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anthony weiner ginger lee

Jun 15, 2011

Weiner to Ginger Lee: “My Package and I are Not Going to Beg” [50 Tumblr Photos]

Last week, we showed you pics of Anthony Weiner's sexting partner, porn star Ginger Lee along with the funniest headlines about Weiner's scandal. Today, the adult film actress held a press conference in which her lawyer revealed a ton of Weiner's classic quotes. See them along with Ginger's hottest Tumblr photos after the jump.

Jun 7, 2011

The Wittiest Weiner Roasting Headlines [28 SCREENGRABS]

In a press conference on Monday, a pained Weiner finally broke. Rep. Anthony Weiner admitted to tweeting the picture of his crotch as well as sexting multiple women, one of whom is porn star Ginger Lee. Yes, his admission brings an end to the ride Weiner took the nation on, but not before the country's media had taken hold of the [Weiner] story. Now, the Weinergates have opened. We've weeded through all the Weiner-riffic headlines - both real and should-be-real - and picked out some real weiners... sorry, winners. Check 'em out then submit your favorite in the comments section after the jump.

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Jun 7, 2011

Meet Ginger Lee: The Pornstar Weiner Advised on How to Lie [30 PHOTOS]

This morning, TMZ reported that Congressman Anthony Weiner exchanged sexual emails with former porn star Ginger Lee over a long period of time then coached her on how to lie about their relationship, offering his PR team's services. As much we hate the fact these f*ckers make bank, drink, do drugs, cheat, lie and steal, we have to wonder why we didn't get into politics. It sounds like a pretty sweet party on fantasy island. Anyway, we've got pics of the porn star Weiner sent his weiner to via Twitter. Check her out after the jump.