: “Gentleman” [VIDEO]

The man behind “Gangnam Style” is back again with his crazy addictive Korean antics...

Feb 4, 2013

You All Can’t Get Enough Of The Gangnam Style Pistachios Super Bowl Ad And Want To Watch It Over And Over, Right?? [VIDEO]

But on a serious note, pistachios are a good nut. Not as good as Brazil nuts… or filberts (aka hazelnuts...

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Jan 24, 2013

No Matter Who Wins The Super Bowl We All Lose Because There’s Going To Be A ‘Gangnam Style’ Ad For Pistachios

Just 10 more days until Super Bowl 47! It’s the first Super Bowl I’ve given up using Roman numerals for!...

Dec 11, 2012

Jews Going Gangnam Style! [VIDEO]

Who would have figured that one of the world’s oldest religions could bring new life to one of the world’s...

Dec 1, 2012

Enjoy A Thug Attempt At ‘Gangnam Style’ This Weekend [VIDEO]

Hey man, we all want to be PSY and Master P at the same time, and Face XXX knows that...

Nov 26, 2012

‘Gangnam Style’ Is The New #1 Watched YouTube Video Of All Time And It’s Officially Christmas Season So Let’s Celebrate [VIDEO]

Nice work, asshole. Santa Claus just put you on his naughty list for creating this abomination....

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Oct 10, 2012

A ‘Gangnam Style’ Tattoo Is A Tat You Will Never Regret [PIC]

Yeaaaaah. I'm in a meeting right now. But you don't even need me to comment on this one. Come up with your own jokes.