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Feb 1, 2011

Win An iPad In Our BIGGEST Caption Contest To Date!

Our "Caption This" contests have grown increasingly larger since the first one we did a few weeks ago. Hopefully, you're prepared for the sheer magnitude of the one we're about to drop on your faces, because it's big time. CollegeHumor and CourseSmart have teamed up to search for "America’s Smartest Slacker", a college student who works smarter not harder. To help spread the word they want to give one witty COED follower a f--king iPad! We told you "Caption This" is blowin' up; first it was a t-shirt, now it's the hottest piece of technology on the market, valued at over $500. What's next? A space shuttle? Lookin' at you, NASA. Read entry details after the jump!

Jan 12, 2011

Facebook Caption Contest: We Have A Winner!

With the weather truly sucking balls and temperatures dipping into the teens, we decided to post the above picture to heat things up and warm our followers' hearts on Facebook. Over 350 people submitted captions and after some careful consideration (throwing darts mostly), we've picked a winner! You'll find the winning submission below along with some other favorites and the sweet prize our winner will receive if he ever sees this post. Dude, send me a message on Facebook with your address and we'll send out the t-shirt.

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Aug 19, 2008

Caption This: Hot Gymnasts Edition

This is a live screen-grab from NBC’s coverage of the Olympic gymnastics competition in Beijing. And the hotties kissing are,...