April Fools

Apr 1, 2016

Hamburger Helper Mixtape Is The Flavor These Streets Needed

After a full day of checking out stupid corporate April Fool’s Day jokes, the last thing I wanted to do...

Apr 1, 2016

Gmail’s April Fools Joke Cost People Their Jobs & General Sanity

What was supposed to be a quirky and hilarious April Fools joke quickly turned into a sh*tstorm only Google can...

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Apr 1, 2016

April Fools Day 2016 Memes: Best Jokes, Funny Photos

April Fools Day memes might are definitely the safest way to celebrate April Fool’s Day. Rather than starting a prank...

Mar 31, 2016

April Fool’s Day 2016: Top 10 Best Pranks & Prank Ideas

April 1st is finally here, and it’s officially the one day of the year where you know for sure that...

Apr 1, 2015

April Fools Pranks 2015: Top 10 Best Web Jokes

The craze has yet to be defeated. Sorry John Oliver.

Mar 31, 2015

April Fools’ Day Pranks: Top 20 Best Jokes To Watch Out For

Tomorrow brings a very special holiday for all the pranksters of the world–that being April Fools’ Day. For the five...

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WTF News: V8 Releases ‘Liquid Viagra’, Stripper Saves Stigmatic Twin, Talking Duck Calls 911

Today's WTF news items feature a new drink from V8 that will get your heart pumping (along with another body part), a former stripper who was able to find her long lost twin from sure death via stigmata, and a duck who should seriously get some consideration from AFLAC after her heroic 911 call. Read more WTF wackiness after the jump!

Apr 1, 2011

Check In To Foursquare For Sex [LINKS]

• Heard of the Facebook of Sex? Now There's F***square! • The Most Sneakily Depressing Songs Of All Time • Sexy Movie Characters in pigtails • The Sociopath's Guide To April Fool's Day • Adriana Lima, Alessandra Ambrosio and Candice Swanepoel In BikinisDog Gets Stuck In A Sweatshirt • One Tree Hill’s Jena Sims Was Fired Because Of Her Hot Legs

Mar 31, 2011

A Slingshot That Shoots Machetes [LINKS]

You're Not Man Enough To Wield This Slingshot! • 50 April Fools' Day Jokes You Need To Pull • 15 British Comedians Funnier & Less Famous Than Russell Brand • Monster Trucks Can Do Back Flips? • The 20 Hottest Girls With Guns • Get The Munchies With The 2011 Stoner Foods Hall Of Fame • Victoria’s Secret Angels Show Off Their Bodies at Swimwear Launch (PHOTOS) See more links after the jump!

Mar 30, 2011

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Mar 29, 2011

20 Most Hilarious Scare Prank Videos for April Fools Day

April Fools' Day is just around the corner and while most of us brace for the impending hoaxes headed our way, there are just some pranks you just can't prepare yourself for. Case in point: scare pranks. More times than not, scare pranks are fairly simple and straightforward. There's no elaborate planning or detailed schematics, it's just a matter of catching the victim off guard. Unless your target is gullible and oblivious, it's best to keep it simple with scare pranks. To guide you in your own personal prank war, we've gathered the most hilarious scare prank videos. You should know, though, penguins can now fly, there's water on Mars and cell phones are now banned. See the pranks after the jump!

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Mar 11, 2011

13 Things You Absolutely Have To Do Before Doomsday Happens on May 21st, 2011

Getting prepped for the 2012 apocalypse? Well, you might want to start gathering provisions a bit faster considering the 8.9 magnitude earthquake and tsunami that hit Japan this morning. Harold Camping, a broadcaster for a Christian radio station in California, has been scaring the bejeezus out of people all over Twitter with his prediction that Doomsday is May 21, 2011. After this morning's events, he might be right. But life's too short to stick your head in a hole. We at COED encourage you to defiantly stare into the face of oblivion and cross off our list of things you have to do before the end of the world! See the bucket list to end all bucket lists after the jump!

Mar 31, 2010

April Fools Day: The Top 25 Prank Videos (According To Digg)

April Fool’s Day 2010 is finally here. No other holiday inspires more creativity, ingenuity, and destruction like April Fool’s Day…...

Mar 15, 2010

10 Things Women Secretly Love About Men

We know, we know. We complain a lot about everything you do. From the way you clip your toenails on...

Mar 31, 2009

The 10 Sexiest Hot-Girls-Pranking Videos

The only thing better than pulling off the perfect prank, is getting pranked by a super hot chick. Sure, you might end up looking like a dumbass afterward, but it's a hell of a lot better than getting pranked by your d!ckhead roommate. But the best part is that, most of the time, it usually just involves a super-hot chick secretly showing off her goods...

Mar 29, 2009

The Triple Threat Prank [Video]

These guys are the winner of a Break.com video contest to win $1000 - and it's no surprise why. Let's just say it involves a hell of a lot of crickets and an exercise ball. Take a wild guess what happens next...