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Oct 5, 2016

This Superhero-Themed Funeral For Student Killed In South Carolina School Shooting Will Make You Cry

On September 28, 6-year-old Jacob Hall was shot while in class at Townville Elementary School in Townville, South Carolina. Hall...

Jan 9, 2016

Motorhead’s Lemmy Kilmister Funeral: Watch Live Stream Online [VIDEO FEED]

A lot of bars will be hosting a live feed of Lemmy's final bow, but you can also celebrate while getting drunk at home...

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Jan 31, 2013

Yes, This Burger King Funeral Moment Happened [PIC DUMP]

Burying your loved ones can be tough work. Sometimes the day gets frantic and you don’t have time to get...

Nov 14, 2012

The 10 Manliest Funerals Of All Time

You try to live as manly as possible — lifting weights, never wearing skinny jeans, etc. You try to die...

Oct 25, 2012

‘Dead’ Man Walks In On His Own Funeral [VIDEO]

Where to even start with this story? How about at the end and we work our way backwards... There are drunk people at the funeral. That's good. I always figure a funeral is a great place to turn up hammered. And apparently Brazilian funerals are pretty casual if they don't even bother to verify if the person in the coffin is the actual person who the funeral is for...

Sep 17, 2012

8 Things You Didn’t Know About John Belushi

Although John Belushi’s career was short-lived, his impact on the comedy world is one that only few others can match....

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Aug 18, 2010

An Idiot’s Guide to Dressing Right

Let's face it--figuring out what to wear for important situations can be next to impossible for guys. From interviews to weddings and even to funerals, each situation requires a different style. And if you don't guess your outfit right, you can miss your opportunity to land that big job or even the hot bridesmaid. You only have one shot to impress, so use these guidelines to make sure you stay classy in every situation.

We Are the World – Japan Style [Video]

Today, the world watched as Michael Jackson was laid to rest. There were laughs and tears and a whole lot of singing. And just as we expected, the memorial climaxed with a rendition of "We Are the World". So, in our own half-assed attempt to get in on the MJ funeral craziness, we present to you "We Are the World," Japan style! Way better than the original...

Jul 7, 2009