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Jan 27, 2015

McDonald’s Happy Meal Stands the Test of Time, World not Surprised

Late last week McDonald’s released a video describing how they made their fries, in hopes of trying to satisfy skeptic ...

Jan 26, 2015

KFC Double Down Dog Is Newest Heart Attack Snack

KFC’s newest attempt to kill you is called the Double Dog and it looks delicious. Completely ignoring the part of...

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Jun 27, 2014

A Real Life “Spongebob” Krusty Krab Restaurant Is Being Built In Palestine

According to some initial reports, it seems like there is a real Krusty Krab–the restaurant where Spongebob Squarepants works as...

Feb 25, 2014

Good Morning, Here’s Your Taco Bell Breakfast [CORPORATE VIDEO]

Taco Bell is going to be serving breakfast, and we have some sweet corporate B-roll footage of the chain’s new...

Dec 5, 2013

The Fast Food Industry Could Have a Nuclear Option For Striking Workers: Robots!

Fast food workers all across the country are fighting for living wages from their employees but a new breakthrough in...

Oct 3, 2013

KFC’s New ‘Go Cup’ Just Changed The Drive-Thru Game Forever

Every once in awhile an idea comes along and revolutionizes mankind forever. The wheel. The printing press. Einstein’s Theory Of...

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Jun 24, 2013

What Your Favorite Fast Food Says About You

If the McRib is your favorite sandwich, you might be suffering from abandonment issues.

Steak ‘N Shake Now Offering 7×7 Steakburger For Mere $7.77

We all have dreams. Some dream of feeding all the starving people in the world. Some say, “F**k the starving...

Feb 26, 2013

Beer And Bacon Battered Deep Fried White Castle Sliders Look Awesome, Of Course…

We've become desensitized to crazy food. I saw these beer and bacon battered deep fried White Castle sliders and I didn't even flinch. Well, I mean, I flinched in the sense of thinking, "Wow, that looks f***ing amazing" was my first visceral reaction. But I didn't flinch in the sense that I wasn't immediately filled with shock. He used cheeseburger sliders by the way. Did I mention that? So each bite...

Oct 10, 2012

What a Kroc! 10 Things You Didn’t Know About McDonald’s [PLUS 49 WTF PHOTOS]

October 5th is Ray Kroc's birthday. Who the f*** is Ray Kroc? He was the genius that bought out some local burger joint called McDonald's back in 1954 and turned it into the juggernaut that it is today. Although Kroc died back in 1984 of heart failure (I'm thinking too many Big Macs or an intense lap dance or possibly both, the dude was 81) he will always be remembered for changing the way the world eats, but there are many things about the iconic Golden Arches you might not know. Check 'em out along with our gallery of funny, WTF McDonald's photos and some kick-ass Kroc-isms after the jump...

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Jun 6, 2011

New Girl Fight at Wendy’s “Restaurant” [VIDEO]

What is it about fast food restaurants and the desire to beat the crap / rip the hair out of someone? A little while ago, we put together a compilation of the greatest fast food beatdowns but couldn't include this video because it hadn't happened yet. This girlfight has it all: hair pulling, name calling, shoe hitting, employees unable to do anything, and friends jumping in. Check out the video after the jump!

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Feb 20, 2011

5 Fast Food Restaurants That Will Make You Scared to Fart

Man, do we love fast food. It’s cheap, it’s delicious and it satisfies every self-hating cell in your body with...

Jan 26, 2011

Taco Bell Mystery Meat, Honey Drop, and Professor Muggings

Today's WTF news items feature lies, lies, lies! And a chick who will be lying down for quite some time. Your worst suspicions are confirmed as Taco Bell proves it only hires delusional spokespeople, a woman who most likely isn't getting it done on takes a leap of faith, and a doctor/professor proves smart people can be dumb. Read more after the jump!

Apr 18, 2010

The Ten Most Disgusting Chain Restaurant Items

Spring has sprung, which means it's time to reveal the damage winter wrought to your body. That's it, bust out those fattened thighs and whipped cream pasty skin tones for all to see. Congrats, you're disgusting! Now, there's two ways you can take this. One, start working out and not eating only 3 am fully loaded nachos, hoping to get yourself back into shape...

Jul 29, 2009

Top 5 Fast Food Restaurants That Will Make You Scared to Fart

Man, do we love fast food. It's cheap, it's delicious and it satisfies every self-hating cell in your body with highly processed, corporately created concoctions that any man, woman or child can enjoy.But if you're anything like me, such easily acquired satisfaction comes at a cost... in the form of nearly crapping your pants. Here are the Top 5 Fast Food Restaurants That Will Make You Scared to Fart.

Oct 5, 2007

Dorm Delicacies: College Cuisine Done Right

Does the food at your cafeteria suck? Want to make some extra cash? Can you cook candied olive crumble with...

Aug 5, 2007

McDonald’s Loves to Make Us Fatter

College kids definitely know what it’s like to have the munchies at 3 a.m., pass by a fast food place...