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Katie DeLuca

miss coed November 26th, 2013

Katie is a gorgeous model who’s currently living in Miami, FL. But you already knew that because Katie was a Miss COED around this time last year when she came in an extremely close second-place for Miss COED October 2012.

I don’t know what’s going to happen as far as Miss COED December 2013, but Katie’s portfolio is looking awfully strong.

Truth be told, we’re just happy to have Katie back with us. And once you follow her on social media and check out her photos, we know you will be too.

connect with Katie


  • Age:
  • Current Location:
    Miami, FL
  • Height:
  • Bust:
  • Waist:
  • Hips:
  • Hair:
  • Eyes:
    Light Brown



I’m a professional model, I’ve been in the modeling industry for about 6 years now. When I’m not shooting, I’m going to castings, meeting with clients, and working on my portfolio and my website. Yes, I live on caffeine and love every minute of it, haha. I’m a work-a-holic, but when I’m not working, I love to travel. I’ve been in 8 different cities across the US in the last 6 weeks. (I will admit, it was for work most of the time, but I always manage to sneak out and go get lost exploring the cities’ attractions.

I love sports; if it’s not basketball (Go Heat!), I’m a big college football fanatic (Go FSU!) and I love watching MMA. I’ve trained in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, muay thai, and kick boxing. Anything that gets me outside and breaks up my routine, surfing, running, cycling… I’m excited to get out there and break a sweat.

10 questions

  • 1. Turn-ons:
    Intelligence, confidence, wit, sense of humor, drive and ambition, someone who still enjoys reading books… (oh baby oh baby!)
  • 2. Turn-offs:
    Cockiness, laziness, rudeness
  • 3. Most dangerous thing you’ve done:
    Jumped out of a plane from 13,500 feet
  • 4. Do it again:
    Hell yes!
  • 5. Dream vacation:
    I already said I love to travel… haha.. Seychelles, UE, Fiji, Indonesia, Australia, Italy.. There’s a lot of little gems not too far from where I live now; by plane you could be almost anywhere in the caribbean in an hour or two ;)
  • 6. Favorite team to watch:
    The Miami Heat, FSU Seminoles, Boston Red Sox
  • 7. Best concert you’ve been to:
    I haven’t been to one in awhile! I think the last time I got to go to one was No Doubt playing in SoFlo. Love me some Gwen Stefani.
  • 8. Star Wars or Star Trek:
    I’ve never seen Star Wars before, and have recently been introduced to Star Trek .. but the whole Sci-Fi, willing suspension of disbelief thing …
  • 9. Dogs or cats:
  • 10. Vine or Instagram:
    Instagram #ftw

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