Kennedy Frazer

Western Michigan University MAC CONFERENCE

ABOUT Kennedy

Western Michigan University, Junior

Why did you choose your school and what makes it better than the rest?

I loved how welcoming and friendly everyone at Western was, the environment was so positive and inviting.

What’s your favorite spot on campus?

The fountains, they are so pretty in the spring and summer.

Where’s the best on-campus food and what kind is it?

Parkview- To go food like smoothies and sandwiches.


If you had to choose one social media to use for the year, what would it be and why?

Instagram, I love to express myself through pictures.

Who’s the most famous graduate from your school?

Tim Allen

Have you ever gone on Spring Break?

I love going to Florida for Spring Break! I’ve also done cruises for spring break too that were a ton of fun!

What do you know now that you wish you knew as a freshman?

Save as much as you can in the summer!

Do you have a favorite sports team?

Detroit Red Wings/ Detroit Tigers

What was your first job?

Golf Cart Attendant