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Jul 25, 2016

WATCH: Guy Orders Taco Bell While Recording a Catfight

I’m not an advocate for fighting by any means but this video is one of the funniest I’ve see in...

Feb 18, 2014

Eniko Mihalik & Natalia Siodmiak Catfight For Terry Richardson [VIDEO]

Enikő Mihalik and Natalia Siodmiak can’t help getting into catfights–whether it involves smearing makeup in the bathroom or tearing off...

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Apr 28, 2012

Wild Red Sox Fan Girl Turns Yankee Stadium Into Epic Catfight [VIDEO]

We’re not sure if we should admire or condemn these brave (or crazy) gals at Yankee Stadium on Friday night....

Apr 3, 2012

We’re Totally Recalling This Catfight

The new trailer for this summer’s Total Recall remake has people talking. We’ve heard debates about how the CGI will...

Mar 3, 2011

Watch A Snake Bite A Chick’s Big Boob

• A snake bites the sh*t out a girl's big fat TEETEE! • FUNNY VIDEO ALERT: Great pick up lines in sports • 25 Greatest Bikini Scenes In Cinema History • Jimmy Fallon doing a dead on impression of Charlie Sheen, FTW (for the winning)? • MUST-SEE: Muhammad Ali Artwork Made Of Punching Bags • Brandon Davies dismissed from BYU basketball for boning his gf • 10 greatest secret levels in Videogame history See more links after the jump!

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Friday Night Catfight Video: November 21st

Here is an amazing catfight video of two girls wrestling in the mud!...

Sep 21, 2007

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Sep 14, 2007

Friday Night Catfight Video: September 14th

  Here is an amazing catfight video!...

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Aug 31, 2007

Friday Night Catfight Video: August 31st

Two Girls Wrestle on the Beach: Here is an amazing catfight video of two chicks wrestling on the sand!...