Lori Beth

miss coed October 28th, 2013

Lori is a gorgeous 24-year-old model, student, and cheerleader for FC Dallas, a fitting spot for the Texas native. She’s currently working towards getting her degree and is only nine classes out from graduating with a Bachelor’s Degree for General Studies.

In addition to her work as an FC Dallas Girl, Lori books tons of promotional work. She’s really considerate of her fans and loves posting updates and new photos from all her events on her social media pages, so go ahead and check those out ASAP. Of course, you’re more than welcome to peep her photos, stats and profile below too.

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  • Age:
  • Hometown:
    Gilmer, TX
  • Current Location:
    Denton, TX
  • Height:
  • Weight:
  • Bust:
  • Waist:
  • Hips:
  • Hair:
  • Eyes:


I am a typical small town girl with big city dreams. I come from a small town in the country. I have an extensive background experience in dance, and I’m currently a FCDallas girl. I do promotional and freelance modeling full-time, and I’m currently working toward my Bachelor’s degree of General Studies with concentrations in business, woman studies, and dance studies. Only 9 more classes to go. I have been skydiving twice, and I absolutely loved it. I enjoy doing yoga to stay fit. I love to have a good time, and act silly with my friends.

10 questions

  • 1. Turn-ons:
    Tall men, chivalry, and country boys.
  • 2. Turn-offs:
    Arrogance, liars, and cheaters.
  • 3. Most dangerous thing you’ve done:
  • 4. Do it again:
    I have and I will.
  • 5. Dream vacation:
    Any beach will do at this point. :)
  • 6. Favorite team to watch:
    FCDallas of course!!!
  • 7. :
    est concert you’ve ever been toRandy Rogers!
  • 8. Star Wars or Star Trek:
    Star Wars.
  • 9. Dogs or cars:
  • 10. Vine or Instagram:
    Instagram definitely.

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