Lindsy Russell

Cheerleader of the week

Lindsy is a native of Washington State who grew up loving The Huskies, but it wasn’t until relatively recently that she realized that she wanted to be a Huskies cheerleader. Now, however, she’s one of the few freshmen who’ve made the squad and you can catch her doing the Husky Hips every Saturday.
Without a doubt, Husky Stadium is one of the liveliest college football venues in the nation and it’s no wonder with energetic spirit squad members like Lindsy who help get the crowd going.

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    University of Washington
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    Mukilteo, Washington




What was it like a freshman trying out for the cheerleading team?
It was pretty difficult. I’ve never been on a competitive cheer team before. That’s really different, but I wanted to get out of my bubble and challenge myself. As far as cheerleading goes, I’ve never really been around this kind of competition. Like, “let’s get better.” We’ve already had some rallies to get in front of people, and my coaches and teammates are always telling us to “dance big” so that the people in the nosebleed seats will be able to see us.
How did you finally decide to become a Husky?
I’m from Washington State–and I’ve been living around campus since childhood. My family are big Huskies fans, so we’ve watched the games over the years.
It’s always been a really diverse campus–that’s what I really enjoy about it. I feel like I’m going to fit in no matter what because there are so many opportunities. I love how big the campus is, and how many different choices I’m going to have there.
What’s one of the biggest challenges you’ll face this year?
There’ll be some challenges, like for recruitment for sororities and greek life. I’ll be rushing this year, but we have so many practices and games during recruitment week that it’ll be a struggle to figure out. And I’m worrying about my class load and how many classes to take, since I don’t really have a clue what’s going to happen. They’re really supportive, though. A lot of the cheerleaders are in houses, so they’ve already met me. It’s definitely an advantage.
Can you tell us about some of the coolest traditions you guys have?
On the field we do the dance move “Husky Hips”. Then after we win a game, we always turn our hats backwards to sing the fight song “Bow Down To Washington” with the band.
What’s the game you’re looking forward to the most this year?
The University of Oregon game (October 18th) is always a tough game. It really gets over the top.