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Feb 18, 2013

Bungie Short Documentary Reveals Story And Setting For New Game ‘Destiny’ [VIDEO]

With the exception of one little leak, Bungie’s done a pretty excellent job of keeping everything “Destiny” under wraps —...

Nov 28, 2012

Info Leaked About ‘Destiny,’ The First New Game From Bungie Since ‘Halo 3’

Bungie Inc. is primarily known for their development of the Halo series. After seven years with Microsoft and the release...

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May 12, 2010

Make Friends by Shooting Them in the Face

Pity poor Master Chief, the hero of the Halo games. While M.C. is truly a one-man army, saving the universe many times over, we can’t help but think that, deep down, all he really wants is a friend. Or a puppy. And even worse for the big guy, he’s not even in Halo: Reach, the hotly anticipated Xbox 360 game which is shaping up to be THE title of the year and features Master Chief sitting on the sidelines for the first time.