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Jacqueline Pabst

miss coed January 15th, 2014

Jacqueline is a stunning 22-year-old model and student currently attending UCLA. She’s currently represented by Wunder Model Management but knows a thing or two herself about representing–she’s the face of UCLA in Playboy‘s 2013 Girls of the Pac-12 special.

One of the many things that we like so much about Jacqueline is that she seems like a fun outgoing chick, which is a great characteristic to have when you’re working ad operations for websites.

Check out her photos below, then get to following her social media pages!

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  • Age:
  • Hometown:
    Los Angeles, CA
  • School:
  • Height:
  • Bust:
  • Waist:
  • Hips:
  • Hair:
  • Eyes:


When I’m not modeling, I work at a fantastic tech startup doing advertisement operations for our websites, as well as product development.

Also, I’ve played classical violin since I was 7; I used to hate it because practicing REALLY sucked for a good 10 years, but now I can play whenever I want, and I’m loving it more and more. If you want to hear some awesome classical violin, listen to Vivaldi’s Four Seasons: Winter — I’m learning it right now!

Oh and I’m obsessed with music blogs, some favorites are discobelle, Nerdy Frames, Earmilk, Y Este Finde Que, Vocododo, and HillyDilly.

10 questions

  • 1. Turnons:
    Whip smart, crazy funny, and very tall haha
  • 2. Turnoffs:
    When people who aren’t as intellectually capable as they think they are think that everything they say is the most accurate thing ever spoken ever. Also, people who aren’t curious about the world. I want to know all the thinggggss!!!! :D
  • 3. Most dangerous thing I’ve done:
    I don’t know, I guess I need to start living a little more on the edge! In 4th grade I woodcarved like 3 different animal sculptures and I almost cut a tendon in my pinky finger…that was slightly scary. But it was also a wood carving class so that makes it less cool. Especially because I also had knitting class that year. I went to a really artsy lower school.
  • 4. Do it again:
    No I wouldn’t do it again, wood carving is pretttttyyyy boring unless you cut your finger and then it’s only slightly more interesting.
  • 5. Dream vacation:
    Hmm I think I’d want it to be at some gorgeous hotel in Malibu, because that way I get to play by the beach, get pampered in my hotel, AND I can invite my family and my friends to come hang out with me and share in my vacation :) (Westwood is like 30-45 minutes from Malibu)
  • 6. Favorite team:
    Any UCLA team!
  • 7. Best concert:
    A Tiesto concert two years ago — sorry, I know that’s generic sounding but I was with great people and I loved every second. But another incredible concert I saw was Arcade Fire at the Bowl and Justice at some festival like 6 years ago.
  • 8. Star Wars or Star Trek:
    Star Wars
  • 9. Dogs or cats:
    I love both my dog and my cat so I can’t comment…. BUT .. I will say that my cat often refuses to acknowledge my presence and my dog provides unending love and attention to me at all hours……….. but those are just facts. ;)
  • 10. Instagram or Vine:
    Instagram — it already takes me like 10 hours just deciding on a filter :D. Follow me at @Pabstbluebaby

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