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Madelaine Pinkerton

miss coed May 20th, 2014

Madelaine Pinkerton is a beautiful 23-year-old model busy celebrating her birthday today. Happy birthday Madelaine!

The Gonzaga graduate holds a degree in biology + a minor in history. She currently lives in Los Angeles and has been tearing up the scene there for a couple of months now. You’re definitely going to want to give this smart and funny hottie a follow on Instagram, then peep her photos and stats below.

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  • Age:
  • Hometown:
    Seattle, WA
  • Current location:
    Los Angeles, CA
  • School:
  • Height:
  • Bust:
  • Waist:
  • Hips:
  • Hair:
  • Eyes:


I am so happy to say that I love being a model and all the work I do with it! So it may be my job, but it is also fun for me:) Other my job though? I love to be outside, whether it be hiking, playing in the water, or just soaking up the sun and reading. Coming from Seattle and now living in LA, I am privileged to be able to do any of those things. I also love kids. In school I worked in a mentoring program and found my love there–I enjoy seeing children learn about the world around them. Hopefully one day in the future I will be able to become a teacher! I also want to get my degree in geology and pursue a graduate degree in paleontology or archaeology though, so I have a lot to do.

Lastly, I enjoy being with my friends, no matter what we are doing. I always know I am going to have a blast and probably laugh a ton, because I have awesome friends who are just as goofy, adventurous, and independent as I am!

10 questions

  • 1. :
    ould you consider yourself approachable: Love this question! Who is going to say no?! In all seriousness though, I think I am approachable- I’m friendly and I’m funny!
  • 2. :
    avorite subject in school: Math, biology, or history of basically anything
  • 3. :
    hat’s the most dangerous thing you’ve done: Probably played Edward Forty Hands with Olde English. But that’s what college is for right…
  • 4. :
    ould you do it again: Not a chance in hell!
  • 5. Favorite meal:
    The quintessentially American meal: cheeseburgers (hold the veggies please!), fries with tartar and ketchup, and a soda.
  • 6. What do you want to do next:
    Right this second? I would love a margarita! But in the next couple of years I want to go back to school and travel a bit.
  • 7. What’s your favorite team:
    The Seahawks!
  • 8. Favorite hobby:
    My roommate is in the background saying “hobbies are for housewives!”… But I’m just going to go with no hobbies. I just kind of do whatever I feel like doing at the time.
  • 9. Guilty pleasure:
    Pizza pizza!
  • 10. Star Wars or Star Trek:
    Star Trek. Even though I have a deep mistrust of whales, Captain Kirk and the gang really did humpbacks a solid.

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