Feb 16, 2015

Ashley Benson Busts Out the Big Guns on Instagram [PHOTOS]

Wow Ashley Benson, just wow!  We have no idea the context behind this photo, except that Ashley posted this pic...

May 25, 2014

Geek Pride Day: 42 Lara Crofts Fly Their Cleavage High [PICS]

There was probably a time when Geek Pride Day actually united outcasts. Today, of course, geeks are everywhere. They’re helping...

May 12, 2014

69 Sexiest Beer Pong “Racks” of All-Time [PHOTOS]

Beer pong is all about staying focused during all the distractions–the bystanders, the text messages, the alcohol, especially the opponents...

Apr 28, 2014

Seline Von Ness Uses Her GoPro For The Betterment of Man [VIDEOS]

What fun would social media be without gals like Seline Von Ness, who looks at something like Youtube and asks,...

Dec 10, 2013

The Year in Celebrity Cleavage: 2013 [145 PHOTOS]

Celebrity Sideboob and Celebrity Cleavage go hand-in-hand, so since we’ve already announced that 2013 was a big year for Celebrity...

Nov 5, 2013

‘Cup Queen’ Kate Upton Earns Her Title At Melbourne Horse Race [PHOTOS]

Courtesy of Emirates Airlines, Kate Upton was flown out to Melbourne to appear at Tuesday’s Melbourne Cup Carnival horse race....

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Oct 29, 2013

Kelly Brook Debuts ‘New Look’ With Her Same Assets [PHOTOS]

It’s my singular opinion that we do not feature enough UK women on this site, so you can imagine my...

60 Sexy Vegas Pool Party Pics for July 4th [PHOTOS]

Who knew freedom could taste like chlorine?

Jul 4, 2013

Can You Guess Kate Upton’s Favorite Job? [PHOTOS]

Which "Vogue" cover has been Kate's most-liked so far?

Jun 28, 2013

Hands Down, Esquire Just Published The Sexiest Pictures Of Alison Brie Ever [23 PHOTOS]

As far as Alison Brie is concerned, you don’t have to give us much to get us excited. It’s not...

Apr 15, 2013

Mar 28, 2013

Yes, This Greatest Photobomb in the History of Photobombs Moment Happened [PIC DUMP]

Now this is an evolution of photobombs that I can get behind. To see the rest of today’s WTF photos,...

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Mar 27, 2013

60 Sexiest Celebrity Cleavages for National Cleavage Day

South Africa doesn’t get enough credit when it comes to the evolution of hot chicks. Not only is it the...

Oct 16, 2012

28 Reasons Why Emily Florence Shaw Should Have Been On Page 3 By Now [PHOTOS]

Hopefully by now I don’t have to explain to you what a Page 3 girl is. It’s not like I...

Oct 2, 2012

World Champion LA Kings Ice Crew to Cure Your NHL Lockout Blues [84 PHOTOS]

As we enter the third week of the NHL lockout,  it’s becoming increasingly inevitable that at least a portion of...

Sep 20, 2012

Yes, This Mastery Level Boob Circle Photobomb Happened [50 PHOTOS]

The proof is in the pudding–kids are sneaky f*ckers. First off, how did this young gun get into a place...

Sep 14, 2012

34 Reasons To Rush A Fraternity This Fall [PHOTOS]

Being a frat dog isn’t for everyone–though there are definitely a handful of perks if you do decide to go...

Aug 28, 2012

Yes, This Awkward Rap Festival Catawampas Boob Shift Moment Happened [56 PHOTOS]

For those of you who couldn’t figure out what the word “catawampas” means just from looking at this photo, perhaps...

Aug 25, 2012

Katy Perry Shows Off Her Newly Single See-Thru Cleavage [PHOTOS]

Not sure if you knew this or not, but there was a little while there while Katy Perry was hooking...

Aug 1, 2012

Katy Perry Combines Cleavage and Sideboob—Answers Our Prayers! [PHOTOS]

Katy Perry loves to show off some sideboob! Katy Perry loves to show off her cleavage! And now Katy Perry...

Jul 28, 2012

Leryn Franco’s Sexiest Olympic Instagram Photos

Paraguayan Leryn Franco’s cleavage made quite a splash at London’s Opening Ceremony Parade of Nations on Friday. The sexy javelin...

Jul 18, 2012

Leather Jackets Make Kate Upton Especially Hot [PHOTOS]

Is it any surprise that Kate Upton looks bad-a** in a leather jacket? I’m not saying that she’s about to...

Jul 3, 2012

COED Raises A Salute To The Red, White and Boob [60 PHOTOS]

It’s kind of a bum deal that the 4th of July is smack in the middle of the week, but...

May 26, 2012

Pets Love Natural Pillows [28 PHOTOS]

Whether they be cats, dogs, monkeys, lizards, bunnies, rodents, or men, all species seem to have one thing in common:...

Apr 19, 2012

‘Bad’ Things Come in Threes [50 PHOTOS]

The old phrase “bad things come in threes” usually doesn’t have any positive connotations. It refers to either poor luck,...

Apr 9, 2012

Jennifer Love Hewitt’s 23 Sexiest TwitPics

Until someone explicitly mentioned something to me, I had never noticed exactly how amazing the chesticles are on The Client...

Apr 6, 2012

Paulina Gretzky Scores Some Serious Sideboob [PHOTOS]

Talk about marketing genius. Just when you stopped thinking about the amazing Twitter model that is Paulina Gretzky, she grabs...

Apr 3, 2012

Sexy Sorority Girl Beer Pong Distractions [110 PHOTOS]

When up against a team of girls in beer pong, guys get excited for two reasons: 1) they’re playing against...

Mar 30, 2012

Epic Cleavage Demotivational Posters For National Cleavage Day

Finally, the weekend is here. Before I head off and drink down my hard-earned blogger dollars, I wanted to remind...

Mar 21, 2012

Ferociously Hot Formula One Grid Girls [115 PHOTOS]

As any European will tell you, NASCAR isn’t the only racing show in town. The Formula 1 racing season started...

Mar 3, 2012

104 Jaw-Dropping Japanese Girls Celebrate Hinamatsuri

To an American, March 3rd might seem like just any other day; in Japan, it’s a totally different story. An...

Feb 25, 2012

Colossal Cleavage Collection: NBA All-Star Weekend Dancers Edition [116 PHOTOS]

The 2012 NBA All Star Weekend is upon us! You’ve probably been beat to death with stories and features on...

Jan 24, 2012

88 Reasons You Should Be Watching The Australian Open [PHOTOS]

If you’re a Ravens or 49ers fan, you’re most likely avoiding ESPN or any other network that shows sports highlights,...

Jan 14, 2012

Colossal Cleavage Collection: Hooters Edition [108 Photos]

Since its inception, Hooters has been a haven for dudes who love breasts, both of the chicken and female variety....

Dec 31, 2011

Goodbye 2011, Hello Asian Underboob [64 PHOTOS]

When it comes to New Year's Eve, I feel like Asians (totally stereotyping here) know a lot about how to celebrate it in style. Apparently, they also know a lot about underboobs (coincidentally, not stereotypical) because these ladies are fantastic. Apparently, the Japanese even have a word for the type of reverse-cleavage, called shitapai. I know that it's a real word because I googled it and a bunch of anime porn came up.

Dec 28, 2011

Sexy New Years Cleav(age) [79 PHOTOS]

The last and most wild holiday night of the year is almost upon us. Most people I know have a...

Dec 21, 2011

A Kris Kringle-Approved Collection of Christmas Cleavage [68 PHOTOS]

Boobs are a major point of contention and debate for guys. Some like 'em small, some like 'em big, while others fall somewhere in between. Me? I love 'em all! But, if I absolutely HAD to pick what size I'd like waiting for me underneath the mistletoe, I wouldn't mind if I could nosedive into a smotherlode. You haven't lived 'til you've sang Joy To The World while motorboating. Have yourself a very Merry XXX-mas with a virtual Santa's sack of frickin' huge bewb pics after the jump. Ho-ho-ho-DAMN! Dem some big-@ss t*tties!

Dec 21, 2011

64 Boobalicious Girls Next Door

One of Playboy's major selling points when they began publishing was they feature the girl next door - "real" women that are cute, down to Earth, and accessible. While Playboy's airbrushing and digital altering have muddled the girl next door concept, we still have gorgeous women posting self shot pics and candid photos to Facebook and Twitter as you can see here. Today, we honor the girls who are a chest above the rest. Gentlemen, start your motorboats.

Dec 12, 2011

2011: The Year in Celebrity Cleavage [204 PHOTOS]

Last week we brought you the year in celebrity sideboob. But most dudes would agree that sideboob is a mere jumping off point. Sure, we can all appreciate it, but cleavage is where headlines are made. Last year's list was dominated by Katy Perry, Jenn Sterger, and Christina Hendricks. Katy and Christina return for this year's rundown, but the likes of Nicole Scherzinger, Kate Upton, and January Jones definitely give them a run for their (milk?) money. Check out our mega gallery then let us know whose cleavage created the most buzz in our comments section after the jump.

Dec 7, 2011

2011: The Year in Celebrity Sideboob [119 PHOTOS]

Last year, we claimed that there was no shot in Helsinki that 2011 would beat out 2010 in celebrity sideboob. Well, no one ever said we were any good at predictions. But, we can say that 2011 was the HOTTEST year for celebrity sideboob ever! And, it won't ever be surpassed! Write that down. From Adriana Lima to Kelly Brook, Olivia Wilde to Vanessa Hudgens, if your favorite female celeb flaunted her chesticles, odds are we got her. Check out our A-to-Z compendium after the jump.

Nov 23, 2011

Sexy Chicks Honkin’ Hooters [95 PHOTOS]

I tell you what, if there's one night you'd have to pick to go out, it's gotta be the night before Thanksgiving aka Blackout Wednesday. People are just looking to get weird. You name it, and chances are someone's gonna do it. We'd like to use a football analogy since the NFL is bound to dominate your T-give when it comes to Blackout Wednesday - the kickoff is when chicks start grabbing each other's boobs. That's when you know it's on. If you don't think the girls in this photo gallery you're about to see are ready for rowdy raunchiness, you need to start chuggin' ASAP. Check it out after the jump.

Nov 15, 2011

Twilight Breaking Dong: Christian Serratos Shows Off Cleavage at LA Premiere [PHOTOS]

Even if you're Ashton Kutcher, you probably know that Twilight Breaking Dawn Part 1 comes out this Friday, 11/18. The LA premiere was last night at the Nokia Theater and the red carpet carried its fair share of hot tail. Well, I honestly feel like @aplusk after seeing these photos of Christian Serratos and her ridiculously hot cleavage. She was on Maxim's Hot 100 list last year and FHM's list of 100 Sexiest Women in 2011. She also posed nude for PETA. Yes, she has forehead acne, but I smell a fat Proactive check coming her way. Just keep those puppies perky, Ms. Weber. Peep the pics after the jump.

Oct 29, 2011

Halloween Supermodels With The Fright Stuff [52 PHOTOS]

We've shown you tons of hot girls-next-door dressing up for Halloween - some of them wearing nothing but body-paint, some of them rocking fabulous cleavage. The one thing we've held back on, though, are photos of professional hotties getting into the holiday spirit. When you've got stars like Adrianna Lima and Candice Swanepoel putting on halloween costumes, there's really no comparison. Check out our spooktacular supermodel halloween costume gallery after the jump!

Oct 25, 2011

Hot NFL Cheerleader Costumes [92 PHOTOS]

We talk a lot about the hot Halloween costumes chicks wear. The sexy cop, the sexy sailor, the sexy cheerleader. But, what do about chicks that ARE cheerleaders (and top notch professional ones to boot)? Well, you're about to find out. Check out what the best of the breast have to offer us this Hallow's Eve in our stacked gallery after the jump. Whoever said the NFL is the No Fun League is probably a ref (read: blind).

Oct 16, 2011

Bewitching Halloween Cleavage [91 PHOTOS]

Halloween is great for kids young and old. Young kids get to dress up, go to people's houses, and expect loads and loads of candy. Those of us who are sadly only kids-at-heart are left with a different kind of delicious treat: the dressed up chests that haunt every party or bar you attend. I sure as h*ll can't wait to see what the tricks are gonna treat us with, so I'm giving you a sneak peak as to what to expect from the ladies below.

Oct 10, 2011

Anne Hathaway “Busts” Out for Spain’s Fotogramas Magazine [24 PHOTOS]

COED crush Anne Hathaway has been quite the buzz the last few weeks as pics of her in full Catwoman garb hit the interwebs. We were left a bit underwhelmed with the excessive use of fabric on the new Catwoman suit, but cannot say the same for the outfit Ms. Hathaway dons on the cover of the October 2011 issue of Spain's Fotogramas Magazine. And even though these picks look strikingly similar / identical to a shoot she did with Mark Seliger last year for the March 2010 issue of GQ UK, we embrace any opportunity to post on the beautiful Anne Hathaway in all her buxom glory. Enjoy.

Oct 2, 2011

A Slew of Sexy “Sidewinders” [77 PHOTOS]

The sidewinder: what a thing of beauty. Over the years, it seems that guys get a new type of boob to drool over every so often. We've always had the standard cleavage, but babes have been finding more and more inventive ways to expose themselves as much as possible. The sideboob and the underboob are classics, but what we here at COED call the Sidewinder boob is really something special. Not every girl can successfully pull it off, but these ladies are sidewinder ninjas. Keep an eye out for the chicks who can pull of the double sidewinder, because that's no joke. Check out the newest trend in awesome boobage after the jump!

Oct 1, 2011

Courtney Stodden Shows Big Cleavage at the Beach [26 PHOTOS]

Teen bride Courtney Stodden hit the beach with her 51 year-old hubby and a teeny white bikini to prove once and for all the goods are real. Although we're still not convinced Courtney's never visited the plastic surgeon, there's little doubt she's recently paid visit to the spray-on abs technician. What do you think? All natural? Hot? Not?

Sep 20, 2011

Sofia Vergara ‘Busts’ Out for Vanity Fair [PHOTOS]

It's hard not to like Sofia Vergara. She crushed the Emmys (like she did at the SAG Awards) the other night with her dress, her lips, her accent - we could go on para muchos anos. It's funny she mentioned Lucille Ball when she presented an award at the ceremony - the similarities are undeniable. It's like she's the long lost granddaughter of Luci and Desi. Anyway, just when you thought she couldn't get any more lovable, these pics from her shoot with Vanity Fair surface.

Sep 2, 2011

Say Goodbye To Summer With 21 Simmering Hot Photo Galleries Of Sexy Girls!

Uh, what the H happened to summer? Did we just black out / time travel the past 3 months? Labor Day could be the sh*ttiest of sh*tshows and we mean that in the most praise-worthy way. It's the last chance - the culmination of all your summer partying efforts. No more time to waste - you gotta go out in a blaze of glory. We're talking Bucket List type sh*t. To get you in the mood, we're bidding adios to the sexiest season with 21 photo galleries of sexy girls doing summer things like washing cars in bikinis, rocking microkinis, and Jell-O wrestling to name a few. Check 'em out after the jump then let us know what you'll miss most in the comments!

Aug 23, 2011

Twins’ “Twins” for Tuesday [96 PHOTOS]

Why twins and why Tuesday? Well, Tuesday's the second day of the work week, and two girls are better than one, right? What's better than two girls? TWINS! So, in our "2 for Tuesday" special, we're giving you a double dip of some of the hottest twins' twins (read: boobs). And since Tuesday's usually election day in the U.S. and the 2012 presidential race is heating up, we nominate Tuesday be known as Twins Day from now on. Check out our gallery then let us know if you can ID any of the girls in the comments section after the jump.

Aug 15, 2011

The 50 Sexiest Halle Berry Photos for Her 45th Birthday

August 14th was Halle Berry's birthday. The former fashion model, beauty queen, and actress turned 45 years young, which is hard to believe considering she looks way hotter than most college freshman. The Oscar winner has two films scheduled for release in 2011 - the star laden romantic comedy "New Year's Eve" and the thriller "Dark Tide" - along with the comedy "Movie 43" due in 2012. Hef named her one of Playboy's Sexiest Celebrities of 2011 and it's easy to see why: she shows no signs of aging. Maybe she's one of those aliens from The Event. Check out this superhuman's hottest pics after the jump.

Aug 15, 2011

72 Foxy Fly Girls For National Aviation Week [PHOTOS]

During Aviation Week, the US fondly remembers the Wright Brothers and others responsible for the power of flight. Their dream of one day flying amongst the birds has made way for a new dream: to bang out a hot stewardess in a cramped bathroom at 30,000 feet in the sky. Yes sir, COED is a proud member of the Mile High Club and wants to show you some of the other more elite members. In celebration of National Aviation Week, we bring you some of the sexiest stewardesses, pilots, and flat-out hot chicks wearing aviators. Cue R. Kelly's "I Believe I Can Fly". Check it out after the jump.

Aug 13, 2011

120 Busty and Booty-ful Beer Pong Distractions

Missing shots in beer pong sucks, especially when the other team is trying to distract you. The pain is dulled slightly, however, when the 'distraction' is a different kind of rack standing across from you. There's a complete conflict of interest. Yes, you want to see their cleavage that they're showing you, but you also want to make that cup. The fact that you even thought about boobs means you're off my game and the enemy has already won. Well, you're not playing pong now - so feel free to stare as long as you want. Check out 120 girls trying to distract you after the jump!

Jul 29, 2011

A Colossal Collection Of Hooters Cleavage For National Chicken Wing Day [108 PHOTOS]

July 29th is National Chicken Wing Day. Chicken wings are the ultimate sports food. They crush nachos, chips & dip, pizza, or any other game day "delicacy". You want your mouth to fall off? Get atomic buffalo wings. You want your jaw to drop? Dig in to a heaping plate of colossal cleavage displayed by the very hottest of Hooter Girls. Oh, and you can buy 10 Wings and get 10 FREE at any participating Hooters. This is what we call a "win win" in the biz. Break out the wet naps and check out the pics after the jump.

Jul 28, 2011

Katie Price Attempts The Guinness World Record For… Cleavage!?!? [18 PHOTOS]

The funny thing about Katie Price aka Jordan is that us media types always write her name as 'Katie Price aka Jordan'. We'll never quite get "aka Jordan" out of our systems. The British glamour model and reality TV star attempted to break the Guinness World Record for book signing by a single author set in 2006 by former chess world champion Anatoli Karpov, who took eight hours to do 1,951 copies. However, she came up short at the event held for her sixth novel, "The Comeback Girl". She's definitely long on cleavage pics, though. She's gotta be close to breaking records for chestacular photos. Check 'em out after the jump.

Jul 23, 2011

I Want to Go Skiing With These 45 Chicks Right the F*** Now

When I was looking at yesterday's Miss COED, I saw that she liked to snowboarding. I started to cry. Why? Because it was 102 f*cking degrees in Manhattan and here I was blogging with a bunch of dudes about some fine girl who snowboards on the reg. Right then and there I would have given a year of my life to be on the mountain with some hottie shredding some fresh pow-pow. So because I'm a rotten individual who likes to make everyone as miserable as me, here are 45 pictures of the hottest girls to ever step foot in a winter wonderland. Feel free to either use your sweat or tears as lube.

Jul 6, 2011

Colossal Cleavage Collection: Sexy South Korean Edition [91 PHOTOS]

The LA Times reported this morning (July 6th) that the South Korean city of Pyeongchang was awarded hosting duties for the 2018 Winter Olympics. We've all heard the reports about what goes down at these events - elite athlete on elite athlete sexy time. These superhumans push themselves to the limits then push (and pull) each other on and off the field or rink. To get Team America (f*ck yeah) pumped up for the trip we put together a photo gallery of South Korean colossal cleavage. Check it out after the jump.

Jun 18, 2011

A Colossal Collection of Katy Perry Cleavage Photos [96 PICS]

Katy Perry, named the hottest woman in the world by Maxim Magazine, is having quite the year. Not only is Last Friday Night expected to be a huge summer hit, but so is her colossal cleavage. And if these boobalicious photos don't prove that she's the hottest babe around, then just consider the fact that she's willing to sleep  (and marry)  Russell Brand -- a man who brags that he slept with 80 women a month before settling down with her. Enjoy.

Jun 6, 2011

Happy Double D-Day! [127 PHOTOS]

June 6th is the anniversary of D-Day aka Operation Neptune, which was the day the Allied Forces invaded and won Normandy, France. The operation was the largest amphibious invasion in world history, with over 195,000 Allied personnel in over 5,000 ships involved. If you've ever seen Saving Private Ryan (or even the Robot Chicken spoof of Saving Private Ryan's beach scene), you might have the slightest understanding of the sacrifices made on that day. We salute their efforts with the largest gallery of gigantor boobs to ever invade your eyeballs. Check it out after the jump.

Jun 3, 2011

Omega Lota Booba: Sorority Girls Showing Cleavage [101 PHOTOS]

Sororities are both hilarious and hot. Hilarious because no matter how proper and lady-like they try to portraty themselves, we all know they really like to party like animals, bongin' beers and getting down and dirty with dudes (and sometimes with each other... at least in our minds). They'll don a beautiful sun dress from a top designer then do a keg stand. They'll wear their prized high heels and keep them on while pinning their legs behind their heads. Sure, school's out for summer, but does that mean sorority chicks will cease to amaze us? No way. Let's take a look at what makes these greeks so damn chic: BOOBS! Peep the pics below and let us know who your favorite sorority is in the comments after the jump.

Jun 1, 2011

101 Hellaciously-Hot Hair Bras [PHOTOS]

The internet is abuzz today with news about nude photos that are allegedly of Blake Lively. While her reps have denied it's her, we we're also skeptical about their legitimacy, but it appears some investigative journalism has found a solid link: the iPhone. It's unique case can be seen in non-nude pics of Blake, leading many to think it's really her in the flesh. Whatever you believe, it's pretty obvious that Blake could've used a hair bra to avoid such a scandal. So, we put together this photo gallery of hot hair bras to help her out next time she wants to take nude pics. You're welcome, Blake!

May 19, 2011

A Ridiculous Dose of Downblouse for May Ray Day [108 PHOTOS]

May 19th is May Ray Day, a day when we celebrate good, warm, sun-drenched weather. It’s been raining since April, so we’re pumped for some rays. So, whether your name’s Ray, you like the Tampa Bay Rays, or you own Ray-Bans, get out there and enjoy the solar power. We’re enjoying it because women be wearing either tight, skimpy outfits or loose-fitting shirts without bras. It’s time to enjoy the latter with our gallery of pics that peer down the blouse – downblouse pics!

May 18, 2011

Colossal Cleavage Collection: NBA Conference Finals Dancer Edition [113 PHOTOS]

For the first time in what feels like a long time, the Los Angeles Lakers won't be in the NBA Finals. We WILL have a new league & Western Conference champion. Thought a lot of haters are glad to see them go, we have to admit we're going to miss them, strictly because we won't be able to ogle their dancers during timeouts and before/after commercial breaks. But, no worries, we've discovered the remaining 4 teams have some pretty decent talent as well. Yesterday, we showed you the Miami Heat dancers doing burlesque. Today, we broaden our scope with a gallery of well-endowed dancers from the Mavs, Bulls, and Thunder that'll make you want to bang from way downtown. Check it out after the jump!

Mar 31, 2011

Colossal Cleavage Collection: MLB Superfan Edition [48 PHOTOS]

As if Marisa Miller jumping, running, handling balls, and gripping bats weren't enough to get you pumped for another exciting season of Major League Baseball, we decided to stretch our annual preview from a stand up triple into an inside the park home run. Hey, what can we say, chicks dig guys who can score, right? Seeing as Marisa is such a superfan, we figured there's gotta be a host of other hotties hooting and hollering for their favorite teams. Sure enough, we weren't disappointed. Just check out our gallery of girls who don't mind showing you guys a little glove. See the pics after the jump!

Mar 23, 2011

Colossal Cleavage Collection: Las Vegas Pool Party Edition [60 PHOTOS]

We've got Vegas on the medulla oblongota here at COED. With our Morganette advancing to the Elite 8 in Captain Morgan's BracketMaster Challenge and ensuing trip to Sin City with Nicole, our minds are swirling with visions of vivacious and volutpuous vixens in barely legal bikinis! No one wears the bikini better the "gifted" girls of Las Vegas pool parties. So, we honor them with another boobtastic edition of Colossal Cleavage!

Mar 5, 2011

[VIDEO] Chinese Boob Clamp: The Greatest Invention Since The Shake Weight

Ok, so the Chinese Boob Clamp may be just a reimagined corset, but that doesn't make it any less awesome. Simply tug on the drawstring and Voila! Instant cleavage (PacMan sound effects not included). Warning: Video is Highly Addictive.

Mar 3, 2011

104 Beautiful Japanese Girls Celebrate Hinamatsuri [PHOTOS]

March 3rd is Hinamatsuri, which is Japanese for "Doll Festival", and also known as "Girls' Day" or Momo no sekku, which means "Peach Festival". Though not a national holiday in Japan, many families with girls will pray for their growth and happiness by placing special dolls called hina-ningyo on a five- or seven-tiered display covered in red carpet and shower them with peach blossoms. We're all for growth and happiness at COED, especially when it comes to busty Japanese babes with awesome underboob. That's why we've compiled this photo gallery of grown ass girls who would make any guy "grow" and be happy. The gods heard their families' prayers, that's for sure.

Feb 17, 2011

Colossal Cleavage Collection: NBA All-Star Weekend Dancers Edition [116 PHOTOS]

With NBA All-Star Weekend taking place in LA over the next few days, we thought we'd showcase some of the NBA's most valuable players: the Dancers. More specifically, we'd like to highlight their most valuable assets: their cleavage. Previously, we brought you Colossal Cleavage from the NFL, the NHL, Hooters restaurant, and the Adult Entertainment Expo in Las Vegas. Today, we present NBA Dancers who look like they're smuggling basketballs in their shirts. Anyone up for a lil' one on one? See the pics after the jump!

Jan 30, 2011

Are You Ready for Some Football… Cheerleaders? [96 Photos]

The NFL Pro Bowl is this Sunday, January 30th, and though the league made minor tweaks to get the fans more excited about the event, it's not really moving the needle. The NFL could take a cue from the NHL All-Star Game and have the captains do a fantasy draft or they could turn it into an MTV Rock 'n' Jock type program where hot, chesty women in cut-off shirts bounce around trying to catch balls. Since the Super Bowl won't have cheerleaders, we thought we'd fill that gaping void with some colossal cleavage. See the pics then vote for which conference has the hotter cheerleaders after the jump!

Jan 20, 2011

Darlings of the Downblouse [44 Photos]

Remember when you were young and your uncle's girlfriend would come over? You thought she was pretty cute (which in retrospect is creepy if she marries the guy), but the part of the visit you looked forward to most was when she bent over to hug you. If she wore the right top, you could sneak a peek down her shirt. Unlike most other interests that subside or disappear entirely as a guy matures, the boob peek (and the boob stare) NEVER gets old. Like seeing a girl's skirt get blown up by the wind. Doesn't matter that we've seen millions of nude boobs, every time we can catch a pair exposed, it's like a mini-victory that only you (and eventually your buddies) know about. Who are we to deprive you of a timeless hobby?

Jan 16, 2011

January Jones’ Cleavage Wins Big at the 2011 Golden Globes [12 Photos]

Social Network, Glee and Boardwalk Empire were among the night’s biggest winners at the 2011 Golden Globe Awards Sunday evening,...

Jan 11, 2011

Colossal Cleavage Collection: Hooters Edition [108 Photos]

Hooters has been a dining staple for bachelors who are more horny than hungry for decades now. How are the wings? Who cares. How are the waitresses? More times than not, they're mouth watering. The dude-friendly chain set the bar and paved the way for future breastaurants by releasing its own magazine, calendar, playing cards, and hosting annual regional, national, and international swimsuit pageants. Today, we pay homage to its namesake with a photo gallery of Hooters Girls showing off their resumes. IDEA FOR RESTAURANT: Wieners! The dachshund could be our mascot! No? Okay. Your loss.

Jan 5, 2011

2011 CES Booth Babes [96 Photos]

The 2011 CES (Consumer Electronics Show) begins today. If you're not tech savvy, you could probably care less. Well, we have 2 words for you: Booth babes. They're deadly weapons, guns for hire, mesmerizing man magnets. Previously, we gave you G4's Booth Babes. Today, we get you pumped about geeky gadgets and hi-teach gear with a gallery of gals who probably don't even know how to work a remote. See their pics after the jump!

Jan 4, 2011

Beautiful Beer Pong Distractions [126 Photos]

The World Series of Beer Pong comes to a close tomorrow night in Las Vegas. If you’re unfamiliar with the...

Oct 28, 2010

Sexy Supermodel Halloween Ho-Down [52 Photos]

If there's one class of girl who LOVES to dress up, it's the supermodel. It's her job and, boy, do they do it well. You'd think after playing dress up full-time, they'd want to avoid Halloween costumes altogether. While we encourage the birthday suit, we don't mind settling for them strapping on a $2 million bra or in Heidi Klum's case, a skin-tight, red-and-purple armor suit. We honestly didn't think supermodels could be any more super but our photo gallery proved us wrong! Check it out.

Oct 28, 2010

Sexy Supermodel Halloween Ho-Down [PHOTO GALLERY]

Hot pics of incredibly sexy Halloween supermodels....

Oct 26, 2010

NFL Cheerleaders Get Sexy For Halloween [92 Photos]

If you were able to catch this past weekend's NFL games, you might've noticed most cheerleader squads got into the Halloween spirit by dressing up in ridiculously sexy costumes. Since you're too cheap for DVR (Booyah!) and your memory sucks worse than Jay Cutler's accuracy, we did all the work for you by collecting this gallery of gridiron goddesses in ghoulish get up.

Oct 20, 2010

Hellaciously-Hot Hair Bras 2010 [68 Photos]

Adriana Lima debuted the new Bombshell Fantasy Bra, a collaboration between Victoria's Secret and Damiani's, today. The "undergarment" is not only heavy but expensive. Shed that shiznit and get with the hair bra, ladies! Last June, we featured more than 40 pics of hellaciously hot hair bras. This year? 68! If you still want jewels, we have some from the family you might be interested in.