Catherine Chen

miss coed November 21st, 2014

We’d love to hit the beach with today’s Miss COED, the bubbly and beautiful Catherine Chen! Catherine is a model and actress who loves the outdoors and considers herself an environmentalist. Her amazing pics definitely brightened up our environment!

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    Los Angeles, CA
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I’m a huge animal lover and environmentalist. I love spending time with my puppy or helping to clean the beach on Sunday morning. Both cheer me up and make me feel good. I’m very physically active and love hiking or any activities at the beach (totally a SoCal beach babe)! I love the outdoors — being near nature and the ocean is my zen experience. I still have my quiet moments at home, enjoying good movies and playing games.

10 questions

  • 1. What’s the most embarrassing song on your iPod right now:
    Somewhere Over the Rainbow. 
  • 2. What’s the craziest thing you’ve done in public:
    I’m still waiting to do the craziest thing in public… :)
  • 3. What’s the class you never skip/skipped:
    Dance or P.E.
  • 4. If it was your last day on Earth, what would you do:
    Spend time with all my loved ones (including my precious puppy, Popcorn).
  • 5. Guilty pleasure:
    Burgers, of course (who doesn’t crave a juicy burger??) 
  • 6. What’s your favorite body part:
    My booty (always helps me shake off my sadness).
  • 7. What’s the funniest pickup line you’ve ever heard and did it work:
    ”Oh, miss, you dropped something on the floor. Oh, wait, you dropped my phone number?”  It’s kind of lame, but he was kind of cute, so I just gave in at that moment and gave him my number. I regretted it five minutes later. God, what I was thinking? Hahaha.
  • 8. Favorite drinking game:
    Beer pong.
  • 9. Who is your ideal type of guy:
    Intelligent, motivated, charming and fun, with a big heart and big smile, and a bad dancer (I think guys who can’t dance are super cute, honestly).
  • 10. What do you feel sexiest wearing:
    My bikini, of course! (born to be a beach babe).

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