Feb 7, 2019

Gucci Issues Statement & 'Deeply Apologizes' For Blackface Sweater

High-end fashion line Gucci found itself in the headlines for all of the wrong reasons on Thursday, February 7. The...

Jul 13, 2016

Forever 21 Has Caught The Wrath Of Delusional Feminists For These Totally Harmless T-Shirts

Forever 21, AKA where virtually every millennial shops, has caught some unwarranted sh*t for a line of boy’s t-shirts they...

Oct 3, 2012

GPS Enabled Shoes Are Here, Don’t Look Very Comfortable [VIDEO]

I’m sick of looking at my phone for directions. Who’s with me!? Life would be so much easier if I...

Top 10 Must Have Streetwear / Urbanwear Brands

Streetwear and Urbanwear brands are hot these days, plain and simple. With hipsters at an all-time high and skateboarding as commercial as ever, the fashion scope is shifting. Shifting to a look, that is well, unique. Big time brands are taking note of these new trends, but hold the phone, dear reader. To find these brands and stores, a trip to the local mall won't suffice. Unless, of course, you're in the mood for some Jamba Juice, an Aunt Anne's preztel, and highschoolers. But if you are on the hunt for "fly threads", or "dope gear", or "cool clothes" this list should give you a better idea of some unique brands and styles that are out there. Read more after the jump!

Suicidal Christmas Dogs [32 Photos]

If there's one type of person that needs to be shipped off to the Negative Zone, it's people who dress their dogs up in retarded outfits for the holidays (or ever, really). Not only do they choose the dumbest looking nonsense to strap onto their animal, they think the dog F'ing likes it! So let us clear something up - he doesn't f**king like it! He's a dog. Dogs enjoy things like eating sh*t off the sidewalk and sniffing other dog's balls, not being dressed to look like a goddamn elf! But since these douchebags aren't going anywhere, at least we can laugh at their animal's misery. (Just kidding - dinner at Rimjobs is on us.)

Dec 10, 2010

Fashion Options For A Simple Dude

In today’s fashion world ruled by designers such as Alexander McQueen and Giorgio Armani, style comes with a brutal attack...

Feb 2, 2010

Dec 2, 2008

Suicidal Christmas Dogs

If there’s one type of person that needs to be shipped off to the Negative Zone, it’s people who dress...

Jul 6, 2008

Moving Made Easy: 5 Things I Can Live Without

Americans are a materialistic bunch and I am no exception. And now that I’m faced with the task of moving...

Jun 28, 2008

Laid Bare: Life Lessons at the Strip Club

Obnoxiously bright blues, greens and various shades of pink are walking, talking and dancing all around me. For some reason...