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Feb 13, 2013

40 Things The Internet Should Give Up For Lent (But Probably Won’t)

The Internet doesn’t celebrate Lent, but maybe it’s time that it did. Here are just 40 examples of things everyone...

Aug 11, 2012

NBC Olympics BODIES IN MOTION Video: Too Hot For Sports Coverage? [WATCH IT!]

Has anybody noticed that some of these gals at the 2012 London Olympics are kind of sexy? Somebody at NBC...

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Dec 3, 2011

The Austrian International School of Sex is Now Accepting Applications [VIDEO]

If there's one subject that I physically can't learn enough about, it's business time aka boning. So, you can imagine my wiener's reaction when I read that there's a school of sex launching in the Fall of 2012. And we're not talking like chalkboard, projector, notebooks, and desks - we're talking like strap on a rubber, warm some lube, and have at it, Hoss. Watch the school's banned commercial and find out why I won't apply after the jump.

Nov 30, 2010

Revamped Four Loko Will Appear On Shelves Nationwide by Dec. 13.

With Four Loko still being the most controversial alcoholic energy drink around, NY Daily News reports that the caffeinated version of the drink will be removed off shelves across the country by December 13. According to a press release from the makers, the drink has disappeared from the store shelves in order to prepare for the “new” Four Loko. It will hit shelves without caffeine ingredients, the company promised. The real question at hand is will the drink still have the same popularity?

Nov 1, 2010

Four Loko Banned on Campus

With Ramapo College of New Jersey in Mahwah recently banning the substance on campus after almost two dozen students were hospitalized with alcohol poisoning right after the fall semester began we wonder WTF the deal is with Four Loko anyway.

Jun 22, 2010

The Best Place for a Vuvuzela… [Photo]

The first round of the 2010 World Cup is almost over -- and while some are ready to go back to not caring about soccer, we're not ready to part with our new favorite instrument and audio torture device, the vuvuzela. And thankfully we don't have to do that! You can play the vuvuzela at work or at a summer BBQ or out of your ass when you're riding your motorcycle to the baked beans factory.

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Jan 27, 2009

Sexy PETA Super Bowl Ad Banned By NBC

Animal rights group, PETA, known for their use of sex and female nudity in their ads, has been banned by NBC from running their newest advertisement during the Super Bowl. The ad, named "Veggie Love" shows super-hot, nearly naked models getting hot and naughty with a bunch of vegetables. Nothing like "hide the cucumber," but definitely sexy, nonetheless.

Iraq’s Olympic Hopes: When Sports Mean More

The Olympic Games are just that, games–they can’t stop world hunger, find a cure for AIDS or put an end...

Jul 31, 2008

Rockies Edge Out Padres for the NL Wild Card

After 13 innings, the Colorado Rockies take the NL Wild Card from the San Diego Padres. (Yahoo) Schools the world...

The Daily Shocker: Cupcakes, Larry Craig and a Children’s Army

Schools ban cupcakes in fear of promoting obesity. Next up: schools ban talking in fear of students having fun. (NY...

Sep 6, 2007

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