Jul 2, 2011

20 Goriest Bull Gorings Ever (Plus “Mr. Testis”) For The Running of the Bulls

The first "heat" of the Running of the Bulls at the week-long San Fermin Festival kicks off in Pamplona, Spain on July 7th. The high profile event is the most popular in Spain and is broadcast live by 2 national TV channels. The purpose of this event is to transport the bulls from the off-site corrals where they had spent the night, to the bullring where they would be killed in the evening. Every year, between 200 and 300 people are injured during the run. While running must be the adrenaline rush of a lifetime, we're more pumped about hanging out with the festival's official mascot, "Mister Testis" a cartoonish looking blue bull with balls... See his pics along with the goriest gorings after the jump!

Jan 14, 2011

The Winningest College Football Program Since 2000 Is…

Ohio State? USC? Florida? The answer might surprise you. After Auburn finished the season undefeated (for the second time since 2000) and won the BCS National Championship, many asked where this team stands amongst the best of the past 10 years. Auburn's conference, the SEC, has been consistently hailed as the best in D-1, yet they don't have any schools among the top five with the best winning percentages since 2000. Of the top 25 programs of the last 11 years, five are from the ACC, four are from the Big 10, four are from the Big 12 and four are from the SEC, according to ESPN.com. So who ARE the top college football programs from 2000-2010? Check out the chart after the jump!

Dec 1, 2010

25 Years of the Air Jordan: A Pictorial History

The Air Jordan sneaker line has always been symbols of the era, style, and fashion. These sneakers have people lining up, and dropping serious cash to get a pair. And we know why. Made by the best designers, with the coolest ideas in mind, these shoes really out-do every other shoe on the market. Here is a history of what Air Jordan has become since its release in 1985.

Jun 6, 2010

Ranking (and Predicting) the 2010 NBA Free Agent Class

Over the past two years, the talk around the NBA has centered around where LeBron James will play in 2010. Finally, that time is near. After July 1, LeBron, Dwyane Wade, Chris Bosh and many other top superstars can be changing zip codes. Although some players such as Dirk Nowitzki, Amare Stoudemire and Paul Pierce have Early Termination Options (ETO) and are likely to remain with their respective teams, I'm including them in this list in case they do opt out, which will only add to the biggest free agent class in the history of sports.

Jul 14, 2009

The Bulls Must Really Hate Tim Thomas

For the second time in the past four years, "Whiny" Tim Thomas has been bought out of his contract by the Chicago Bulls. Thomas was traded by the New York Knicks to the Bulls for Eddy Curry in 2005, and again sent by the Knicks to the Bulls for Larry Hughes in 2009. The fact that this is the second time a Bulls/Thomas buyout has come directly after the Knicks plopped him into their laps...

Sep 5, 2008

Ben Gordon Missed the Boat

Last summer, Ben Gordon was offered a 5-year, $50M contract extension from the Chicago Bulls but whined that as the...

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Oct 19, 2007

The Daily Shocker: Kamikaze Squirrel Destroys Car!

Story of the year thus far: a squirrel in suburban New Jersey gnaws on an electric wire, bursts into flames,...