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Jul 7, 2016

OZY Fest Is A Lock To Be New York City’s Next Great Festival

With festivals all over the world, it’s actually quite amazing that the capital of planet Earth, New York City, doesn’t...

Jan 5, 2016

Amazing New Tool Can Create A Playlist From Any Music Festival In The Last 20 Years

2016 is going to be another HUGE technological year. Virtual reality is about to become a household item, and Tesla...

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Oct 6, 2015

Z100 Jingle Ball 2015: Lineup, Performers & Tour Dates

The official lineup for the 2015 Z100 Jingle Ball was announced live last night at 5:00 p.m. in Herald Square,...

Jan 14, 2015

Bonnaroo 2015: Lineup, Dates, Tickets, Location

The lineup for Bonnaroo 2015, arguably the biggest festival in the United States, arrived early Wednesday morning. Billy Joel is...

Dec 22, 2014

Mysteryland Chile 2014: Bringing Out the Sexiest South American Ravers [PHOTOS]

This year’s Mysteryland music festival in Chile sure got some unexpected publicity, courtesy of a Chilean shock jock who got...

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Sep 2, 2014

Rita Ora & Iggy Azalea Won The Made In America Music Fest [PHOTOS]

We’d love to say that we have exclusive leaked pics of Rita Ora and Iggy Azalea in a sexy display–but...

100 Hottest Girls of Electric Zoo 2014 [PICS]

It was another wild Electric Zoo event in NYC over the Labor Day Weekend–which included the traditional gathering of really...

Sep 1, 2014

Scenes From “Project P”–AKA The Most Turn’t Rave In The History of Western Michigan [PHOTO + VIDEO]

Believe it or not, the most crazy party in the United States was not at Lollapalooza but at a remote...

Aug 4, 2014

Second Death Reported At Maryland Mad Decent Block Party

According to one website, a 17-year-old Virginia teenager who was in critical condition died after attending last weekend’s Mad Decent...

Aug 4, 2014

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Aug 4, 2014

Lollapalooza 2014, Day Three: Kings of Leon, The Avett Brothers, and More [VIDEOS]

  Lollapalooza 2014 wrapped up last night, and we Chicagoans could use some of this Lolla mojo all year long,...

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Aug 1, 2014

Live Stream Lollapalooza All Weekend At Lollapalooza.Redbull.TV

Lollapalooza just kicked off and the good news is that this year–courtesy of Red Bull–you have no excuses to miss...

Jul 21, 2014

The Girls of the Pussy Lounge at Tomorrowland [PICS / VIDEO]

There were few places more live and exciting at Tomorrowland than The Pussy Lounge, a lovingly named tent which featured...

Jul 9, 2014

What We’re Packing To Camp At The Hudson Project This Weekend

After a long night on Amazon, we’re finally all geared up for the inaugural edition of The Hudson Project this...

Jun 22, 2014

Electric Daisy Carnival, Las Vegas: Raving Redhead Sneak Prevue [VIDEO]

There’s been a lot to follow with the Electric Daisy Carnival taking over Las Vegas as this weekend’s hottest music...

Jun 13, 2014

The 100 Hottest Girls Of Bonnaroo 2014, So Far… [PHOTOS]

It’s the biggest weekend of the year in Manchester, Tennessee, as the Bonnaroo Music and Arts Festival returns–with plenty of...

Jun 2, 2014

10 Smaller Artists You Don’t Want To Miss At Governor’s Ball [MUSIC]

This weekend marks the fourth annual Governor’s Ball in New York City, and we’re excited over huge acts like Outkast,...

May 27, 2014

Electric Daisy Carnival NY 2014: The Show By Night [41 PICS]

Electric Daisy Carnival definitely won Memorial Day Weekend and we were lucky enough to be in attendance to witness the...

May 19, 2014

The Girls of Hangout Fest 2014 [125 PHOTOS]

We’re veterans of hanging out at the Hangout Fest in Gulf Shores, Alabama. That’s how we knew to list Gulf...

Apr 14, 2014

Justin Bieber Comes Out…To Join Chance The Rapper [Coachella VIDEO]

Coachella’s opening weekend was full of celebrities, hot hipster girls and…Justin Bieber? Chance The Rapper was in the middle of...

Sep 30, 2013

The Sexiest Ravers Of TomorrowWorld 2013 [PHOTOS]

Thousands of ravers and party animals alike travelled to Chatahoochee Hills to see the first iteration of TomorrowWorld, the United...

Sep 24, 2013

TomorrowWorld TV Will Offer Online Stream Of Festival

If your name isn’t Cameron and you didn’t win the two tickets we gave away to Tomorrowworld, the good news...

Sep 24, 2013

The Hot Chicks Of Virgin FreeFest 2013 [PHOTOS]

Virgin FreeFest brought together an eclectic mix of music fans. Essentially there was lots of flowers and neon.

Sep 19, 2013

20 Things You Didn’t Know About Oktoberfest [PHOTOS]

So if you couldn’t already tell from our Buxom Oktoberfest Bier Maidens post, the festival known as Oktoberfest is about...

Jul 15, 2013

The Hottest Ravers Of Camp Bisco 2013 [PHOTOS]

After three nights of non-stop dancing and dosing, Camp Bisco has closed its tent flaps for the year–but not before...

Mar 21, 2013

‘Yet Another F***ing Music Festival’ Is Definitely Going To Be The Hottest Festival Of The Summer [PIC]

I’m pretty sure this is the festival Wyatt is out of town for right now.  If not, it might as...

Mar 10, 2013

10 Bands We’re Psyched To See At The SXSW Music Festival [PHOTOS]

This coming week is the South By Southwest Music Festival, the place where some of the best live music acts...

Mar 9, 2013

10 Things We’re Psyched To See At The SXSW Film Festival [PHOTOS]

Every March, when Austin, Texas is still a chilly 100 degrees Fahrenheit, the best in film and music come together...

Jan 22, 2013

Governor’s Ball 2013 Lineup Includes Kanye, Kings of Leon, Pretty Lights, Mystery Group

Governor’s Ball, one of the biggest NYC summer festivals, has just released their lineup for their three-day 2013 show. The...

Jan 8, 2013

The Hotties Of Holy Ship 2013 [84 PHOTOS]

As far as electronic music festivals are concerned, Holy Ship has to be right up there with the best of...

Jan 6, 2013

Beer Festival Of The Month [VIDEO]

You’ve got about five days to get your ass to Vail, Colorado....

Jul 17, 2012

The Hottest Bass Faces Of Camp Bisco 2012 [53 PHOTOS]

Camp Bisco 11 wrapped up this past weekend, sending thousands of exhausted bass-heads home on what must have seemed like...

Jul 16, 2012

12 Surprising Reasons Why The 2012 Gathering Of The Juggalos Might Actually Be Fun

Even though I'm not drunk or high right now, I could swear to God that this year's Gathering of the Juggalos might actually be a blast. If you haven't seen the 23 minute long "infomercial" that was recently released, do yourself a favor and watch it skip it and read this instead.

Jun 28, 2012

Cheap Date Tony: Museum Culture For Less $$

Taking your lady out on a classy date doesn’t mean you have to spend loads of cash. Many large cities...

Jun 21, 2012

COED’s Guide To The 101 Sweetest Things About Summer [2012 Edition]

If the crazy heat-wave hasn’t already given anything away, today marks the first official day of summer. If your only...

Jun 8, 2012

BYOB Money Saving Tips For Concerts and Sporting Events

(Note: Tony DuShane is our new expert on money saving tips for broke people. He’s also a music writer at...

Apr 24, 2012

Party With 311 On A Private Cruise/Island This Summer

How does 4 days in the sun partying on a private island with 311 sound? Pretty dope, right? We agree...

Apr 20, 2012

If You’re In Coachella, Do This [VIDEO]

Since you’re all probably brain-dead, I’m going to keep this morning’s video very simple. What you’re about to see is...

Apr 16, 2012

How The Tupac “Hologram” Actually Worked

There’s no question that Tupac’s return from the grave to perform at Coachella was awesome. Even if you’re not a...

Feb 29, 2012

Salute Your Shorts At SummerCamp 2012 [26 PHOTOS]

During the typical American summer, teens and twenty-somethings flock to music festivals all around the country looking for the experience...

Jan 14, 2012

The 10 Awesomest International Food Festivals

There really isn’t much in this world more loved and cherished than food. This is why nearly every type of...

Jan 11, 2012

Arrrgh You Serious With These Hot Holy Ship Girls? [86 PHOTOS]

Full disclosure, I wanted to go to Holy Ship very, very badly. Thankfully, a photographer named Rony Alwin was there...

Jan 10, 2012

Coachella 2012 Lineup Includes Snoop, Dre, Radiohead, The Black Keys

Add another festival to the bucket list because this morning the powers-that-be behind Coachella released their 2012 lineup. Notable headlines...

Jan 8, 2012

Oh The Places You’ll Go At Burning Man [VIDEO]

Going to Burning Man is definitely on my bucket list and seeing movies like this one only helps to solidify it's spot. Are there seriously that many whacko chiquitas just popping ecstasy and riding bikes with duct tape on their nipples? Anywho, seeing footage like this is rare because of the "media blackout" that Burning Man applies to it's festival so if for no other reason you should check this out.

Dec 24, 2011

2012 Ultra Music Festival Line-Up Announced [PHASE I]

Yes, you read that correctly. Here’s yet another example that Christmas is coming a little early this year. On December...

Sep 15, 2011

Colossal Cleavage Collection: Oktoberfest 2011 Edition [114 PHOTOS]

Oktoberfest runs from September 17th - October 3rd. If you've ever seen Beerfest then you know Oktoberfest is a beer drinker's paradise. Last year's attendees enjoyed about 7.1 million liters of beer and 89,000 liters of wine while losing 4,000 items including 260 pairs of glasses, 200 cell phones, and 500 crutches. CRUTCHES! That's dedication, Holmes. Anyway, we always lose our self-control when we see the slew of St. Pauli girls poppin' outta their tops carrying massive steins of brew. You will, too, once you see our photo gallery of busty beer maidens from the festival. Check 'em out after the jump.

Sep 6, 2011

Techno Wizard Is The New Face Of Jagermeister [VIDEO]

I thought that I had seen it all at Electric Zoo, and then I saw this legendary geezer. Not only is he the lone old-head at a banging techno show, but electro-wizard has a wand that looks like it's filled with mead. Beer's not an option when there's hard liquor around, because this dude makes a bottle of Jager apparate and then proceeds to take that bottle to his face - all while wearing the cap as a monocle. Only at an electronic music show can you see this craziness. Check to the video after the jump.

Aug 30, 2011

COED’s Electric Zoo Party Animal Preview [PHOTOS, VIDEO, SCHEDULE]

The tickets have come, the schedule is out, and your dealer is running out of 'party favors' - all signs pointing to Electric Zoo knocking at your door. This year is the first time the festival is going three days, and if you don't know how to pace yourself, you're going to miss out on the ridiculousness that is EZ. Check out our can't miss acts, a schedule of who we're going to see, and some tips to help you survive the weekend after the jump.

Jul 14, 2011

A Festival of Sheer Bedlam for Pandemonium Day [55 PHOTOS]

July 14th is National Pandemonium Day, where we celebrate the fact that life gets a little crazy sometimes. Take for example, this national holiday in Mallorca. On Saint Anthony's Day (December 16) the whole island goes balls-out in what looks like the scariest/trippiest/coolest festival I've ever seen. Take a look at the scary demons shooting fireworks point-blank at people in our explosive photo gallery from hell after the jump.

Jul 1, 2011

Let’s Get Wild At The Electric Zoo Festival Labor Day Weekend September 2-4 in NYC

This summer, we're determined to bring you party animals the best of the best dance parties. We kicked off in grand fashion at Governor's Ball but we plan on going out with the biggest bang of all: Electric Zoo on Randall's Island. Brought to you by our friends at Made Event, Electric Zoo will shock and awe this Labor Day Weekend for the third year in a row. Get your tickets here. I've been the previous two years and can say with utmost confidence that Randall's Island turns into the biggest outdoor club you could ever imagine. The picture below doesn't come close to doing this party justice. Read the details after the jump!

May 28, 2010

Movies This Week: May 28th, 2010

Well, uh... hmmph. Ummm, jeez. MacGruber, man. I mean. What the hell happened? Best SNL film since Wayne's World and you debut at #6? Media sources everywhere are calling it an "unmitigated bomb." Pretty rough considering it's almost made back its entire budget already in three days. I admit, I didn't help the cause by not buying a ticket, but come on. I can't buy 600,000 tickets.

May 11, 2010

Festival De Cans 2010: Super-Sexy French Models

The 2010 Cannes Film Festival kicks off tomorrow. The annual festival is not only well known for premiering some of the biggest blockbusters of the year, but also awesome A-list Hollywood appearances. So to get in on the celebrity-packed action, we've put together our own little independent shindig we'd like to call the Festival de Cans (get it?), featuring the sexiest French models and actresses for your viewing pleasure.

Aug 31, 2009

How to Dance… Like a Dipsh*t [Video]

Damnit, white people! What the hell is wrong with you? Every time you go to a concert or festival, you go and f**k it up for all the other white people that might actually understand what dancing is by tapping on your leg or wallowing around on the ground like a TASER victim. All I have to say is, these guys better be on drugs, or they should really be ashamed of themselves.

Aug 6, 2009

The 9 Must-See Acts at Lollapalooza 2009

This weekend, hipsters young and old will converge en masse at Chicago's Grant Park for the annual Lollapalooza musical festival. Hundreds of acts will perform during the festival's three days, spanning all kinds of genres, and I bet you're wondering what the hell you should go see. Well, lucky for you, I'm here to help. I'm going to let you in on 9 must-see acts at Lollapalooza.

May 20, 2009

COED’s Festival De Cans: Super-Sexy French Models

The 2010 Cannes Film Festival (le Festival de Cannes, for all of our native readers) kicks off tomorrow. The annual festival is not only well known for premiering some of the biggest blockbusters of the year, but also for some awesome A-list Hollywood appearances. So to get in on the celebrity-packed action, we've put together our own little independent shindig we'd like to call the Festival de Cans (get it?), featuring the sexiest French models and actresses for your viewing pleasure. So please turn off all cell phones and sit back and enjoy the show.

Apr 28, 2009

Swine Flu May Shut Down Netherlands Summer Festivals

This swine flu thing is getting out of hand. Despite the fact that it's really not that bad, the 24-hour news channels are all freaking out like a death cloud of killer pig-bees are swarming toward them. That's here in the US. But overseas, things are getting even crazier. According to our friends in the Netherlands, booking agencies are considering canceling all summer festivals for fear of helping to spread this "pandemic."

Mar 30, 2009

Best of SXSW Music 2009 [Pics]

If you hadn't noticed, we here at COED had a F'ing awesome time at 2009's South by Southwest (SXSW) festival. But can you blame us? We got to hang out with Hannah Hilton and Meggan Mallone, saw a once-in-a-lifetime Jane's Addiction show at the Playboy party, caught Kanye West's secret show at Fader Fort and saw tons of beautiful music babes. But we've saved the best for last...

Mar 10, 2009

imeem’s Ultimate Guide to SXSW

Next week, music fans from across the country will converge on Austin, TX for the 2009 SXSW music festival. (Even COED will be there!) But regardless of whether or not you'll be able to attend, has put together the ultimate guide to this year's festival by compiling tracks from over 1800 bands into embedable playlists, and organized them into an easy-to-navigate format.

Feb 17, 2009

SXSW ’09 Online Festival Schedule Released, Is Awesome

We know the 2009 SXSW online festival schedule has been out for a few days now, but we thought we'd point out that this year they've done it right. Not only does this new Website allow you to easily plan all the different shows you'll be rocking-out to next month, it lets you read about all of the bands from this year's festival, as well as...

Sep 23, 2008

The Boobs Babes of Oktoberfest

Beer-lovers, rejoice! Oktoberfest 2008 has officially started and you know what that means – 16 solid days of beer, babes,...

Jun 17, 2008

Kanye West’s Bonnaroo Disaster

Kanye West was nearly booed off the stage at this year’s Bonnaroo Festival. The Grammy winning man-Diva was originally scheduled...

May 22, 2008

COED’s Bonnaroo/X-Box 360 Giveaway Reminder!

Alert! Alert! COED is giving one lucky user a bunch of cool sh*t! And by “cool sh*t,” I mean, a...