Courtney Melvin

North Carolina State University ACC CONFERENCE

ABOUT Courtney

  • cmelvin123

North Carolina State University, Senior

I love my college because….

when I walked on the campus to visit, I got that ‘feeling.’ The feeling of reassurance that I belonged here. I worked so hard in high school to get to where I am now and I am so happy it paid off. North Carolina State University is better than the rest because their motto is ‘think and do.’ They set their students at a higher level than most universities, which sets us up for success in the long run.

I really hate when…

two people sit on the same side of the booth and no one is in front of them!! Like how do you talk to each other side by side!!??

I major in…

Sports Management with a minor in Spanish Language and Literature. I would love to become an event planner for a professional baseball team. The reason I have the Spanish minor is because the Latino population is growing 110% each year, so knowing a second language is very beneficial when job searching.

My hometown is awesome because…

everyone knows everyone. You can’t go to the store in Fuquay Varina without seeing someone you know. Most people don’t like this, however I think it is a unique thing. We are mostly farm land with neighborhoods and it’s such a small town full of great people.


At school, you can find me…

cheerleading for the University where I cheer at men’s basketball and football games. In addition, I am in Rho Phi Lambda, which is a honors society for my major. When I’m not cheering on the Wolfpack, you can find me hanging out with my roommates or studying!

My ideal first date would be…

a guy taking me to a restaurant and having great conversations without alcohol. Any guy who can carry on a conversation without the help of alcohol is a winner in my book.

My favorite late night study snack is…

Kettle Pop Corners! Those things are my baby. I literally could eat an entire bag if I don’t stop myself.

If I could give my younger self a piece of advice, I would say..

Keep trying because your hard work WILL pay off!

I’m going to be Miss COED 2017 because…

I think being Miss COED 2017 would be an amazing opportunity for me. Growing up I was not full of confidence, but as I have gotten older, I have come to not only accept myself, but love myself. Being Miss COED 2017, I can help girls realize their self worth and build up their confidence!