Sheila Vossough

This might be the first year of Tucson12, but that means they get their pick of a pretty hot litter. Take the University of Arizona’s Sheila, for example. This hot senior has a 4.0 in psychology and lives with her chihuahua Leonidas. She says that she’s pretty interested in PR and marketing, both of which I think would be pretty safe career moves. When she’s not turning heads, Sheila loves to watch sports and sing karaoke; her go-to jam is the B-52’s “Love Shack.” Not that she needs a final selling point as to why she’d be a keeper, but Sheila says that Persian women (she’s also half-French) love to host and feed their guests. A hot, busty chick who can cook French food? Check, s’ il vous-plait. Make sure to peep her pics and stats below, plus a bonus video of her talking about cooking.

Age: 21 | Location: Tucson, AZ | Height: 5’4″ | Weight: 126 | Measurements: 36D-22-32

For more of Sheila, check her out on: Facebook | Twitter | Official Website | ModelMayhem

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