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Kelsey Norris

miss coed April 10th, 2014

Kelsey is a stunningly beautiful 19-year-old model and student at FIDM, coming to you out of sunny Los Angeles. Have we ever met her before? No. But I’ll hazard a guess that she’s smarter than the average hottie because her responses to our questions were pretty damn good. Of course, it helps that Kelsey’s one of the hotter Miss COEDs we’ve had all year but sometimes it’s the little things that separate you from the pack. Strong contender for Miss COED May 2014 right here.

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  • Age:
  • Hometown:
    San Jose, CA
  • Current Location:
    Los Angeles, CA
  • Height:
  • Weight:
  • Bust:
  • Waist:
  • Hips:
  • Hair:
    Blonde/Light Brown
  • Eyes:


What I enjoy is having fun! I love modeling, it’s my job, but it is also so much for me. I love the way being in front of the camera makes me feel confident, in charge, and sexy. Regardless if I am modeling a dress, or doing work with a photographer for my book, it’s about being strong and smart to make the image come alive. I love that. I love being in control of what I can control, and being completely go with the flow when the time is right to just enjoy. I like to challenge myself and work really hard, but at the end of the day I am totally wild at heart. I do not like other people that expect too much without effort, or over commit by saying they are going to do things, and then don’t do it.

I like being around people who inspire me intellectually, creatively, and have good energies. It’s all about investing your time with people and things that make you feel good and sexy at the end of the day! Oh, and the idea of going on an adventure and doing something dangerous thrills me. I don’t do boring very well- I like fast paced.

10 questions

  • 1. Would you consider yourself approachable:
    Yes and no. I think a special trait about myself is that I might seem a certain way, maybe come across as materialistic or a little bitchy, when I walk into the room due to my confidence, or the natural expression on my face, but really I am a sweet, independent stylish woman who has dreams for herself.
  • 2. Favorite subject in school:
    Any course that involves visual design and research. Channeling my intelligence creatively.
  • 3. Most dangerous thing you’ve done:
    Booked a ticket, and flew across the country by myself to vacation with people I barely know.
  • 4. Would you do it again:
    I’ve done it twice. So absolutely yes.
  • 5. Favorite meal:
    Sushi and champagne
  • 6. What do you want to do next:
    Book a huge campaign and celebrate with a trip Paris.
  • 7. What’s your favorite team:
    Olivier Rousteing and his design team for Balmain.
  • 8. Favorite hobby:
    Get dressed up, drink cocktails, be in beautiful places and look at beautiful things, socialize, obsess over fashion images
  • 9. Guilty pleasure:
    High Heels, then again that could be viewed as a strength
  • 10. Star Wars or Star Trek:
    Star gazing :)

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