Oregon State University, Sophomore

Why did you choose your school and what makes it better than the rest?

I chose OSU, because I love the campus and the community here in Corvallis

What kind of activities are you involved in? (sorority, theatre, clubs, etc)

There are so many ways I’ve been able to get involved with not only Greek life but also the college itself and involvement in the community. I am in the Deans Academy for the business school at OSU as well as various clubs for business!


What’s your major/what are you thinking of majoring in?

I’m a double major in international business and marketing and a sophomore!

Do you have a favorite sports team?

Fave sports team would be Tennessee Titans!

Which celebrity would you invite to a dinner party at your house?

A celeb I would invite would definitely be Will Ferrell because he is the funniest person alive!

What is your go to pre-game song?

Go to pre-game song…jeez so many, honestly probably Yiken by Priceless Da Roc or 15th and the First

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