Body Paint

Oct 21, 2016

WATCH: Abigail Ratchford Rocks A Body Paint Bikini

The gorgeous Abigail Ratchford is currently working on her 2017 calendar, and she took some time from shooting to bless...

Mar 24, 2015

Jennifer Lawrence Reveals ‘X-Men’ Exit

Sigh, no one will ever look as good in blue body paint.

Jan 12, 2015

Ohio State Vs. Oregon Superfans Body Paint Battle [PHOTOS]

Both Ohio State University and the University of Oregon boast some pretty sexy superfans, some of whom have decided to...

Nov 10, 2014

Veteran’s Day Body Paint Beauties [PHOTOS]

Tomorrow is Veteran’s Day, and today is the anniversary of the founding of the U.S. Marines Corp–and the staff here...

Aug 11, 2014

100 Hottest Biker Babes of Sturgis Motorcycle Rally 2014 [PICS]

There’s another Sturgis Motorcycle Rally leaving a cloud of dust in history, and only three people died there this year....

Jul 29, 2014

The Clevelander Brings Body Paint Babes to Miami Baseball [42 PHOTOS]

There were a lot of good reasons to celebrate the 118th  anniversary of Miami becoming an actual city yesterday–and that...

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Jul 8, 2014

Germany World Cup Body Paint Babes Because… GERMANY!!! [PHOTOS]

No one in the world is happier than German’s soccer fans right now after that absolute thrashing of Brazil. Sure,...

Best of World Cup 2014 Body Paint Babes on Instagram [85 PHOTOS]

The World Cup gives models on Instagram a great opportunity to show the world their national pride and bodies at...

Jun 30, 2014

58 Amazing American Body Paint Patriots Because Memorial Day [PHOTOS]

Nothing is more memorable than a Memorial Day gallery of beautiful babes body-painting themselves into a patriotic frenzy...

May 26, 2014

Baseball Body Paint Babes for MLB Opening Day 2014 [18 PHOTOS]

Major League Baseball’s Opening Day is finally here! Normally that kind of news signals the beginning of nice weather, sunshine,...

Mar 31, 2014

Mar 31, 2014

Jessica Szohr Turns 29, Here’s Her 36 Sexiest Pics… [PHOTOS]

You'll have to remind us why Jessica Szohr isn't a movie star--but we don't have to remind you about the gal who made Gossip Girl a sensation...

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Jan 28, 2014

Arianny Celeste & Brittney Palmer In Body Paint for The Chive [VIDEO]

Check out an awesome video featuring the UFC's finest femmes in body paint--and we're tossing in some hot GIFs, too!

Nov 11, 2013

Veteran’s Day Salute: 54 Women In Bodypainted Armed Forces Uniforms

You don't have to be a soldier to salute these babes in bodypaint--but let's honor the men and women who keep us free to enjoy them!

Oct 1, 2013

Sexy Halloween Costume-less: [Body Paint PHOTOS]

Believe it or not, Halloween is just around the corner and that means that all the sexy ladies in the...

Jul 10, 2013

Beyoncé Bares All on the Cover of ‘Flaunt’ [PHOTOS]

Covered in nothing but body paint and jewelry, Queen Bey smiles in all of her shimmering glory.

May 17, 2013

Body Paint Babe Bonanza: Sexy Superhero Edition [54 PHOTOS]

We don’t ever need a reason to post beautiful body paint photos of gorgeous women, but when we heard that...

Jan 31, 2013

Bodypaint Babe Bonanza: Super Bowl Edition [76 Photos]

With the big game approaching, we thought we’d call your attention to a MAJOR reason why bodypaint flourished: football....

Nov 12, 2012

2012 Armed Forces Bodypaint Babe Bonanza [PHOTOS]

As many of you have no doubt noticed by now, November 12th, 2012 is Veteran’s Day. The NFL is selling...

Oct 3, 2012

Sexy Halloween Costume-less 2012 [110 PHOTOS]

Ladies, it seems like every year you try harder and harder to come up with amazing ideas for sexy Halloween...

Jun 28, 2012

Sexy Soccer Underboob Overdose: Euro 2012 Edition [72 PHOTOS]

If you’re an outspoken hater of soccer, you should really know that you’re seriously limiting the amount of women you...

Jun 12, 2012

Girls of the Euro 2012: Body Paint Edition [50 PHOTOS]

Remember when we told you that the Euro 2012 was going to get crazy? If you didn’t believe us then,...

Jun 9, 2012

Micaela Schaefer Wears The German Flag On Her Hoo-Ha For The EuroCup 2012 [18 PHOTOS]

We last saw Micaela Schaefer semi-nude at the Men In Black 3 premiere, wearing only VHS tape as a dress....

Jan 4, 2012

Yvonne Strahovski Rocks Body Paint for SoBe LifeWater [PHOTOS]

Anyone who needs a lesson in marketing should pay close attention to SoBe's LifeWater campaign. First, they got Twilight's Ashley Greene nude and in body paint, then they got Kate Upton to milk a cow, now they've got Chuck's Yvonne Strahovski naked and in body paint. Click through to see the behind the scenes pics courtesy of Just Jared.

Nov 11, 2011

Veterans Day 2011: Women In (Bodypainted) Uniform [54 PHOTOS]

November 11th is Veterans Day, a federal holiday in which we remember those 24.9 million peeps who served our country in the armed forces. And, if you're in the Armed Forces, you should probably eat all of your meals at Applebee's it'll be free on 11/11. Originally I thought that would suck to be a waiter on that day, but you must get crazy good tips. I've also got a really great tip: men in uniform are hot (don't ask, don't tell) but women in body painted uniforms are hotter. Check 'em out in our glorious gallery after the jump.

Oct 3, 2011

Sexy Halloween Costume-less 2011 [110 PHOTOS]

We're 99% sure we were one of the first, if not THE first, websites to blow the lid off the whole body-painted Halloween costumes trend. If you can prove that anyone posted on it before October 9th, 2008, we'll prove you're a bold-faced time traveling liar. With the sexiest holiday a few weeks away, we thought we'd inspire the hot young women who are low on the flow to think outside the box, get out of their clothes, and get creative with paint. We've got a gigantic gallery of examples for visual reference after the jump.

Sep 4, 2011

Fantastic Bodypainted Fanatics [57 PHOTOS]

Bodypaint is the straight balls, y'all. And with a good bodypaint artist, one can be deceived into thinking the paint is really skin tight clothing. Chicks love it, cuz they think they're not nude (when they totally are) and we love because we can basically see what the chick looks like nude without getting arrested. With football season kicking off and MLB playoffs around the corner, we thought we'd bring you bodypainted babes that will have you cheering double time. Check 'em out after the jump.

Aug 5, 2011

Bodypaint Beer Babe Bonanza To Celebrate International Beer Day 2011

Who's the dude who came up with bodypaint? That dude deserves a beer. Seeing as it's International Beer Day, why not celebrate with bodypainted beer babes? Is there a greater combination in the entire f***ing galaxy? Beer marketers always try to up the ante and we think it's getting ri-goddam-diculous. Grooves? Color changing temperature bars? Vents? Just show us hot promo girls and we'll buy your sh*tty swill. There's no better motivator for happy hour and the weekend then this gallery of bodacious beer babes in bodypaint. Soak it in? No, make your eyes chug this sh*t. Peep 'em after the jump.

Jun 21, 2011

Maxim Model Michelle Baker & Bikini Teammates Host Bodypainting X-hibition At Hedonism II [50 PHOTOS]

A buddy of ours pointed us to Maxim Hometown Hottie Michelle Baker's Facebook album of pics from her trip to Hedonism II where she hosted the Bodypainting X-hibition featuring the Jamaican Me Crazy Bikini Team. I've never been to Hedonism and I don't know anyone who has, so jury's still out on whether or not it's everything it's been cracked up to be, but if girls like Michelle and her hot teammates are any indication, it could be worth a test run. Check out the sexiest pics from the album after the jump.

May 13, 2011

50 Sexiest Pictures of Leo DiCaprio’s New Girlfriend Ashley Greene

Looks like the rumors about Leonardo DiCaprio‘s relationship with Bar Refaeli are actually true as numerous sources are reporting Leo’s now hooking up with Twilight’s Ashley Greene. We’ve told you about DiCaprio’s legendary list of hot hookups so it’s no surprise his unsatiable thirst for thumping perfect 10s wouldn’t stop at Bar, but we still wonder how he can walk away from Bar’s colossal cleavage. Plus, Joe Jonas’ sloppy seconds? Maybe he has a body paint fetish?

Apr 8, 2011

Bodypaint Babe Bonanza: Hef’s 85th Birthday Edition [112 PHOTOS]

There’s no place better to throw a party than at the Playboy mansion. Of course, having hundreds of beautiful women who are willing to strip down to nearly nothing certainly helps. But it’s the girls wearing only the mark of an painter’s brush that make Playboy’s Mansion Parties legendary. Perhaps no one knows this better than the birthday boy himself. In honor of Hef's 85th and Marston's 21st birthdays, we give you 112 of photos of the mansion’s most cunning walking canvases. Enjoy!

Feb 3, 2011

Bodypaint Babe Bonanza: Super Bowl Edition [76 Photos]

With the big game approaching, we thought we'd call your attention to a MAJOR reason why bodypaint flourished: football. Okay, so Playboy, soccer, beer, and Halloween contributed as well, but, hands down, the NFL is the most popular sport on Earth (shut up, soccer), and there ain't nothin' more popular than hot nude women. So, when cut-off jerseys, revealing tank tops, and pasties can't do the trick. Here comes bodypaint to the rescue. See the pics after the jump!

Dec 22, 2010

XXX-Mas Gift Guide: For Adults Only [Happy Hump Day!]

To celebrate Hump Day, we've put together this XXX-mas gift guide intended for mature audiences only. The following is designed to help guide you or your lover in choosing the best sex toys and accessories on the market today. With so many websites and products to chose from, it's all too easy to get lost and confused. Luckily for you sexual trailblazers, I've personally done all the hard work so you don't have to. It doesn't matter if she's been naughty or nice, if you want to stuff more than her stocking this holiday season then I suggest you start taking notes and pay attention!

Dec 1, 2010

66 Women Who Wowed 2010: 9 – 1

Natalie’s always been a favorite here at COED – just look at some of our posts: we’d cast her in...

Dec 1, 2010

66 Women Who Wowed 2010: 23 – 10

Mexico’s Hottest Sportscaster and FHM’s fifth sexiest female sports reporter caused waves when reports that the Jets harassed her before...

Nov 11, 2010

2010 Veterans Day Bodypaint Babe Bonanza [PICS]

Today, we want to thank all the good men and women of the United States armed services who've sacrificed for the security of our nation. COED wouldn't exist if it wasn't for them. And you can do the same by sending care packages to our troops overseas, helping homeless veterans or participating in today's Veterans Day festivities. We, on the other hand, decided to gather up a bunch of hot chicks in armed services-related bodypaint. Yeah, it's awesome.

Oct 7, 2010

The Hedonistic Hotties of San Francisco’s Exotic Erotic Ball [72 Photos]

What's part Mardi Gras, part burlesque, and part rock concert? No, it's not the Minnesota Vikings "Love Boat", it's The Exotic Erotic Ball & Expo, a fun-filled celebration of "free love" featuring over 50 live performances from pornstars to strippers, supermodels to reality TV stars. This is the 31st annual edition of the show, which is set to take place October 22-23rd at the Craneway Pavilion in San Fran.

Sep 30, 2010

Sexy Halloween Costume-less 2010 [PICS]

With Halloween right around the corner, it's time to start thinking about costumes. Luckily, for chicks, they have it easy. While we spend a ton of money on clothes, hats, shoes, and accessories that'll get chucked in the closet never to be seen again, women like the ones in this photo gallery just slather on a bunch of paint. Now, we're not advocating you dudes do this, it's for ladies only. But, next time a girl asks you what she should be for Halloween, you break out the paintbrush.

Sep 20, 2010

Sexy Halloween Costume-less 2009 [120 Bodypaint Photos]

It's that time of year again. The cold winds are blowing in, the sun is going down earlier, and the leaves are already starting to change. Why do we care? Because that means super-sexy Halloween costumes are right around the corner! To get you amped up for the hottest holiday America as to offer, here are over 120 pics of the most genius way to make a costume we can imagine: body paint!

Sep 9, 2010

Bodypaint Babe Bonanza: American Football Edition

If there are three things we love more than life itself, it's beautiful women, bodypaint and football. And with the NFL kicking off tonight and college football last weekend, it would only make sense that we would find a way to combine our three favorite things into one mega-hot-picture post. Luckily for you, we're sensible people and that's just what we've done. Enjoy.

Aug 5, 2010

Bodypaint Beer Babe Bonanza to Celebrate International Beer Day 2010

Today's a holiday that all American can celebrate despite their backgrounds, careers, prison records, and facial hair choices. It's International Beer Day 2010 and we're opening up a keg of fun by showing you just how some very special ladies celebrate the momentous holiday. It involves paint, it involves beer, and most importantly, it doesn't involve clothing.

Jul 26, 2010

R.I.P. Love Parade – Germany (1989 – 2010) [88 Photos]

This weekend was the 18th annual Love Parade in Germany; an annual techno fest that's been happening since 1989. But like all things that involves techno music, strobe lights, and hallucinogenic drugs, things went horribly wrong. So in honor of the end of what was once a wonderful event, we give you girls of the Love Parade.

Jul 19, 2010

COED’s Colossal Comic-Con Cleavage Collection [120 Photos]

Every summer nerds travel to San Diego, California for the Star Trek convention of the new millennium... Comic-Con. Not only do they get to check out the latest happenings in their favorite fantasy worlds, but they also get to see real life in-your-face cleavage. Jealous that a bunch of virgins to get see a whole lot of boobs? Don't be, because we got enough Comic-Con cleavage here to last you through the entire convention.

Jul 1, 2010

2010 Le Tour de Femmes: Babes on Bicycles [108 Photos]

The Tour de France gets underway on Saturday so we've put together a skintastic collection of sexy babes on bicycles, many of whom seem to be completely naked. Why anyone would want to ride a bike naked, we have no clue. But we're sure happy these lovely ladies do! When you're done checking out the 2010 smoke shows click over to our 2009 edition of Le Tour de Femmes for dozens more hotties!

Jun 28, 2010

Sexy Soccer Superfans of the 2010 FIFA World Cup: June 28 [240 Photos]

Still laying in bed in a drunken stupor over the fact that the US Team didn't pull a 1980s Miracle? Well cheer up because even though we're out of the World Cup doesn't mean that we're out of amazing photos of sexy superfans. So show your true American colors by spending your Monday at work checking out hot chicks.

Jun 25, 2010

2010 World Cup Cheerleader Showdown: Mexican Porristas Vs. Beach Soccer Cheerleaders

The 2010 World Cup has everything (sexy superfans, bodypainted beauties, fired referees) except a cheerleading squad that the whole world can cheer on. So we're doing our civic duty and narrowing down the competition to find the sexiest candidates for 2010 World Cup Cheerleading squad. Will it be the smoking hot Mexican Porristas from Mexican Football league of the Cheerleading babes of the Beach Soccer World Cup? Help us decide so we can pass the message along to FIFA.

Jun 22, 2010

USA Soccer Superfans of the 2010 World Cup [63 Photos]

The U.S fans have more than made up for the fact that they never watched soccer before the World Cup. The fans are looking more patriotic than ever and we're pretty sure these latest superfan photos will blow the competition out of the water. So get out your vuvuzela, throw away your drafted letter to get that ref fired, and get ready to call in sick to work tomorrow to help cheer on the U.S Soccer Team.

Jun 21, 2010

Sexy Soccer Superfans of the 2010 World Cup: June 21 [76 Photos]

The vuvuzelas aren't the only things getting a rise out of us at the 2010 World Cup. The sexy superfans are also continuing to get us hot and bothered every time we turn on the TV. So hot and bothered that we debated emptying out our bank accounts just to buy the plane tickets to see these super fine fans in person, But decided to spend the the entire day looking at these amazing photos of the sexiest superfans instead.

Jun 18, 2010

2010 World Cup Bodypaint Babe Bonanza: Chinese Edition [32 Photos]

The action keeps heating up in the 2010 FIFA World Cup and everyone is doing their part cheering on their country's team. But what if your country sucks at playing soccer... like China? Well, do what these gorgeous Chinese models have done and give your body to the World Cup. No, we're not talking about prostitution. We're talking about using bodypaint to let everyone know exactly what team you're cheering for. Because nothing says I'll do whatever it takes to be involved in the excitement like painting yourself with pride.

Jun 15, 2010

Sexy Soccer Superfans of the South Africa 2010 FIFA World Cup: June 15th [85 Photos]

The competition during the games isn't the only thing heating up at the World Cup. The Sexy Superfans are getting hotter by the day and we're having some major trouble deciding which country has the sexiest fans. The only thing we did figure out was that it doesn't matter which teams win, because as long as these smoking hot photos keep surfacing, we're all going home feeling like champions.

Jun 11, 2010

The World’s Largest Bodypaint Soccer Babe Bonanza 2010

Playing soccer in South Africa can get extremely hot. And we're not just talking about #1 soccer WAG, Abigail Clancy. We're talking about the greatest players in the world sweating their asses off as they try to become the world champions. And that's why we're proposing they check out these super sexy bodypainted soccer uniforms that allow them to show team pride without having to put on any clothing.

Jun 10, 2010

Sexy Soccer Superfans of the South Africa 2010 World Cup [300 Photos]

Remember the last time you went to a big sporting event and the female fans went all out by showing their team spirit in every which way possible? No? Well that's probably because you were stuck in America where women throw on a baseball hat and quietly cheer for their team. Not so at the 2010 World Cup where women deck themselves out in team spirit and show us the true meaning of a sexy superfan.

May 4, 2010

77 Sexy Sideline Senoritas

If you aren't already drunk (we start early at COED), then you probably missed the fact that tomorrow is Cinco de Mayo. So we've put together a collection of Mexican "edecanes" (promo girls) and "porristas" (cheerleaders), to help you get this party started. These lovely ladies have to be the sexiest señoritas south of the Rio Grande. It'd totally be worth getting swine flu to score one of these hotties.

Feb 16, 2010

Mardi Gras Bah Humbug

Mardi Gras is not fun. I’ve been to Mardi Gras many of times. Here Are a few of the horrible things about Fat Tuesday.

Feb 16, 2010

Mardi Gras Madness

Gather 5,000 of the craziest “Girls Gone Wild” chicks from the last decade, and enough booze to fill a lake. ...

Nov 11, 2009

Bodypaint Babe Bonanza: Veterans Day Edition

Today, we want to thank all the good men and women of the United States armed services who've sacrificed for the security of our nation. And you can do the same by sending care packages to our troops overseas, helping homeless veterans or participating in today's Veterans Day festivities. We, on the other hand, decided to gather up a bunch of hot chicks in armed services-related bodypaint.

Oct 26, 2009

Halloween Bodypaint Pic

Check out these posts....

Oct 20, 2009

40 Fantasy Fest FAIL Photos

At first, hearing about Key West's Fantasy Fest, which is filled with mostly-naked, body-painted women walking the streets, alcohol flowing like water probably sounds like the best thing on Earth. But you'd be wrong. In fact, it's just a bunch of saggy, middle-aged swinger-types who look like your mom, with crappy costumes and the smell of piña colda on their breath. To show you what we're talking about, here are 40 Fantasy Fest FAIL Photos.

Sep 22, 2009

Bodypaint Babe Bonanza: American Sport Edition

As we all know, the Europeans love their body painted babes. (And we love them, too!) It seems like every chance they get, they're stripping down a hot chick to slather her in their team's favorite colors. Here in America, however, this most excellent trend is just catching on. So to help get things rolling, let us present to you, Bodypaint Babe Bonanza: American Sport Edition!

Jul 22, 2009

Cosplay Cuties Kick-Off Comic-Con 2009

With Comic Con kicking off today in San Diego, we could think of no better way to celebrate this momentous occasion in nerdom than by bringing you the pinnacle of the comic-fan fantasy: tons and tons of sexy, scantily clad cosplay girls. Now, if you're not familiar with the term 'cosplay', it basically means people (in this case, chicks) who dress up in costumes...

Jul 7, 2009

Le Tour de Femmes: Babes on Bicycles

The Tour de France is currently underway, with star cyclist Lance Armstrong making his attempt to snag yet another yellow jersey and the TdF title for the eighth time. However, despite all of Lance Armstrong's heroic awesomeness, he is not a naked woman. So to make up for that unfortunate fact, we've put together a skintastic collection of sexy babes on bicycles, many of whom seem to be completely naked.

May 27, 2009

The World’s Largest Bodypaint Soccer Babe Bonanza

Soccer fans, rejoice! Today Manchester United battled against FC Barcelona in the 2009 Champion's League Final - the Super Bowl of European football. (Actually, it's probably bigger than the Super Bowl.) After a heated head-to-head in Rome, FC Barcelona prevailed over Man U with a score of 2 to 0. But no matter who you routed for, it's time to celebrate this awesome day in soccer history.

May 5, 2009

77 Sexy Sideline Senoritas

If you aren't already drunk, then you probably missed the fact that today is Cinco de Mayo. So we've put together a collection of Mexican "edecanes" (promo girls) and "porristas" (cheerlearders), to help you get this party started. These lovely ladies have to be the sexiest señoritas south of the Rio Grande. It'd totally be worth getting swine flu to score one of these hotties.

Apr 6, 2009

77 Sexy Farrah Fawcett Photos

This morning we were greeted with the sad news that 70's & 80's actress and icon of hotness, Farrah Fawcett has been hospitalized because of complications concerning her battle with cancer. But focusing on the negative is so... negative! So instead, we're giving you tons of hot Farrah Fawcett pics. Enjoy!

Jan 20, 2009

God Bless The U.S. T & A

Barack Obama has successfully been inaugurated as the 44th President of the United States, and now it’s time to get...

Oct 25, 2008

13 Unintentionally Gay Soccer Positions

Who Knew Soccer Could Be So Gay? Jennifer Hudson’s Mother & Brother Found Dead Ricky Gervais & Thandie Newton Practice...

Oct 9, 2008

Sexy Halloween Costume-less

Every dude (except this one) loves Halloween for one reason and one reason only – super slutty costumes that show...

Oct 7, 2008

Busty Bartender Beauties

Every time you first walk in the door of a bar you’ve never been to before, you check out a...

Aug 6, 2008

The Girls of Sturgis: The Good, The Bad & The Ugly

When Sen. John McCain spoke to the leather-clad crowd at Sturgis Motorcycle Rally this week, he “joked” about entering his...

Jun 19, 2008

Girls of Today’s Euro 2008 Matchups: Thurs. June 19

Let the Quarter-finals begin! Despite Switzerland’s inability to progress past the first round, the girls of the remaining Euro 2008...

Feb 6, 2008

The Types of Girls You Missed at Mardi Gras 2008!

  Mardi Gras (Fat Tuesday) took place yesterday, and we realized the age-old celebration has a way of bringing out...