Aug 22, 2013

Today In Russia: Amphibius Warships Landing On Popular Tourist Beaches

Only in The Motherland can you find war games being played in the mist of everyday citizens.

Aug 13, 2013

Claudia Romani’s Sexiest Ass-ets [44 PHOTOS]

Claudia Romani is an gorgeous Italian model famous from her appearances in GQ and Maxim but you probably recognize her...

Jul 1, 2013

Pamela Anderson Gets The GIF Treatment For Her 46th Birthday

Today is Pamela Anderson’s 46th birthday, so apologies in advance if that makes anyone feel particularly old. The good news...

Jan 3, 2013

Jessica Alba Brings the Bikini Ass Pose Back for 2013 [33 PHOTOS]

Jessica Alba is on vacation in Mexico, so that can mean only one thing: it’s time for the inventor of...

Nov 3, 2012

Wave Takes Out Bikini Model [VIDEO]

People think being a model is easy. It’s not. It’s hard standing around looking pretty. Sometimes you get knocked down....

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Aug 24, 2012

Candice Swanepoel Shows Off Her Covered Coconuts For Agua De Coco [PHOTOS]

We’ve never featured any of Agua De Coco’s bikini photos here on COED, but you can bet that we’ll be...

Lindsay Lohan On The Beach Always Deserves A Tip Of The Hat [17 PHOTOS]

When you’re a Lindsay Lohan fan like me, there’s a lot you have to put up with. So when I...

Aug 13, 2012

Is Joanna Krupa’s Younger Sister Marta Hotter? [PHOTOS + POLL]

In case you needed a reminder that there’s more than one sexy girl in the Krupa clan, here are some...

Aug 8, 2012

10 Awesome Ways To Hide Beer At The Beach

Since the days of Blackbeard and Pegleg Pete, people have been hiding all sorts of treasure on the beach. So...

Jul 19, 2012

Jul 17, 2012

10 Essential Summertime Products For The Geek In Heat

Summer is in full gear, meaning pool parties, beaches, barbecues. Since we all know that water and sand destroy every...

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Jul 16, 2012

Maria Menounos Hangs Out With An Unemployed T.O. Beachside [15 PHOTOS]

I originally wanted to title this “Maria Menounos Hanging Out With An Unemployed Bum” but I wanted everyone to know...

Jul 5, 2012

Heidi Klum Joins the Point of Boob Club – Plus 34 More Lady Landscapes!

What’s the best view on the beach? Judging from this pic, it seems to be checking out the ocean from...

May 18, 2012

The 68 Most Awesome Celebrity “Jessica Alba Ass Pose” Attempts of All-Time

Oh you haven’t seen the “Jessica Alba Ass” pose? Well, let us educate you. In 2004 Jessica Alba was relaxing...

Mar 27, 2012

Sexy Celebrity Miami Beach Butt Bonanza [90 PHOTOS]

It looks like Miami has been the place to be, courtesy of Winter Music Conference, the Sony Ericsson Open, and...

Feb 14, 2012

I Can Watch This New Clip Of Kate Upton Dancing All Day [VIDEO]

We haven’t seen this video anywhere, and we know Kate Upton creepily well. Since this video went live yesterday, I’m...

Aug 1, 2011

Drunk Guy Can’t Understand the Secrets of a Porta-Potty [VIDEO]

When you gotta go, you gotta go. This drunk genius tries to skip the whole bathroom line by going behind the porta-potties and trying to open them from there. His idea was brilliant, execution not so much. Check out the video after the jump.

Jun 11, 2011

Super Sexy Sand Butts [32 PHOTOS]

Summer heat already getting to you? Well, things are about get even hotter after you check out our latest collection of sandy cover-ups. Last year, we brought you the insanely sexy and incredibly skimpy sand bras. And this year we present you with the equally hot and equally NSFW collection of sandy butts. Let's just say that these girls won't be getting any tan lines this summer. See the pics after the jump!

Apr 28, 2011

The Ass-ential Jessica Alba [49 PHOTOS]

April 28th is Jessica Alba‘s birthday! On this day 30 years ago, the lovely latina / naughty Native American /...

Mar 8, 2011

Arianny Celeste Is Celestial In These Beach Bikini Photos

Arianny Celeste continues to prove why we selected her as a woman who wowed in 2010. Is it safe to...

Oct 13, 2010

Zach Galifianakis Sports a Sexy One-Piece Swimsuit for Vanity Fair [Photos]

Vanity Fair's had their fair share of provocative pictorials featuring celebrities. Demi Moore's cover in which she posed nude while pregnant, Demi Moore's cover in which she posed in body paint, and a jail-baity Miley Cyrus showing a whole bunch of skin. The latest pictorial causing waves is of bearded comedian Zach Galifianakis in a red one-piece on the beach. Pass the lotion, these pics are ON FIRE!

Oct 9, 2010

How to Pick Up Girls by Pretending to be a Pro Surfer

So pretending to be a minor league baseball player isn’t cutting it anymore and you’re searching for a new gimmick to pick up some girls while lying around on the beach. Posing as a professional surfer is not only easy, but incredibly effective, as nearly everyone’s impressed by someone’s ability to masterfully carve up the ocean. Grab your towel, sunglasses, and a board, because it’s time to go hunting for chicks... and waves to ride.

Oct 2, 2010

World’s Best Party Spots: Lagos, Portugal

On the Southern coast of Portugal is one of the craziest party towns in the world - Lagos, Portugal.

Sep 21, 2010

The 111 Sweetest Things We’ll Miss About Summer

As summer comes to a close, we look forward to the World Series, college football, and weekly NFL shockers, but we're sure going to miss a LOT of things. More specifically, the LACK of things covering women's bodies. To mourn the passing of minimum skin coverage, we've assembled this commemorative list that is bound to make you misty-eyed for mad hot temperatures.

Sep 15, 2010

Top 10 Private Islands (You Can Actually Rent)

There's a difference between "getting away from it all" and really getting away from it all. The former may be achieved by visiting a resort in Cuba or the Dominican Republic, while the latter requires a little more effort (and cash). To escape to a spot that even an exiled Napoleon could relate to, consider dropping some serious dough on a private island rental.

Sep 7, 2010

7 Ways to Keep the Summer Spirit Alive

Despite your best efforts to ignore the chill as you stand on your porch choking down an ice cold one in your shorts and wife-beater, you can't deny it: summer's done. The Labor Day weekend parades compose the siren song of school bells, cold weather, and--saddest of all--miniskirts with leggings underneath instead of nothing. Harsh times. Fortunately, the temperature is the only thing that has to drop, as you can keep the summer spirit up with these mildly delusional suggestions.

Aug 20, 2010

Hot Summer Music: 5 Questions with the Dirty Heads

When talking about the surf, sun, sand and sounds of summer - having plenty of smokin' hot tunes are absolutely necessary to solidify the perfect season. COED spoke with Jared Watson – a founding member of Huntington Beach based band The Dirty Heads -- and asked 5 quick questions that cover the basic necessities of being a super cool, red hot and wildly popular hybrid of rock, acoustic and hip-hop fun that is appreciated by everyone from coast to coast.

Aug 13, 2010

44 Sexiest Celebrity Beach Butts

Summer - it's hot, clammy and sometimes unbearable. But if there's one thing that should keep you happy during these scorching months, it's super hot chicks strutting their stuff in bikinis. So to celebrate the summer before the cold winds of fall blow in, we've put together a bootylicious collection of the 44 sexiest celebrity bikini beach butts!

Aug 11, 2010

The 7 People You’ll Find at the Beach

Beaches are awesome, they're the one place on earth where you can take off almost all your clothes (or all depending where you are and/or the proximity of police) and let it all hang out. Where else can you bring a cooler of beer and watch babes all day long in every pose imaginable? It does not matter where you are whether you are on the beaches of Hawaii, Australia, or checking out real Israeli beach babes in Brazil; a good time will be had by all. We have television to blame for this, too (thank you). Were it not for images of babes running on Baywatch constantly running through our minds we might go to the beach just to relax! When you get bored, you can see if you can find the 7 people you’ll find at the beach.

Aug 6, 2010

How To Get Tan Using Drugstore Products

We're almost done with summer some people are still struggling to pull off a golden glow. You can blame it on your complexion, blame it on not wanting to get skin cancer, or blame it on the fact that you're naturally albino, but none of those are excuses to stay pale during the hottest months of the year.

Jul 29, 2010

Introducing the Super-Sexy Sandkini (PICS)

If you've spent anytime on COED, you know there are plenty of different "bra" variations that have nothing to do with actual lingerie: hand bras, hair bras and now, the sand bra. Also known as the "sand-kini" by, which specializes in this kind of thing, the sand bra is basically as close to topless as a girl can get without showing any bare nipple. And if you ask us, the closer to topless the better. Don't you agree?

Jul 3, 2010

SoCal Cuties Celebrating 4th of July (47 PICS)

4 score and 7 years ago Betsy Ross sewed the first American flag with the intention that it would one day be used to cover a busty woman's boobs. And today in Southern California her dreams have come true in ways she could never have even imagined. From barely there bikini tops to star-spangled bikini bottoms, the girls of SoCal are making us say God Bless America.

Jun 22, 2010

5 Simple Steps to Getting Shredded Abs

Now that summertime is here, guys everywhere are hitting the gym to get ripped for the beach. Of the many beach muscles guys train, the six-pack is one of the most sought-after fitness goals...and one of the hardest to achieve. Before you start crunching away to create your own "Situation," read this blog to make sure you do it right and don't waste your time on silly gimmicks and commercials.

Jun 21, 2010

The Ultimate Beach Pose

The only reason men go to the beach is to check out practically naked women in a discrete way. All you gotta do is put on a pair of quality sunglasses and no one woman will even think twice about running up and down the beach right in front of you. Maximize your day of free porn by taking quality photos that you can look at again and again. Unsure of how to best capture a bikini boob? Look no further than the Adrianne Curry pose. It's catching on like crazy.

Jun 19, 2010

5 Summer Trips She Won’t Forget

Ah, smell that? The combination of sunblock, hot tar, and sweat just screams "summer time." Oh, yes. The living's easy. You've got three months of a part-time job, maybe a few BS classes to fill up some credits; what a perfect time to take a vacation! Your girlfriend has been nagging you to put on a pair of pants and take her out somewhere. Here are a few spots to spend with your long term girlfriend and/or hot summer fling (just don't bring both of them at the same time).

May 14, 2010

32 Amateur Jessica Alba Ass Pose Attempts

Every once in a while a celebrity does something so amazing and so awe inspiring that we have to devote an entire post to her genius. Four years ago Jessica Alba wowed the world with an ass pose so perfect and so sexy that we named it the Alba ass shot. And just because it's impossible to improve upon perfection, doesn't mean that countless amateurs are sticking out their asses and trying their hardest to recreate magic.

Mar 10, 2010

Spring Break Guide: Montego Bay Jamaica Mon’

If you're looking for the ultimate weekend spring break vacation look no further. Montego Bay, Jamaica has the sun, fun and bikini babes making it one of the top spring break destinations in the Caribbean.

Feb 10, 2010

Doing Valentine’s Day Man Style- and Getting Away with It!

Everybody knows that Valentine’s Day is all about the business of selling lots of cards and candy to the lovesick,...

Feb 2, 2010

“LOST” is Found! 5 Reasons to Watch “Lost”

Tuesday, February 2, marks the final season premiere Lost. For five seasons, Lost has been teaching us important lessons on...

Dec 3, 2009

Try Before You Die: Full Moon Party at Haad Rin Beach, Thailand [112 Photos]

Let's' face it. Life if short... it passes by and then you die. But while you're still able-bodied and willing, there are a few things you've gotta do to guarantee yourself a full and beautiful life. The Full Moon Beach Parties on Haad Rin Beach in Thailand is one of these things. The infamous Full Moon Party is held on one tiny island off the South East coast of Thailand, Ko Pha Ngan.

Sep 7, 2009

The 21 Sexiest Things We’re Gonna Miss About Summer

Yes folks, it's Labor Day and that means Summer is officially coming to an end. But before we say goodbye to the sexiest skin-tastic season, we thought we'd take one last look at the things we so adore about Summer. From bikini car washes, to sexy celebrity beach butts, to Labor Day chicken fights, here are 21 things we're gonna miss about Summer (in no particular order).

Aug 12, 2009

44 Sexiest Celebrity Beach Butts 2009

Summer - it's hot, clammy and sometimes unbearable. But if there's one thing that should keep you happy during these scorching months, it's super hot chicks strutting their stuff in bikinis. So to celebrate the summer before the cold winds of fall blow in, we've put together a bootylicious collection of the 44 sexiest celebrity bikini beach butts!

Jun 26, 2009

28 Super-Sexy Sand Bras

If you've spent anytime on COED, you know there are plenty of different "bra" variations that have nothing to do with actual lingerie: hand bras, hair bras and now, the sand bra. Also known as the "sand-kini" by, which specializes in this kind of thing, the sand bra is basically as close to topless as a girl can get without showing any bare nipple.

May 7, 2009

Catholic Priest Bangs Hot Chick, Gets Fired [Photos]

Just in case you thought that Catholics weren't bat-sh!t insane enough, here is another sign that the end is near. Father Alberto Cutié, who we will now refer to as Alberto, was kicked out of St. Francis de Sales parish on Miami Beach the same day photos of Alberto getting sexy with a 26-year-old woman hit the public.

Apr 10, 2009

The Girls of The Hills: Bikini Edition

For whatever reason, people still find it amazingly entertaining to watch hot rich people do stupid sh!t with their lives. But instead of forcing you to sit through a bunch of episodes just to see Audrina Patridge, Heidi Montag and Lauren Conrad (oh yeah, and Lo and Stephanie Pratt, too) stripped-down...

Feb 16, 2009

Riley Takes Colangelo to the House

Pat Riley masterminded a brilliant trade as the Miami Heat traded Shawn Marion and Marcus Banks to the Toronto Raptors for Jermaine O'Neal, Jamario Moon, and a lottery-protected first round draft pick. Basically he dominated former NBA Executive of the Year, Bryan Colangelo, and now has a team that can make some waves in the East this postseason...

Feb 14, 2009

Drunk Guy Can’t Dress [Video]

It's one thing to make a fool of yourself while drunk when you're in the company of friends. It's an entirely other thing to be an old dude at the beach trying to put your pants on as a shirt while standing in front of a bunch of laughing kids with a video camera. Because when that happens, you end up on here...

Sep 5, 2008

Exercise Ball Face-plant

Beach Face Plant Off Exercise Ball – Watch more free videos Sometimes people get famous on the internet for doing...

Jun 19, 2008

Girls of Today’s Euro 2008 Matchups: Thurs. June 19

Let the Quarter-finals begin! Despite Switzerland’s inability to progress past the first round, the girls of the remaining Euro 2008...

Jun 19, 2008

Iowa Cubs Baseball Game Gets Zero Paying Fans

Iowa Cubs Summer Baseball Game Gets Zero Paying Fans Sexy WAG Gemma Atkinson Hits The Beach Riot Police Should Be...

Jun 17, 2008

Fads In Football: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

Fads In Football: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly Football fans are a curious bunch. We are creatures of...

Jun 17, 2008

COED Vault: Sexy Time At The Gym

Summer is less than 10 days away. If you need some motivation to hit the gym and work on that...

Jun 16, 2008

Jennifer Lamiraqui is Today’s Daily Snapshot

This 27-year-old French model may not be that big in the US just yet, but she’s finally getting some much...

Jun 16, 2008

Marisa Miller May 2008 Ralph Magazine Cover

Marisa Miller has “The World’s Best Body” and as we see from her spread in this month’s Ralph Magazine, the...

Jun 6, 2008

Abbey Clancy, Our #1 Sexiest Soccer WAG, Hits The Beach

On the 205th said it best: “Rather than doing something silly like playing in the Euro 2008 tournament, which begins...

May 27, 2008

Rocio Guirao Diaz is Today’s Daily Snapshot

Twenty-two year old Rocio Guirao Diaz hit the beaches of Brazil and now we get to check out the pictures...

May 24, 2008

Salma Hayek In Black and White

Salma Hayek In Black and White How Tornados Are Formed Best Buy Dance Off I Love Shopping Coolest Way to...

May 21, 2008

8 Essential Sex Positions for Summer

Whether its on a raft, in the hot tube or frolicking in the waves, here are 8 Essential Sex Positions...

May 21, 2008

55 Best and Worst Beach Bodies

55 Best and Worst Beach Bodies Playboy Rescues “MILF Island” Castaway Elizabeth Hurley’s Sexy Cleavage How Many Games Should Rip...

Apr 10, 2008

The Girls of the Hills: Bikini Edition [PHOTO GALLERY]

Photos of the gorgeous girls of the Hills in bikinis....

Mar 13, 2008

Drunken Spring Break Facebook Pictures Exposed

Spring Break is meant for partying, hooking up, and seeing random parts of the world that rely on partying and...

Jan 4, 2008

Miss COED: Christina Milian

Christina Milian was gone and now she is back again, looking damn sexy in her binkini. Check out her Miss ...

Aug 31, 2007

Friday Night Catfight Video: August 31st

Two Girls Wrestle on the Beach: Here is an amazing catfight video of two chicks wrestling on the sand!...

Aug 16, 2007

Miss CO-ED

Jennifer – UCLA Class of 2008 View Jennifer’s Miss CO-ED Gallery after the jump… ...

Aug 5, 2007

Here’s An Article for the Ladies – But It Will Benifit The Guys

Sex. You would think this measly three-letter word could end world wars; it’s that popular and powerful (particularly with the...

Jul 19, 2007

Style Alert: Beach Hair

Many think the beach hair phenomenon is a girl thing as many celebrities such as Jessica Alba, Jessica Simpson, and...