Kent State University,

Why did you choose your school and what makes it better than the rest?

I originally was a cheerleader there my freshman and sophomore year! When I first visited Kent I fell in love with the beautiful campus and the friendly atmosphere! It right away felt like home😊

What kind of activities are you involved in? (sorority, theatre, clubs, etc)

I like to be involved by going to athletic events and supporting the student athletes (because I still have friends on teams at Kent) I also enjoy being involved in downtown life, Water Street, Ray’s Place, and The Loft are some of my favorite bars for nightlife at KSU


What’s your major/what are you thinking of majoring in?

I’m majoring in Public Health with a concentration in health education and promotion! I plan on attending nursing school after graduation to get my BSN in nursing.

Do you have a favorite sports team?

Favorite sports team have to be my Pittsburgh steelers!

Which celebrity would you invite to a dinner party at your house?

My favorite celeb that I would invite to a dinner party would have to be snoop dog. He’s an icon.

What is your go to pre-game song?

Favorite pre game song would definitely be thunder stuck because it’s a pregame classic and some of my most memorable nights have begun with thunderstruck game