Taylor Dee

miss coed May 23rd, 2014

Taylor is a beautiful 24-year-old Texas model who just moved to Los Angeles. Yes, she’s gorgeous and good-looking but what really separates her from the crowd is that she’s super-friendly and funny. She loves interacting with her followers on Instagram and her sincerity really comes through in her online presence. Not an easy thing to accomplish.
Make sure to follow her on her social media pages and if you’re in LA give her a shout and a warm welcome. And as always, check out her photos and stats below.

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  • Age:
  • Hometown:
  • Height:
    Los Angeles, CA
  • Weight:
  • Bust:
  • Waist:
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  • Hair:
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I enjoy hanging out at the beach. I’m an outdoorsy girl always down for an adventure and I love the sun. I really want to try surfing now that I live in LA.

10 questions

  • 1. Would you consider yourself approachable:
    Yes I do! I hear from a lot of people that they find me intimidating at first and it blows my mind. I am really sweet, happy, and can always make someone smile. I think I am a little mysterious at first and maybe that’s where people get the intimidation from.
  • 2. Favorite subject in school:
    Favorite subject in school was Sociology and Philology. I had the same teacher all three years for it and she was amazing. My favorite assignment was to make a dream journal and the study of dreams.
  • 3. What’s the most dangerous thing you’ve done:
    I wish I could say jumping out of a plane but it hasn’t happened. YET! So for now it has to be…. One time I was about to take off on a rollercoaster and right as the guy counted down for take off he accidently pressed the button to release all our harnesses and it has always been stuck in my head, “what if he would of released the harnesses and the rollercoaster took off?” I would probably be dead today.
  • 4. Would you do it again:
    Considering I didn’t die I would do it again! I love adrenaline rushes.
  • 5. Favorite meal:
    Anything drenched in Hot Sauce.
  • 6. What do you want to do next:
    I want to travel Europe next.
  • 7. What’s your favorite team:
    Haha I will probably lose a lot of respect for saying that I am not into sports. I grew up with my mom drinking beer and screaming at the tv watching the Cowboys play and I was hanging out with my dad cooking meals in the kitchen.
  • 8. Favorite hobby:
    Visiting new restaurants or just relaxing and watching movies in my bed at home.
  • 9. Guilty pleasure:
    Brownie Sundays.
  • 10. Star Wars or Star Trek:
    Harry Potter?

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