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Jan 15, 2013

How To Clip Your Fingernails In Space As Explained From Space [VIDEO]

Clipping your fingernails can be a real pain. But can you image how hard it must be to clip your...

Oct 5, 2012

How Many Polish People Does It Take To Mess Up A Parkour Jump?

If you guessed "one," you nailed it. Too bad this guy can't say the same thing.

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Oct 4, 2012

This Animated Clip About Your Brain On Weed Is Best Watched After Smoking Weed [VIDEO]

This clip is fascinating stuff, I'm sure. I just can't properly judge this video because I'm not high.

Edit [10/4/23:00]: Yeah. Pretty good clip we got here.

Jun 16, 2012

Jimmy Kimmel Convinces Kids To Say “F*@k” On National TV [VIDEO]

Jimmy Kimmel is no amateur when it comes to messing with other people’s children, but this new skit involving a...

Jan 31, 2012

Does Mr. Bean Have the Best Appearance In This Middle-Finger Supercut? [VIDEO]

Am I the only person who loved Bean: The Movie? Watching Rowan Atkinson casually flip off everyone on the highway...

Dec 7, 2009

Tiger Woods Gets Blake-Slapped on SNL [VIDEO]

As much as we love Blake Lively, SNL was once again painstakingly unwatchable. There was however one sparkling diamond amongst a field of tarnished turds... The Tiger Woods Accident parody. In this clip Elin Nordegrin, played by Blake Lively sends Tiger back to the hospital multiple times after he comes clean about his multiple marital indiscretions. If only someone would whack Kenan Thompson over the head with a 9 iron...

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Aug 20, 2009

They’re Homonyms, Silly! [Video]

If you don't already have ADD, then you seriously haven't been watching enough Robot Chicken on Adult Swim. So to help set you on the right path, here's an awesomely hilarious clip about the joys of homonyms... and Tourettes. Because if you thought that the guy at the bus stop screaming "Snatch!" at the top of his lungs was saying something offensive, you'd be wrong.

New “Halo 3” Clip Unveiled

September 25 can’t come quick enough for fans of the Halo franchise. Early reports on Halo 3, easily one of...

Aug 24, 2007